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Soulmates in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Eternal Friendship / Friends Forever
  2. Best Friends / Buddies
  3. Eternal Friendship...
  4. Soul Mates
  5. Fate / Chance Meeting
  6. Best Friends / Closest Friend
  7. Best Friends
  8. Most Sincere Friend / Honest Friend / Real Friend / Best Friend
  9. Once in a Lifetime
10. Spiritual Soul Mates

Eternal Friendship / Friends Forever

China yǒng yuǎn de péng yǒu
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Eternal Friendship / Friends Forever

This is exactly what the title suggests. This means friends that are eternal or a friendship that will last forever - you will remain the best of friends as long as you live.

The first two characters mean forever, eternal, eternity, perpetuity, immortality, and/or permanence.

The middle character links the words (it's a possessive article).

The last two characters represent friendship, or simply "friends".

Best Friends / Buddies

China qīn yǒu
Japan shin yuu
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Best Friends / Buddies

This is the Japanese way to say "best friend".

The first character can mean "relative" or sometimes "parents". The second character means "friend". Think about the close relationship that Japanese people have with their parents and relatives, and this starts to mean "close friends".

Some Japanese-English dictionaries also translate this as "bosom friend", "old friend", "intimate friend", "buddy", "crony" or "chum".

Note that in Chinese, this has the meaning of "relatives and friends". It's a good meaning in Chinese, but it's not quite the same as "best friends".

Eternal Friendship
Friends Forever

Japan ei en no yuu
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Eternal Friendship<br>Friends Forever

The first two characters mean eternal, eternity, perpetuity, forever, immortality, and permanence.

The third character is a possessive article which sort of makes this selection mean "Love, of the eternal kind".

The last character is "friend" or "Friendship".

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Soul Mates

Japanese only
Japan tamashii no tomo
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Soul Mates

This is one of a few ways to write "Soul Mates" in Japanese.

The first Kanji means soul, spirit, ghost, immortal soul, the mind, or conscious mind. From Sanskrit it's Vijñāna.

The middle character is a Japanese Hiragana connecting or possessive article that links the two ideas together.

The last Kanji means friends or friendship.

Soul Mates

China tiān shēng yí duì
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Soul Mates

It was tough to find the best way to say "soul mates" in Chinese. We settled on this old way to say "A couple selected by heaven".

The first two characters together mean "natural" or "innate". Separated, they mean "heaven" and "born". The last two characters mean "couple". So this can be translated as "A couple that is together by nature", or "A couple brought together by heaven's decree", with a slight stretch, you could say "A couple born together from heaven".

It's a struggle to find the best way to describe this idea in English, but trust me, it is pretty cool and it is a great way to say "soulmates".

If you're in a happy relationship or marriage and think you have found your soul mate, this would be a wonderful wall scroll to hang in your home.

Soul Mates

China líng hún bàn lǚ
Japan reikon hanryo
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Soul Mates

This is the literal translation of "Soul Mates".

This is kind of the western way to express "soul mates", but translated into Chinese, Japanese Kanji,and old Korean Hanja.
The first two characters mean "soul" or "spirit".
The second two characters mean "mate", "companion" or "partner".

Although not the most common title, these characters have good meaning and will be received well in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. It's a universal title!

Soul Mates

Japanese Only
Japan reikon no nakama tachi
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Soul Mates

This is a Japanese-only title for soulmates.

The first half means "of the soul" or "spiritual".

The second half means "eminent mates" or "eminent partners".

Fate / Chance Meeting

China yuán fèn
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Fate / Chance Meeting

These two characters contain the ideas of fate. But this is specifically the fate or destiny that brings two people together.

This is like the chance meeting of two people that leads some time later to marriage.

This could also be the chance meeting of two business people, who become partners and build a huge and successful company.

Basically, this is an idea often associated with a fateful meeting leading to good fortune.

Some will define this word as, "The destiny brings you two together", or "Meant to be".

分 Note: Second character can also be written without the left radical, as shown to the right. If you have a preference, please let use know in the special instructions for your project. There is no difference in meaning or pronunciation, just two (alternate) ways to write the same character.

