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  1. Immortal

  2. Sian

  3. Eight Immortals

  4. Fairy / Nymph

  5. Paradise / Wonderland

  6. Sentaku

  7. Shania


China xiān
Japan sento / sen
Immortal Vertical Wall Scroll

仙 means immortal (as in a being or person).

In some context, it can mean hermit, ascetic, man of the hills, or wizard. The Buddha is often put in this category.

In Chinese mythology and folklore, there is a famous group of eight immortals (八仙).

The 楞嚴經 (Śūraṅgama Sūtra) speaks of many kinds of immortals including walkers on the earth, fliers, wanderers at will (into space or into the deva heavens), beings with the ability to transform themselves into any form, etc.


China xiān
Sian Vertical Wall Scroll

仙 is a common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the Welsh name Sian, Siân, or Shân.

Eight Immortals

China bā xiān
Japan hassen
Eight Immortals Vertical Wall Scroll

八仙 is the Chinese title for the Eight Immortals of Daoist / Taoist mythology. In Japanese, this can be the given name Hassen.

Fairy / Nymph

China xiān nǚ
Japan sen nyo
Fairy / Nymph Vertical Wall Scroll

仙女 is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja way to write fairy or nymph.

This can also be translated as female elf, or female sage.

In Japanese, this can be the female given name, Sennyo.

Paradise / Wonderland

China xiān jìng
Japan sen kyou
Paradise / Wonderland Vertical Wall Scroll

仙境 means fairyland, wonderland, paradise, or enchanted land.

Same meaning in both Chinese and Japanese Kanji.


Japan sentaku
Sentaku Vertical Wall Scroll

仙宅 is the Japanese surname Sentaku.


China xiān nī yà
Shania Vertical Wall Scroll

仙妮亞 is a common transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Shania.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin xiān / xian1
Taiwan hsien
Japanese sen / せん
Shania Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese immortal
Japanese hermit; wizard; (personal name) Hisa; (personal name) Nori; (personal name) Sonhi; (personal name) Senji; (surname, female given name) Sen
僊 ṛṣi, 哩始 an immortal. 人; 人 the genī, of whom there is a famous group of eight 八; an ascetic, a man of the hills, a hermit; the Buddha. The 楞嚴經 gives ten kinds of immortals, walkers on the earth, fliers, wanderers at will, into space, into the deva heavens, transforming themselves into any form, etc. The names of ten ṛṣis, who preceded Śākyamuni, the first being 闍提首那? Jatisena; there is also a list of sixty-eight 大 given in the 大孔雀咒經下 A classification of five is 天 deva genī, 神 spirit genī, 人 human genī, 地 earth, or cavern genī, and 鬼 ghost genī.


see styles
Mandarin xiān jìng / xian1 jing4
Taiwan hsien ching
Japanese senkyou / senkyo / せんきょう
Shania Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese fairyland; wonderland; paradise
Japanese fairyland; enchanted land


see styles
Mandarin xiān nǚ / xian1 nu:3
Taiwan hsien nü
Japanese senjo;sennyo;sennyu / せんじょ;せんにょ;せんにゅ
Shania Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese fairy
Japanese fairy; nymph; elf; (given name) Sennyo; (given name) Senjo
female sage


see styles
Mandarin bā xiān / ba1 xian1
Taiwan pa hsien
Japanese hassen / はっせん
Shania Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese the Eight Immortals (Daoist mythology)
Japanese (given name) Hassen

see styles
Mandarin xiān / xian1
Taiwan hsien
Japanese senzaki / せんざき    sen / せん
Chinese variant of [xian1]
Japanese (surname) Senzaki; (given name) Sen


see styles
Japanese kyuusen / kyusen / きゅうせん Japanese (kana only) multicolorfin rainbowfish (Parajulis poecilepterus, was Halichoeres poecilopterus); (given name) Kyuusen


see styles
Mandarin rén xiān / ren2 xian1
Taiwan jen hsien
Japanese ninsen
The ṛṣi jina, or immortal among men, i.e. the Buddha; also a name for Bimbisāra in his reincarnation.


