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クレイ is the name Clay in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

 kè léi
Clay Scroll

克雷 is the name Clay in Chinese (Mandarin).


(One of the five elements)

Earth Scroll

土 is earth, soil, ground, or Terra.

Earth is one of the five elements that ancient Chinese believed all things were composed of. These elements are also part of the cycle of Chinese astrology. Every person has both an animal sign, and one of the five elements according to the date of their birth.

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Body and Earth in Unity

 shindofuni / shindofuji
Body and Earth in Unity Scroll

身土不二 (Shindofuni) is originally a Buddhist concept or proverb referring to the inseparability of body-mind and geographical circumstances.

This reads, “Body [and] earth [are] not two.”

Other translations or matching ideas include:
Body and land are one.
Body and earth can not be separated.
Body earth sensory curation.
You are what you eat.
Indivisibility of the body and the land (because the body is made from food and food is made from the land).

Going further, this speaks of our human bodies and the land from which we get our food being closely connected. This phrase is often used when talking about natural and organic vegetables coming directly from the farm to provide the healthiest foods in Japan.

Character notes: 身(shin) in this context does not just mean your physical body but a concept including both body and mind.
土 (do) refers to the soil, earth, clay, land, or in some cases, locality. It's not the proper name of Earth, the planet. However, it can refer to the land or realm we live in.

Japanese note: This has been used in Japan, on and off, since 1907 as a slogan for a governmental healthy eating campaign (usually pronounced as shindofuji instead of the original shindofuni in this context). It may have been hijacked from Buddhism for this propaganda purpose, but at least this is “healthy propaganda.”

Korean note: The phrase 身土不二 was in use by 1610 A.D. in Korea, where it can be found in an early medical journal.
In modern South Korea, it's written in Hangul as 신토불이. Korea used Chinese characters (same source as Japanese Kanji) as their only written standard form of the language until about a hundred years ago. Therefore, many Koreans will recognize this as a native phrase and concept.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles


More info & calligraphy:

earth; dust; clay; local; indigenous; crude opium; unsophisticated; one of the eight categories of ancient musical instruments 八音[ba1 yin1]
(archaism) soil (esp. reddish soil); (place-name) Do
Bhū; bhūmi; pṛthivī. Earth, locality, local, vulgar.


see styles
tǔ niú
    tu3 niu2
t`u niu
    tu niu
 dogyuu / dogyu

More info & calligraphy:

Earth Ox/Bull
clay ox; mound of earth on a dike (ready for emergency repairs)
(given name) Dogyū


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Earth Horse
{archeol} clay horse (Kofun and Nara periods); (surname) Tsuchima

see styles
clay sheep buried with the dead

see styles
soil with large clay content
(surname) Hani

see styles
clay; old variant of 僅|仅[jin3]; violet (plant)

see styles

to model (a figure) in clay
To model in clay.

see styles

dry clay lump

see styles

clay; shop

see styles
cauldron; rice pot
(1) (See 蒸篭・1) steaming basket (traditionally clay or wood); (2) (こしき only) steaming vat (for steaming rice in sake production); (surname) Koshiki

see styles
to glue; to paste; to adhere; to stick to
(1) (See お粘) stickiness; gumminess; sticky material; gummy material; (2) (abbreviation) (See 粘土・ねばつち) clay


see styles
èr xiàng
    er4 xiang4
erh hsiang
 nisou / niso
(noun - becomes adjective with の) two-phase
The two forms, or characteristics, of the bhutatathata, universal and particular. The 起信論 gives (a) 淨智相 pure wisdom, cf. ālaya-vijñāna, out of whose primary condition arise (b) 不思議用相 inconceivable, beneficial functions and uses. The same śāstra gives also a definition of the 眞如 as (a) 同相 that all things, pure or impure, are fundamentally of the same universal, e.g. clay which is made into tiles; (b) 異相 but display particular qualities, as affected by pure or impure causes, e.g. the tiles. Another definition, of the 智度論 31, is (a) 總相 universals, as impermanence; (b) 別相 particulars, for though all things have the universal basis of impermanence they have particular qualities, e.g. earth-solidity, heat of fire, etc.


see styles
 kyoukabe / kyokabe
{archit} kyokabe; Kyoto-style wall made from clay, sand and straw



see styles
biàn hú
    bian4 hu2
pien hu
 bentsubo; benko
    べんつぼ; べんこ
bed urinal; chamber pot
(See 汲み取り便所,壷・つぼ・1,便槽) night-soil vault; clay pot used to collect feces in an outhouse



see styles
kè lái
    ke4 lai2
k`o lai
    ko lai
Clay (name)


see styles
bā yīn
    ba1 yin1
pa yin
ancient classification system for musical instruments, based on the material of which the instrument is made (metal 金, stone 石, clay 土, leather 革, silk 絲|丝, wood 木, gourd 匏, bamboo 竹); the eight kinds of sound produced by instruments in these categories; music
The eight tones of a Buddha's voice―beautiful, flexible, harmonious, respect-producing, not effeminate (i.e. manly), unerring, deep and resonant.


see styles
tǔ rén
    tu3 ren2
t`u jen
    tu jen
native; aborigine; clay figure
(sometimes derog.) native; aboriginal; (male given name) Toshiko


see styles
 doguu / dogu
(1) earthen figure; clay figure; (2) dogū; clay figurines from the late Jōmon period; (given name) Doguu



see styles
tǔ bà
    tu3 ba4
t`u pa
    tu pa
earth dam; dam of earth and rocks (as opposed to waterproof dam of clay or concrete)



see styles
tǔ zhì
    tu3 zhi4
t`u chih
    tu chih
 dosei / dose
homemade; earthen
clay; earthen


see styles
clay face (made like a mask or as a decoration); (surname) Tonomo


see styles
(archaism) vessel made of clay


see styles
clay soil; (place-name, surname) Habu


see styles
sù xiàng
    su4 xiang4
su hsiang
 sozou / sozo
(molded or modeled) statue
plaster image; clay figure
To model images.


see styles
plaster; wall clay; wall mud


see styles
 joudo / jodo
(1) soil; (2) loamy soil; loam; soil with clay content of 25-37.5%


see styles
fēng ní
    feng1 ni2
feng ni
 fuudei / fude
sealing clay; lute
{music} lute


see styles
cǎi sù
    cai3 su4
ts`ai su
    tsai su
painted clay figure


see styles
 chouso / choso
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) carving; engraving; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) clay model; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (3) plastic art


see styles
róu hé
    rou2 he2
jou ho
to knead (clay)

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Clay克雷kè léi / ke4 lei2 / ke lei / keleik`o lei / kolei / ko lei
Earthtsuchitǔ / tu3 / tut`u / tu
Body and Earth in Unity身土不二shindofuni / shindofuji

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Body and Earth in Unity Scroll
Body and Earth in Unity Scroll
Body and Earth in Unity Scroll

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