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The name Auspicious in Chinese / Japanese...

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Lucky / Auspicious / Good Omen

Lucky / Auspicious / Good Omen Scroll

瑞 is a Chinese, Japanese, and old Korean word that means: lucky; auspicious; propitious; freshness; purity; luster; a good omen.

In Japanese, this can be the following female given names: Yutaka; Midzuho; Mizuho; Mizuki; Mizue; Mizu; Mio; Tamami. It can also be a Japanese surname, Zui or Shirushi.

In the Buddhist context, this can represent an auspicious jade token or good omen.

Home of the Auspicious Golden Dragon

 jīn ruì xiáng lóng zhī jiā
Home of the Auspicious Golden Dragon Scroll

This 金瑞祥龍之家 or “home golden auspicious dragon” title was added by special request of a customer.

The first character means gold or golden.
The second and third characters hold the meaning of auspiciousness and good luck.
The fourth character is dragon.
The fifth is a possessive modifier (like making “dragon” into “dragon's”).
The last character means home (but in some context can mean “family” - however, here it would generally be understood as “home”).

Note: The word order is different than the English title because of grammar differences between English and Chinese. This phrase sounds very natural in Chinese in this character order. If written in the English word order, it would sound very strange and lose its impact in Chinese.

Note: Korean pronunciation is included above, but this has not been reviewed by a Korean translator.

Lucky / Auspicious

Lucky / Auspicious Scroll

吉 is a simple way to express the state of being lucky.

Also used in conversation to hope that all is well with someone. 吉 is more often seen as part of a compound word with a lucky association (especially in Korean).

Not as often used in Japanese but still means "good luck" but can also mean "joy" in Japanese.

See Also:  Good Luck

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A House Might Be Worth 1 Million Dollars, but Good Neighbors Are Worth 10 Million

Blessings and Good Wishes

Bright and Promising Future

Distinguish Good and Evil

Doing Good is the Greatest Source of Happiness

Even a Fool May Sometimes Come Up With a Good Idea

Every Day is a Good Day

Extremely Good Friends

Fragrant / Good Smell

God is Good

Good and Evil

Good Conduct

Good Good Study, Day Day Up

Good Health

Good Health / Healthy / Vigor

Good Heart

Good Intentions

Good Intentions / Good Will / Good Faith

Good Luck

Good Luck / Good Fortune

Good Night

Goodness / Good Deed

Happiness / Fortune / Lucky

Hearing a Hundred Times is Not as Good as Seeing Once

House of Good Fortune

In Good Order

In Good Order / Organized

Initiative / Proactive / Positive

Life is Good

Life is Good / Life is Beautiful

Light / Bright and Promising Future

Lucky / Auspicious

Lucky / Auspicious / Good Omen

Lucky Star

One Good Deed Each Day

Opportunity / Good Luck

Peace and Good Health

Positive Attitude

Restoration to Good Health

Serendipity / Lucky Coincidence

The Foundation of Good Conduct

The Good Life / Beautiful Life

Work Unselfishly for the Common Good

Not the results for auspicious that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your auspicious search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

 kichi; kitsu
    きち; きつ

More info & calligraphy:

Lucky / Auspicious
lucky; giga- (meaning billion or 10^9)
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (See 御神籤・おみくじ) good fortune (esp. omikuji fortune-telling result); good luck; auspiciousness; (2) (abbreviation) (See 吉日・2) unspecified day of the month (used to obscure the date a letter, invitation, etc. was written); (given name) Reikichi
śrī; auspicious, lucky, fortunate; translit. k, ke, ku, g.

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

excellent; auspicious; to praise; to commend
(personal name) Yomisuru
Good, excellent, praiseworthy, to commend.

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Lucky / Auspicious / Good Omen
lucky; auspicious; propitious; rayl (acoustical unit)
(1) (abbreviation) (rare) (See 瑞典・スウェーデン) Sweden; (2) (abbreviation) (rare) (See 瑞西・スイス) Switzerland; (personal name) Yutaka
Auspicious: a jade token.

see styles
 hou / ho

More info & calligraphy:

Phoenix (male)
(rare) (See 鳳凰) feng (male Chinese firebird); (given name) Pou
The 'phœnix' the auspicious bird.


see styles
jí lì
    ji2 li4
chi li

More info & calligraphy:

auspicious; lucky; propitious
(p,s,g) Yoshitoshi
姞栗陀 gṛdhra, a vulture.


see styles
qí ruì
    qi2 rui4
ch`i jui
    chi jui

More info & calligraphy:

Chery (car manufacturer)
auspicious (good) omen
an auspicious omen



see styles
wǔ fú lín mén
    wu3 fu2 lin2 men2
wu fu lin men

More info & calligraphy:

Blessings on this Home
lit. (may the) five blessings descend upon this home (namely: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death); (an auspicious saying for the Lunar New Year)



see styles
nián nián yǒu yú
    nian2 nian2 you3 yu2
nien nien yu yü

More info & calligraphy:

Year-In Year-Out Have Abundance
lit. (may you) have abundance year after year; (an auspicious saying for the Lunar New Year)



see styles
lóng fèng chéng xiáng
    long2 feng4 cheng2 xiang2
lung feng ch`eng hsiang
    lung feng cheng hsiang

More info & calligraphy:

Dragon and Phoenix Brings Luck
the dragon and phoenix are symbols of good fortune (idiom); auspicious; decorated with auspicious symbols such as the dragon and the phoenix

see styles
swastika, a sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism
swastika (esp. a counterclockwise swastika as a Buddhist symbol); fylfot; gammadion; (given name) Manji
sauvastika, 塞縛悉底迦; also styled 室利靺瑳 śrīvatsa, lucky sign, Viṣṇu's breast-curl or mark, tr. by 海雲 sea-cloud, or cirrhus. Used as a fancy form of 萬 or 萬; and is also written in a form said to resemble a curl. It is the 4th of the auspicious signs in the footprint of Buddha, and is a mystic diagram of great antiquity. To be distinguished from 卐svastika, the crampons of which turn to the right.

see styles
swastika, a sacred and auspicious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, later adopted by Nazi Germany
(Skt. svastika)

see styles
 shou / sho
auspicious; propitious
(1) omen (usu. good); (auspicious) sign; (2) (See 小祥,大祥) first two anniversaries of a person's death; (given name) Yoshimi

see styles

auspicious; propitious; good luck; felicity; euphoria; used for 旗, e.g. in 旗袍, long Chinese dress

see styles
 tei / te
auspicious; lucky
(surname, given name) Tei

see styles
(auspicious herb)

see styles
 shachi; shachi
    しゃち; シャチ
(1) (kana only) orca (Orcinus orca); killer whale; grampus; (2) (しゃち only) (abbreviation) (See 鯱・しゃちほこ・1) mythical carp with the head of a lion and the body of a fish (auspicious protectors of well-being); (surname) Shachihoko


see styles
 reigetsu / regetsu
(1) (archaism) auspicious month; (2) (archaism) (See 如月) second month of the lunar calendar


see styles
 keihi / kehi
auspicious day; good day; lucky day; beautiful day; (female given name) Keihi



see styles
jiā jié
    jia1 jie2
chia chieh
festive day; holiday
auspicious occasion; (given name) Kasetsu


see styles
lucky day; auspicious occasion; happy day; (given name) Yoshitatsu


see styles
guāng ruì
    guang1 rui4
kuang jui
 kouzui / kozui
(given name) Kōzui
The auspicious ray sent from between the Buddha's eyebrows before a revelation.


see styles
 rokuyou / rokuyo
(See 先勝・せんしょう・2,友引・ともびき,先負・せんぶ,仏滅・ぶつめつ・2,大安・たいあん,赤口・しゃっこう) Japanese calendar's six labels, indicating how auspicious each day is


see styles
liù ruì
    liu4 rui4
liu jui
 roku sui
The six auspicious indications attributed to the Buddha as a preliminary to his delivery of the Lotus Sutra, see 法華經, 序品: (1) his opening address on the infinite; (2) his samādhi; (3) the rain of flowers; (4) the earthquake; (5) the delight of the beholders; (6) the Buddha-ray.


see styles
(See 六曜) Japanese calendar's six labels, indicating how auspicious each day is


see styles
lì shì
    li4 shi4
li shih
 riichi / richi
business profit; auspicious; lucky; small sum of money offered on festive days
(given name) Riichi


see styles
 keiun / keun
auspicious cloud; (given name) Keiun


see styles
jí shì
    ji2 shi4
chi shih
 kichiji; kitsuji
    きちじ; きつじ
auspicious event
auspicious event


see styles
 kichimu; kitsumu
    きちむ; きつむ
auspicious dream; well-boding dream



see styles
jí qìng
    ji2 qing4
chi ch`ing
    chi ching
auspicious; propitious; good fortune
Auspicious, lucky, fortunate.


see styles
jí rì
    ji2 ri4
chi jih
 kichijitsu; kichinichi; kitsujitsu
    きちじつ; きちにち; きつじつ
propitious day; lucky day
(1) lucky day; auspicious day; (2) unspecified day of the month (used to obscure the date a letter, invitation, etc. was written); (surname) Yoshinichi
good day

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Good Omen
zuiruì / rui4 / ruijui
Home of the Auspicious Golden Dragon金瑞祥龍之家
jīn ruì xiáng lóng zhī jiā
jin1 rui4 xiang2 long2 zhi1 jia1
jin rui xiang long zhi jia
chin jui hsiang lung chih chia
kichijí / ji2 / jichi
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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