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Hazel Tree

China zhēn
Japan hari
Hazel Tree Vertical Wall Scroll

榛 is the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean for Hazel Tree (Corylus Heterophylla).

Sometimes used to refer to the Japanese alder tree (Alnus japonica). Also, can be the Japanese surname, Hashibami.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin zhēn / zhen1
Taiwan chen
Japanese hari;hagi / はり;はぎ    hashibami;hashibami / はしばみ;ハシバミ
Hazel Tree Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese hazel tree; Corylus heterophylla
Japanese (archaism) (See 榛の木) Japanese alder (Alnus japonica); (kana only) Asian hazel (Corylus heterophylla var. thunbergii); Siberian hazel; (surname) Hashibami


see styles
Mandarin zhēn rén / zhen1 ren2
Taiwan chen jen
Chinese hazelnut kernel; hazelnut "meat"


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Mandarin zhēn zi / zhen1 zi5
Taiwan chen tzu
Japanese haruko / はるこ
Chinese hazelnut
Japanese (female given name) Haruko



see styles
Mandarin zhēn shí / zhen1 shi2
Taiwan chen shih
Chinese hazelnut


see styles
Mandarin zhēn guǒ / zhen1 guo3
Taiwan chen kuo
Chinese filbert; hazelnut; cobnut


see styles
Mandarin zhēn lì / zhen1 li4
Taiwan chen li
Chinese hazelnut


see styles
Mandarin zhēn zhēn / zhen1 zhen1
Taiwan chen chen
Chinese overgrown with wild plants


see styles
Mandarin zhēn sè / zhen1 se4
Taiwan chen se
Chinese filbert


see styles
Mandarin zhēn mǎng / zhen1 mang3
Taiwan chen mang
Chinese luxurious vegetation



see styles
Mandarin zhēn wú / zhen1 wu2
Taiwan chen wu
Chinese wilderness; bushy and weedy; humble; inferior



see styles
Mandarin zhēn sǒu / zhen1 sou3
Taiwan chen sou
Chinese dense wood



see styles
Mandarin zhēn jī / zhen1 ji1
Taiwan chen chi
Chinese hazel grouse



see styles
Mandarin ōu zhēn / ou1 zhen1
Taiwan ou chen
Chinese common hazel (tree) (Corylus avellana)


see styles
Japanese tsunohashibami;tsunohashibami / つのはしばみ;ツノハシバミ Japanese (kana only) Japanese hazel (Corylus sieboldiana)


see styles
Japanese hashibaminomi / はしばみのみ Japanese hazelnut


see styles
Japanese hannoki;hannoki / はんのき;ハンノキ Japanese (kana only) Japanese alder (Alnus japonica)



see styles
Mandarin zhēn rén r / zhen1 ren2 r5
Taiwan chen jen r
Chinese erhua variant of 仁[zhen1 ren2]


see styles
Japanese seiyouhashibami;seiyouhashibami / seyohashibami;seyohashibami / せいようはしばみ;セイヨウハシバミ Japanese (kana only) Eurasian hazel (Corylus avellana)


see styles
Japanese yogusominebari;yogusominebari / よぐそみねばり;ヨグソミネバリ Japanese (kana only) (See 水目) Japanese cherry birch (Betula grossa)



see styles
Mandarin bān wěi zhēn jī / ban1 wei3 zhen1 ji1
Taiwan pan wei chen chi
Chinese (bird species of China) Chinese grouse (Tetrastes sewerzowi)


see styles
Mandarin zhēn pī wèi gǎi / zhen1 pi1 wei4 gai3
Taiwan chen p`i wei kai / chen pi wei kai
Chinese primitive state



see styles
Mandarin huā wěi zhēn jī / hua1 wei3 zhen1 ji1
Taiwan hua wei chen chi
Chinese (bird species of China) hazel grouse (Tetrastes bonasia)



see styles
Mandarin jīng zhēn mǎn mù / jing1 zhen1 man3 mu4
Taiwan ching chen man mu
Chinese thorns and brambles as far as eye can see (idiom); beset by troubles


see styles
Japanese hashibaminomi(hashibamino実,no実);hashibaminomi(hashibamino実) / はしばみのみ(はしばみの実,榛の実);ハシバミのみ(ハシバミの実) Japanese (See ヘーゼルナッツ) hazelnut

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Hazel Treeharizhēn / zhen1 / zhenchen

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