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Best Friends / Closest Friend

China zhì yǒu
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Best Friends / Closest Friend

This one way to say best friend in Chinese.

The first character can mean "most", "extreme" or "best".
The second character means "friend" or "friends" (plural forms work differently in China).

Can also be translated as "close friend" or "most intimate friend".

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Best Friends

China zhì jiāo
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Best Friends

This an alternate way to say best friend in Chinese.

The first character can mean "most", "extreme" or "best". The second character means "making friends" or "building friendship". There's sort of a suggestion with the second character that fate caused you to intersect in life and become friends (that character can mean intersection in some context).

This can also mean "most intimate friend", "very good friend of long standing", or "closest friend".

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Most Sincere Friend / Honest Friend / Real Friend / Best Friend

China zhì yǒu
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Most Sincere Friend / Honest Friend / Real Friend / Best Friend

This one way to say best friend in Chinese.

The first character can mean "honest" or "most sincere". The second character means "friend" or "friends" (plural forms work differently in Chinese).

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Once in a Lifetime

China yī qī yī huì
Japan ichigoichie
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Once in a Lifetime

This Japanese title can be translated as "for this time only", "chance meeting", "one meeting, one opportunity", "never again", or "one chance in a lifetime".

The characters literally mean "one time one meeting" - of course, the Kanji characters have meaning far beyond a direct translation like this.

Some might use this proverb to talk of an opportunity that presents itself just once in your life. It could also be the single chance-meeting with your true soul mate. Basically an expression for any event that might happen once in a lifetime.

This is primarily a Japanese title, however, there is also a Traditional Chinese (and old Korean) version of this proverb. Just the last character is different.
會The traditional form was used in Japan before WWII and in Korea prior to 1900. This title is somewhat known in China.

If you want the older traditional form, just click on the character to the right.

Spiritual Soul Mates

China jīng shén bàn lǚ
Japan sei shin han ryo
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Spiritual Soul Mates

This is title means "Spiritual Soul Mates". The first two characters mean "spiritual" or "soul". The second two characters mean "mates", "companions" or "partners".

This is more about the spiritual connection between partners rather than a "fate-brought-us-together" kind of soul mates.

Both halves of this title have meaning in Japanese, but I've not yet confirmed that this is a commonly-used title in Japan.

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Eternal Friendship / Friends Forever永远的朋友
n/ayǒng yuǎn de péng yǒu
yong yuan de peng you
yung yüan te p`eng yu
yong3 yuan3 de peng2 you3
yung yüan te peng yu
Best Friends / Buddies亲友
shin yuu
shin yu
qīn yǒu
qin you
ch`in yu
qin1 you3
chin yu
Eternal Friendship
Friends Forever
ei en no yuu
ei en no yu
Soul Mates魂の友
tamashii no tomo
tamashi no tomo
Soul Mates天生一对
n/atiān shēng yí duì
tian sheng yi dui
t`ien sheng i tui
tian1 sheng1 yi2 dui4
tien sheng i tui
Soul Mates灵魂伴侣
reikon hanryo
líng hún bàn lǚ
ling hun ban lv
ling hun pan lü
ling2 hun2 ban4 lv3
Soul Mates霊魂の仲間達
reikon no nakama tachi
Fate / Chance Meeting缘份 / 缘分
緣份 / 緣分
n/ayuán fèn
yuan fen
yüan fen
yuan2 fen4
Best Friends / Closest Friend至友
n/azhì yǒu
zhi you
chih yu
zhi4 you3
Best Friends至交
n/azhì jiāo
zhi jiao
chih chiao
zhi4 jiao1
Most Sincere Friend / Honest Friend / Real Friend / Best Friend挚友
n/azhì yǒu
zhi you
chih yu
zhi4 you3
Once in a Lifetime一期一会
ichigoichieyī qī yī huì
yi qi yi hui
i ch`i i hui
yi1 qi1 yi1 hui4
i chi i hui
Spiritual Soul Mates精神伴侣
sei shin han ryo
jīng shén bàn lǚ
jing shen ban lv
ching shen pan lü
jing1 shen2 ban4 lv3

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