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The name Dharma Gate in Chinese / Japanese...

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Dharma Gate of Bliss

 an raku no hou mon
Dharma Gate of Bliss Scroll

安樂の法門 represents that the Dharma Gate or the Door to Enlightenment leads to peace and happiness.

The Dharma Gate is the method of attaining or actualizing peace and happiness in Zen and other Buddhist traditions.

 fǎ mén
 hou mon
Dharma Gate Scroll

This is the Dharma Gate, The Gate to Enlightenment, or Dharmaparyāya.

The doctrines, or wisdom of Buddha is regarded as the door to enlightenment.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your dharma gate search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
fǎ mén sì
    fa3 men2 si4
fa men ssu
Dharma Gate Temple



see styles
jìng fǎ mén
    jing4 fa3 men2
ching fa men
 jō hōmon
pure dharma-gate



see styles
yī xiàng fǎ mén
    yi1 xiang4 fa3 men2
i hsiang fa men
 issō hōmon
The unitary or monistic method is interpreted in more than a dozen ways; in general it means to reach a stage beyond differentiation where all is seen as a unity.



see styles
bù èr fǎ mén
    bu4 er4 fa3 men2
pu erh fa men
 funi hōmon
the one and only way; the only proper course to take
is similar to 不二之法; also the cult of the monistic doctrine; and the immediacy of entering into the truth.



see styles
dà zǒng fǎ mén
    da4 zong3 fa3 men2
ta tsung fa men
 daisō hōmon
The bhūtatathatā as the totality of things, and Mind 心眞如 as the Absolute, 起信論.



see styles
fǎ jiè fǎ mén
    fa3 jie4 fa3 men2
fa chieh fa men
 hokkai hōmon
dharma-realm and dharma-gate



see styles
néng yǐn jiě tuō mén fǎ zhù
    neng2 yin3 jie3 tuo1 men2 fa3 zhu4
neng yin chieh t`o men fa chu
    neng yin chieh to men fa chu
 nōin gedatsu mon hō jū
the abode of the bringing about of the gate of the dharma of liberation



see styles
bù kě sī yì jiě tuō fǎ mén
    bu4 ke3 si1 yi4 jie3 tuo1 fa3 men2
pu k`o ssu i chieh t`o fa men
    pu ko ssu i chieh to fa men
 bekarazu gedatsu hōmon
The samādhi, or liberation of mind, that ensures a vision of the ineffable.



see styles
fēn bié yuán qǐ chū shèng fǎ mén jīng
    fen1 bie2 yuan2 qi3 chu1 sheng4 fa3 men2 jing1
fen pieh yüan ch`i ch`u sheng fa men ching
    fen pieh yüan chi chu sheng fa men ching
 Funbetsu engi shoshō hōmon kyō
Sūtra on The Primacy of the Dharma Gate Distinguishing Conditioned Arising



see styles
miào fǎ lián huá jīng guān shì yīn mén pǐn
    miao4 fa3 lian2 hua2 jing1 guan1 shi4 yin1 men2 pin3
miao fa lien hua ching kuan shih yin men p`in
    miao fa lien hua ching kuan shih yin men pin
 Myōhō renge kyō Kanzeon fumon bon
Avalokitêśvara Universal Gate Chapter of Sūtra of the Lotus of the Wonderful Dharma



see styles
qīng jìng fǎ shēn pí lú zhēn à xīn dì fǎ mén chéng jiù yī qiè tuó luó ní sān zhǒng xī dì
    qing1 jing4 fa3 shen1 pi2 lu2 zhen1 a4 xin1 di4 fa3 men2 cheng2 jiu4 yi1 qie4 tuo2 luo2 ni2 san1 zhong3 xi1 di4
ch`ing ching fa shen p`i lu chen a hsin ti fa men ch`eng chiu i ch`ieh t`o lo ni san chung hsi ti
    ching ching fa shen pi lu chen a hsin ti fa men cheng chiu i chieh to lo ni san chung hsi ti
 Shōjō hosshin Birushana shinji hōmon jōju issai darani sanshu shicchi
Accomplishing All Dhāraṇīs and the Three Siddhis through the Dharma-Gate of the Mental Ground of Vairocana, the Pure Dharma-Body

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Dharma Gate of Bliss安樂の法門an raku no hou mon
an raku no ho mon
Dharma Gate法門
hou mon / houmon / ho monfǎ mén / fa3 men2 / fa men / famen
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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