see styles
Mandarin xiān dān / xian1 dan1
Taiwan hsien tan
Japanese sentan / せんたん
Chinese elixir; magic potion
Japanese elixir (of life)


see styles
Mandarin xiān rén / xian1 ren2
Taiwan hsien jen
Japanese sennin / せんにん
Chinese Daoist immortal; celestial being
Japanese (1) immortal mountain wizard (in Taoism); mountain man (esp. a hermit); (2) one not bound by earthly desires or the thoughts of normal men; (surname, given name) Sennin


see styles
Mandarin xiān qù / xian1 qu4
Taiwan hsien ch`ü / hsien chü
Chinese to become an immortal; (fig.) to die


see styles
Mandarin xiān tái / xian1 tai2
Taiwan hsien t`ai / hsien tai
Japanese sendai / せんだい
Chinese Sendai, city in northeast Japan
Japanese Sendai (city); (place-name, surname) Sendai


see styles
Mandarin xiān chéng / xian1 cheng2
Taiwan hsien ch`eng / hsien cheng
Japanese senjou / senjo / せんじょう    senshiro / せんしろ
Japanese (surname) Senjou; (surname) Senshiro
The ṛṣi's city, i. e. the Buddha's native city, Kapilavastu.


see styles
Mandarin xiān gū / xian1 gu1
Taiwan hsien ku
Chinese female immortal; sorceress


see styles
Mandarin xiān zǐ / xian1 zi3
Taiwan hsien tzu
Japanese hisako / ひさこ    noriko / のりこ    senko / せんこ    sanshi / さんし
Chinese fairy
Japanese (female given name) Hisako; (female given name) Noriko; (female given name) Senko; (female given name) Sanshi


see styles
Japanese senkaku / せんかく Japanese (1) (obscure) (See 仙人) immortal mountain wizard (in Taoism); (2) (See 鶴) crane



see styles
Mandarin xiān gōng / xian1 gong1
Taiwan hsien kung
Japanese senkyuu / senkyu / せんきゅう
Chinese underground palace of ghouls, e.g. Asgard of Scandinavian mythology
Japanese (1) (archaism) hermit's residence; (2) retired emperor's palace


see styles
Mandarin xiān zūn / xian1 zun1
Taiwan hsien tsun
Japanese senson


see styles
Mandarin xiān jū / xian1 ju1
Taiwan hsien chü
Chinese Xianju county in Taizhou 台州[Tai1 zhou1], Zhejiang


see styles
Mandarin xiān shān / xian1 shan1
Taiwan hsien shan
Japanese sennoyama / せんのやま
Chinese mountain of Immortals
Japanese (personal name) Sennoyama



see styles
Mandarin xiān dǎo / xian1 dao3
Taiwan hsien tao
Japanese senjima / せんじま    senshima / せんしま
Chinese island of the immortals
Japanese (personal name) Senjima; (surname) Senshima


see styles
Mandarin xiān fāng / xian1 fang1
Taiwan hsien fang
Chinese prescription of elixir; potion of immortality; potion prescribed by an immortal


see styles
Mandarin xiān táo / xian1 tao2
Taiwan hsien t`ao / hsien tao
Chinese the peaches of immortality of Goddess Xi Wangmu 西王母; Xiantao sub-prefecture level city in Hubei


see styles
Japanese sentsui / せんつい Japanese sacral vertebra



see styles
Mandarin xiān yuè / xian1 yue4
Taiwan hsien yüeh
Chinese heavenly music



see styles
Mandarin xiān qì / xian1 qi4
Taiwan hsien ch`i / hsien chi
Chinese magic breath


see styles
Mandarin xiān jiè / xian1 jie4
Taiwan hsien chieh
Japanese senkai / せんかい
Chinese world of the immortals; fairyland; cloud nine
Japanese dwelling place of hermits; pure land away from the world


see styles
Japanese senkutsu / せんくつ Japanese enchanted cave


see styles
Mandarin xiān tóng / xian1 tong2
Taiwan hsien t`ung / hsien tung
Chinese elf; leprechaun



see styles
Mandarin xiān jīng / xian1 jing1
Taiwan hsien ching
Japanese senkyō
Daoist treatises on alchemy and immortality; Daoist classics


see styles
Japanese sennou;sennou / senno;senno / せんのう;センノウ Japanese lychnis (Lychnis senno); (given name) Sen'ou

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Immortalsento / senxiān / xian1 / xianhsien
Sianxiān / xian1 / xianhsien
Eight Immortals八仙hassen / hasenbā xiān / ba1 xian1 / ba xian / baxianpa hsien / pahsien
仙女sen nyo / sennyoxiān nǚ / xian1 nu:3 / xian nu: / xiannu:hsien nü / hsiennü
仙境sen kyou / senkyou / sen kyo / senkyoxiān jìng
xian1 jing4
xian jing
hsien ching
xiān nī yà
xian1 ni1 ya4
xian ni ya
hsien ni ya
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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