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Vegetarian in Chinese / Japanese...

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If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian?

Only by experiencing hardship will allow you to understand the plight of others
China bù dāng hé shang bù zhī zhāi jiè kǔ
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian?

This literally translates as:
[One who has] not been a monk [does not] know the suffering of [being on a] vegetarian diet.

This is a bit like the "walk a mile in another man's shoes" saying. Basically it's about you cannot fully understand the plight of others until you experience it yourself.

Principles of Life

China shēng huó xìn tiáo
Principles of Life

This Chinese proverb means "principles of life" or "The personal obligations and rules that you live by."

For instance, if you were a vegetarian, the act of not eating meat fits into this category.
This could also be translated as "Way of living."

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



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Mandarin jīng jìn / jing1 jin4
Taiwan ching chin
Japanese shoujin / shojin しょうじん
 shouji / shoji しょうじ
Chinese to forge ahead vigorously; to dedicate oneself to progress
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) concentration; diligence; devotion; (2) asceticism; zeal in one's quest for enlightenment; (3) adherence to a vegetarian diet; (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (noun/participle) (1) concentration; diligence; devotion; (2) asceticism; zeal in one's quest for enlightenment; (3) adherence to a vegetarian diet; (surname) Shoujin; (place-name) Shouji
vīrya, one of the seven bodhyaṅga; 'vigour,' 'valour, fortitude,' 'virility' (M.W.); 'welldoing' (Keith). The Chinese interpretation may be defined, as pure or unadulterated progress, i.e. 勤 zeal, zealous, courageously progressing in the good and eliminating the evil.; vīrya, zeal, unchecked progress; effort

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Mandarin/ su4
Taiwan su
Japanese motoi もとい
 moto もと
 hajime はじめ
 tada ただ
 sunao すなお
 suzu すず
 suzaki すざき
 susaki すさき
Chinese raw silk; white; plain, unadorned; vegetarian (food); essence; nature; element; constituent; usually; always; ever
Japanese (1) origin; source; (2) base; basis; foundation; root; (3) cause; (4) ingredient; material; (5) original cost (or capital, principal, etc.); (6) (plant) root; (tree) trunk; (7) first section of a waka; (8) handle (chopsticks, brush, etc.); grip; (adj-na,n,adj-no) (1) plain, white silk; (2) (mathematics term) prime; (adj-no,n) (1) plain; unadorned; undecorated; unadulterated; au naturel; (prefix) (2) (derogatory term) mere; poor; (3) exceedingly; (given name) Motoi; (female given name) Moto; (personal name) Hajime; (female given name) Tada; (surname) So; (female given name) Sunao; (personal name) Suzu; (surname) Suzaki; (surname) Susaki
Original colour or state; plain, white; heretofore, usual; translit. su.; To keep to vegetarian diet; vegetarian; simple

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Mandarin shū / shu1
Taiwan shu
Japanese sho
Chinese to dredge; to clear away obstruction; thin; sparse; scanty; distant (relation); not close; to neglect; negligent; to present a memorial to the Emperor; commentary; annotation; surname Shu
疎 Open, wide apart; distant, coarse; estrange; lax, careless; to state report; commentary; also used for 蔬 vegetarian food; to write a commentary

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Mandarin hūn / hun1
Taiwan hun
Japanese kun
Chinese strong-smelling vegetable (garlic etc); non-vegetarian food (meat, fish etc); vulgar; obscene
Strongly smelling vegetables, e.g. onions, garlic, leeks, etc., forbidden to Buddhist vegetarians; any non-vegetarian food; pungent herbs

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Mandarin zhāi / zhai1
Taiwan chai
Japanese hitoshi ひとし
 toki とき
 sai さい
 itsuki いつき
Chinese to fast or abstain from meat, wine etc; vegetarian diet; study room; building; to give alms (to a monk)
Japanese (surname) Hitoshi; (personal name) Toki; (surname) Sai; (surname, given name) Itsuki
To reverence: abstinence; to purify as by fasting, or abstaining, e.g. from flesh food; religious or abstinential duties, or times; upavasatha (uposatha), a fast; the ritual period for food, i.e. before noon; a room for meditation, a study, a building, etc., devoted to abstinence, chastity, or the Buddhist religion; mourning (for parents); to abstain

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Japanese beji ベジ
Japanese (abbreviation) (colloquialism) vegetarian; (given name) Beji

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Mandarin chī sù / chi1 su4
Taiwan ch`ih su / chih su
Chinese to be a vegetarian

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Mandarin chī zhāi / chi1 zhai1
Taiwan ch`ih chai / chih chai
Chinese to abstain from eating meat; to be a vegetarian

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Mandarin chī sù / chi1 su4
Taiwan ch`ih su / chih su
Japanese kitsuso
To eat ordinary, or vegetarian food; to eat simply

