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Wealthy in Chinese / Japanese...

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Wealth / Fortune / Riches / Abundance

Japan tomi
Wealth / Fortune / Riches / Abundance Vertical Wall Scroll

The title says it all; this word is clearly understood in Chinese and Japanese as well as Korean Hanja.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ fu4
Taiwan fu
Japanese tomi / とみ
Chinese rich; abundant; wealthy; surname Fu
Japanese (1) riches; wealth; fortune; (2) resources; (3) (abbreviation) lottery; (surname, given name) Yutaka; (female given name) Mitsuru; (surname) Fu; (given name) Hisashi; (given name) Tomeri; (personal name) Tomu; (surname) Tomiru; (surname) Tomimura; (surname) Tomihama; (personal name) Tomitsugi; (surname) Tomitaka; (surname, female given name) Tomi; (surname) Tobi; (female given name) Sakae; (given name) Atsushi; (surname) Atari
Rich, wealthy, affluent, well supplied; translit. pu and ve sounds; cf. 不, 布, 補, 婆.

see styles
Mandarin chóu // qiú / chou2 // qiu2
Taiwan ch`ou // ch`iu / chou // chiu
Japanese kataki / かたき    ada / あだ    atan / あたん    ata / あた
Chinese spouse; companion; hatred; animosity; enmity; foe; enemy; to feel animosity toward (the wealthy, foreigners etc); surname Qiu
Japanese (n-suf,n) (1) rival; opponent; adversary; competitor; enemy (esp. one with which there is longstanding enmity); foe; (2) revenge; (3) (archaism) spouse; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) foe; enemy; rival; (2) resentment; enmity; grudge; (3) harm; injury; (surname) Kiyuu


see styles
Mandarin sān chóu / san1 chou2
Taiwan san ch`ou / san chou
Chinese animosity or resentment towards three groups (the bureaucrats, the wealthy, and the police) due to perceived abuse of power


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Mandarin wǔ shēng / wu3 sheng1
Taiwan wu sheng
Japanese takai / たかい    itsuo / いつお
Japanese (female given name) Takai; (given name) Itsuo
Five rebirths, i. e. five states, or conditions of a bodhisattva's rebirth: (1) to stay calamities, e. g. by sacrificing himself; (2) in any class that may need him; (3) in superior condition, handsome, wealthy, or noble; (4) in various grades of kingship; (5) final rebirth before Buddhahood; v. 瑜伽論 4.


see styles
Japanese fuyuu / fuyu / ふゆう Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) rich; wealthy


see styles
Japanese oodokoro;oodoko / おおどころ;おおどこ Japanese wealthy family; important person; bigwig; (place-name) Daidokoro; (place-name) Otokoro; (surname) Oodokoro; (place-name) Ootokoro; (surname) Oosho


see styles
Mandarin dà kuǎn / da4 kuan3
Taiwan ta k`uan / ta kuan
Chinese very wealthy person


see styles
Japanese dainou / daino / だいのう Japanese large-scale (mechanized, mechanised) farming; wealthy farmer


see styles
Japanese tomu / とむ Japanese (v5m,vi) (1) to be rich in; to abound in; to be abundant in; to be full of; (2) to be rich; to be wealthy



see styles
Mandarin fù guó / fu4 guo2
Taiwan fu kuo
Japanese tomikuni / とみくに
Chinese rich country; make the country wealthy (political slogan)
Japanese (personal name) Tomikuni


see styles
Mandarin fù pó / fu4 po2
Taiwan fu p`o / fu po
Chinese wealthy woman


see styles
Japanese fuka / ふか Japanese wealthy family; (surname) Fuke; (surname) Fukuya; (place-name, surname) Tomiya; (surname) Tomike; (surname) Tomiie


see styles
Mandarin fù yǒu / fu4 you3
Taiwan fu yu
Japanese fuyuu / fuyu / ふゆう
Chinese rich; full of
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) rich; wealthy; (female given name) Fuyuu; (female given name) Fuari


see styles
Japanese fusha(p);fuusha / fusha(p);fusha / ふしゃ(P);ふうしゃ Japanese rich person; millionaire; the wealthy


see styles
Mandarin fù háo / fu4 hao2
Taiwan fu hao
Japanese fugou / fugo / ふごう
Chinese rich and powerful person
Japanese wealthy person; millionaire


see styles
Japanese kyoshou / kyosho / きょしょう Japanese wealthy merchant



see styles
Mandarin yǒu qián / you3 qian2
Taiwan yu ch`ien / yu chien
Chinese well-off; wealthy



see styles
Mandarin shù tí / shu4 ti2
Taiwan shu t`i / shu ti
Japanese judai
(樹提伽); 殊底色迦 jyotiṣka, 'a luminary, a heavenly body' (M.W.); tr. asterisms, shining, fire, or fate. A wealthy man of Rājagṛha, who gave all his goods to the poor; there is a sūtra called after him.


see styles
Japanese monomochi / ものもち Japanese (1) rich person; wealthy person; (2) taking good care of things; keeping things for a long time and taking care of them


see styles
Japanese shinshou / shinsho / しんしょう Japanese a wealthy merchant



see styles
Mandarin wàn guàn / wan4 guan4
Taiwan wan kuan
Japanese mankan / まんかん
Chinese ten thousand strings of cash; very wealthy; millionaire
Japanese (surname) Mankan


see styles
Japanese yuufuku / yufuku / ゆうふく Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) wealthy; rich; affluent; well-off


see styles
Japanese yutaka / ゆたか Japanese (adjectival noun) (1) abundant; wealthy; plentiful; rich; affluent; (suf,adj-na) (2) (See 個性豊か・こせいゆたか) very; extremely; full of; great



see styles
Mandarin fēng cái / feng1 cai2
Taiwan feng ts`ai / feng tsai
Japanese hōzai


see styles
Japanese goushou / gosho / ごうしょう Japanese wealthy merchant


see styles
Japanese gouka / goka / ごうか Japanese wealthy and powerful family


see styles
Japanese gounou / gono / ごうのう Japanese wealthy farmer



see styles
Mandarin cái zhǔ / cai2 zhu3
Taiwan ts`ai chu / tsai chu
Japanese zaishu
Chinese rich man; moneybags
A wealthy man, rich; wealthy person


see styles
Japanese gyakutama / ぎゃくたま Japanese man who marries a wealthy or upwardly-mobile woman; (masculine speech) gold digger



see styles
Mandarin zhǎng zhě / zhang3 zhe3
Taiwan chang che
Japanese chouja(p);chousha;chouza / choja(p);chosha;choza / ちょうじゃ(P);ちょうしゃ;ちょうざ
Chinese senior; older person
Japanese (1) (ちょうじゃ only) millionaire; (2) one's superior; one's elder; one's senior; (3) (archaism) virtuous and gentle person; (4) (ちょうじゃ only) (archaism) female owner of a whorehouse in a post town; (5) (ちょうじゃ only) (archaism) (See 宿駅) chief of a post town; (place-name, surname) Choujiya; (place-name, surname) Chouja
揭利呵跋底; 疑叻賀鉢底 gṛhapati. A householder; one who is just, straightforward, truthful, honest, advanced in age, and wealthy; an elder.

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
tomifù / fu4 / fu

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