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Walk in the Way

The Way of Buddha Truth
xíng dào
Walk in the Way Vertical Wall Scroll

In Taoist and Buddhist context, this means to "Walk in the Way". In Buddhism, that further means to follow the Buddha truth. In some Buddhist sects, this can mean to make a procession around a statue of the Buddha (always with the right shoulder towards the Buddha).

Outside of that context, this can mean route (when going somewhere), the way to get somewhere, etc.

In Japanese, this can be the surname or given name Yukimichi.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Walk in the Way行道yukimichixíng dào / xing2 dao4 / xing dao / xingdaohsing tao / hsingtao

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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xíng dào / xing2 dao4
hsing tao
 gyōdō / ゆきみち
Walk in the Way Vertical Wall Scroll
route (when going somewhere); way (to get somewhere); (surname, given name) Yukimichi
To walk in the way, follow the Buddha-truth; to make procession round an image, especially of the Buddha, with the right shoulder towards it; to follow the path


see styles
 fukoudo / fukodo / ふこうど (place-name) Fukoudo


see styles
rén xíng dào / ren2 xing2 dao4
jen hsing tao


see styles
xìn xíng dào / xin4 xing2 dao4
hsin hsing tao
path of belief and practice


see styles
jiā xíng dào / jia1 xing2 dao4
chia hsing tao
 kegyō dō
path of applied practices



see styles
dān xíng dào / dan1 xing2 dao4
tan hsing tao
one-way street


see styles
kuài xíng dào / kuai4 xing2 dao4
k`uai hsing tao / kuai hsing tao
fast lane; express lane


see styles
màn xíng dào / man4 xing2 dao4
man hsing tao
slow lane


see styles
suǒ xíng dào / suo3 xing2 dao4
so hsing tao
 shogyō dō
the path that is practiced


see styles
yì xíng dào / yi4 xing2 dao4
i hsing tao
 igyoudou / igyodo / いぎょうどう
{Buddh} (See 難行道) the easy way; attaining rebirth in the Pure Land through the vows of Amitabha (as opposed to one's own efforts)
the easy way


see styles
huá xíng dào / hua2 xing2 dao4
hua hsing tao
taxiway (at airport)


see styles
 gyoudousan / gyodosan / ぎょうどうさん (place-name) Gyoudousan


see styles
 gyoudoutouge / gyodotoge / ぎょうどうとうげ (place-name) Gyoudoutouge



see styles
chē xíng dào / che1 xing2 dao4
ch`e hsing tao / che hsing tao
roadway; carriageway


see styles
 tsuukoudou / tsukodo / つうこうどう (place-name) Tsuukoudou



see styles
nán xíng dào / nan2 xing2 dao4
nan hsing tao
 nangyoudou / nangyodo / なんぎょうどう
{Buddh} (See 易行道) the hard way; striving for enlightenment through one's own efforts (as opposed to reliance on Amitabha)
path of difficult practice


see styles
qín jiā xíng dào / qin2 jia1 xing2 dao4
ch`in chia hsing tao / chin chia hsing tao
 gon kegyō dō
the path of application



see styles
xiū xíng dào dì jīng / xiu1 xing2 dao4 di4 jing1
hsiu hsing tao ti ching
 Shugyōdō chi kyō
Sūtra of the Path of Stages of Cultivation


see styles
 yukimichi / ゆきみち route (when going somewhere); way (to get somewhere)

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Walk in the Way Vertical Wall Scroll
Walk in the Way Vertical Wall Scroll
Walk in the Way Vertical Wall Scroll

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