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Ally in Chinese / Japanese...

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Ally Scroll

アリー is the name Ally in Japanese.

Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

ā lì
Ally Scroll

阿利 is the name Ally in Chinese (Mandarin).

Sworn Friend / Ally

méng yǒu
Sworn Friend / Ally Scroll

盟友 means a sworn friend or ally. If you stand on the same side of an issue with someone, and perhaps fight for the same cause together, this is the term you would use to describe such a partner.

There may not be a personal relationship, as this term is also used to describe whole countries that make a coalition, or fight against a common enemy.

This would be most appropriate if you are a high-level military officer, giving this wall scroll to an officer of another country as you join forces together, and go to war.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Allyアリーarii / ari
Ally阿利ā lì / a1 li4 / a li / ali
Sworn Friend
盟友meiyuu / meiyuméng yǒu / meng2 you3 / meng you / mengyoumeng yu / mengyu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
méng yǒu / meng2 you3
meng yu
 meiyuu / meyu / めいゆう
Sworn Friend / Ally Scroll
sworn friend


see styles
 arii / ari / アリー
Sworn Friend / Ally Scroll
(personal name) Ally; Arye

see styles
méng / meng2
 mei / me / めい
oath; pledge; union; to ally; league, a subdivision corresponding to prefecture in Inner Mongolia
(1) (obsolete) (See 盟を結ぶ) alliance; (n,n-suf) (2) aimag; league; administrative subdivision in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia; (female given name) Mei

see styles
lián / lian2
 ren / つらね
to ally; to unite; to join; (poetry) antithetical couplet
(personal name) Tsurane
to link


see styles
 yokoku / よこく ally; (surname) Yokuni


see styles
yǒu bāng / you3 bang1
yu pang
 yuuhou / yuho / ゆうほう
friendly state; ally
friendly nation; (personal name) Yuuhou


see styles
 mikata / みかた (n,vs,adj-no) friend; ally; supporter; (surname) Mikata


see styles
qì hé / qi4 he2
ch`i ho / chi ho
 keigou / kego / けいごう
agreement; to agree; to get on with; congenial; agreeing with; to ally oneself with sb
(noun/participle) coincidence of opinions, etc.; agreement
to match



see styles
ào yuán / ao4 yuan2
ao yüan
hidden ally; powerful support; support; backup


see styles
 ogata / おがた (n,vs,adj-no) friend; ally; supporter; this lady or gentleman; (place-name) Ogata



see styles
méng yuán / meng2 yuan2
meng yüan
league member; ally


see styles
méng bāng / meng2 bang1
meng pang
 meihou / meho / めいほう
ally; allied country
ally; allied powers


see styles
 musubu / むすぶ (transitive verb) (1) to tie; to bind; to link; (transitive verb) (2) (See 実を結ぶ) to bear (fruit); (transitive verb) (3) to close (e.g. deal); to confirm; to conclude; (transitive verb) (4) to connect (two distant places); (transitive verb) (5) to close tightly; to purse (e.g. lips); (transitive verb) (6) to unite (with); to ally; to join hands



see styles
jié méng / jie2 meng2
chieh meng
 ketsumei / ketsume / けつめい
to form an alliance; to ally oneself with; allied with; aligned; to bond with
(noun/participle) concluding an alliance; making a pledge


see styles
 mikata / みかた (n,vs,adj-no) friend; ally; supporter


see styles
 kyouryokusha / kyoryokusha / きょうりょくしゃ collaborator; cooperator; coworker; ally


see styles
 kyoushoukoku / kyoshokoku / きょうしょうこく party to an entente; ally


see styles
 doumeikoku / domekoku / どうめいこく ally (of another nation)



see styles
tóng méng guó / tong2 meng2 guo2
t`ung meng kuo / tung meng kuo
allied nation; ally; confederation
See: 同盟国



see styles
tóng méng jun / tong2 meng2 jun1
t`ung meng chün / tung meng chün
 doumeigun / domegun / どうめいぐん
ally; allied forces
allied armies


see styles
 hossateki / ほっさてき (adjectival noun) spasmodic(ally); fitful


see styles
jiǎ dào fá guó / jia3 dao4 fa2 guo2
chia tao fa kuo
to obtain safe passage to conquer the State of Guo; to borrow the resources of an ally to attack a common enemy (idiom)



see styles
wéi wèi jiù zhào / wei2 wei4 jiu4 zhao4
wei wei chiu chao
lit. to besiege 魏[Wei4] and rescue 趙|赵[Zhao4] (idiom); fig. to relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers


see styles
 mikatanitsukeru / みかたにつける (exp,v1) to enlist someone as a supporter; to win someone over to one's side; to gain someone as one's ally


see styles
 mikatanitsukeru / みかたにつける (exp,v1) to enlist someone as a supporter; to win someone over to one's side; to gain someone as one's ally


see styles
 ariiwookaa / ariwooka / アリーウォーカー (person) Ally Walker


see styles
 mikatanitsukeru / みかたにつける (exp,v1) to enlist as a supporter; to win over to one's side; to gain as one's ally


see styles
 mikata / みかた (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (ant: 敵・てき・1) friend; ally; supporter; (noun/participle) (2) taking sides with; supporting; standing by; backing up

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