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Mandarin qīng zhāi / qing1 zhai1
Taiwan ch`ing chai / ching chai
Japanese shōsai
Pure observance of monastic rules for food; to eat purely, i.e. vegetarian food; fasting; pure observance of eating regulations

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Mandarin dǎ zhāi / da3 zhai1
Taiwan ta chai
Chinese to beg for (vegetarian) food

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Mandarin sù yán / su4 yan2
Taiwan su yen
Chinese vegetarian feast; food offerings to Buddha

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Mandarin sù shí / su4 shi2
Taiwan su shih
Japanese soshoku そしょく
 soshi そし
Chinese vegetables; vegetarian food
Japanese (out-dated or obsolete kana usage) (1) usual diet; (2) vegetarian food; vegetarian diet
素饌 Vegetarian food; plain food

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Mandarin sù zhāi / su4 zhai1
Taiwan su chai
Chinese vegetarian food

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Mandarin chún sù / chun2 su4
Taiwan ch`un su / chun su
Chinese plain; ordinary; vegetarian

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Mandarin cài sè / cai4 se4
Taiwan ts`ai se / tsai se
Chinese dish; lean and hungry look (resulting from vegetarian diet); emaciated look (from malnutrition)

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Mandarin rú sù / ru2 su4
Taiwan ju su
Chinese to eat a vegetarian diet

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Mandarin hūn cài / hun1 cai4
Taiwan hun ts`ai / hun tsai
Chinese non-vegetarian dish (including meat, fish, garlic, onion etc)

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Mandarin hūn jiǔ / hun1 jiu3
Taiwan hun chiu
Japanese kunshu くんしゅ
Japanese (Buddhist term) pungent vegetables (e.g. garlic or Chinese chives) and wine
Non-vegetarian foods and wine; non-vegetarian foods and wine

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Mandarin shū shí / shu1 shi2
Taiwan shu shih
Japanese sojiki
Chinese vegetarian meal; vegetarian diet
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin zhāi zhōu / zhai1 zhou1
Taiwan chai chou
Japanese saishuku
The midday and morning meals, breakfast of rice or millet congee, dinner of vegetarian foods; breakfast and lunch in the monastery

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Mandarin zhāi shí / zhai1 shi2
Taiwan chai shih
Japanese saijiki
The midday meal; not eating after noon; abstinential food, i.e. vegetarian food, excluding vegetables of strong odour, as garlic, or onions; lunch

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Mandarin kāi zhāi / kai1 zhai1
Taiwan k`ai chai / kai chai
Japanese kaisai
Chinese to stop following a vegetarian diet; to break a fast
To break the fast, breakfast.

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Mandarin cǎi shū / cai3 shu1
Taiwan ts`ai shu / tsai shu
Japanese saisho
Vegetarian food; vegetarian food

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Mandarin cǎi tóu / cai3 tou2
Taiwan ts`ai t`ou / tsai tou
Japanese saizu
The monk who has charge of the 采蔬 vegetarian food department; monk in charge of vegetarian food

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Mandarin fó tiào qiáng / fo2 tiao4 qiang2
Taiwan fo t`iao ch`iang / fo tiao chiang
Chinese lit. Buddha jumps over the wall, name for a Chinese dish that uses many non-vegetarian ingredients

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Mandarin zài lǐ jiào / zai4 li3 jiao4
Taiwan tsai li chiao
Japanese Zairi kyō
The Tsai-li secret society, an offshoot of the White Lily Society, was founded in Shantung at the beginning of the Ch'ing dynasty; the title 'in the li, ' indicating that the society associated itself with all three religions, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism; its followers set up no images, burnt no incense, neither smoked nor drank, and were vegetarian; Zaili jiao

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Mandarin cí lì wáng / ci2 li4 wang2
Taiwan tz`u li wang / tzu li wang
Japanese Jiriki ō
Maitrībala-rāja, king of merciful virtue, or power, a former incarnation of the Buddha when, as all his people had embraced the vegetarian life, and yakṣas had no animal food and were suffering, the king fed five of them with his own blood.

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Mandarin sù shí zhě / su4 shi2 zhe3
Taiwan su shih che
Chinese vegetarian

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Mandarin bái lián cài / bai2 lian2 cai4
Taiwan pai lien ts`ai / pai lien tsai
Japanese byakuren sai
The Sung vegetarian school of 茅子元 Mao Tzu-yuan; white lotus vegetarians

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Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
If you have not been a monk, how can you know what it is like to be a vegetarian? 不當和尚不知齋戒苦
bù dāng hé shang bù zhī zhāi jiè kǔ
bu4 dang1 he2 shang bu4 zhi1 zhai1 jie4 ku3
bu dang he shang bu zhi zhai jie ku
pu tang ho shang pu chih chai chieh k`u
pu tang ho shang pu chih chai chieh ku
Principles of Life 生活信條
shēng huó xìn tiáo
sheng1 huo2 xin4 tiao2
sheng huo xin tiao
sheng huo hsin t`iao
sheng huo hsin tiao
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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