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Pursuit of Happiness in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Live Laugh Love
  3. Live for What You Love
  4. Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams
  5. 5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood
  6. Realize Your Ambitions...
  7. No Surrender
  8. Seek / Quest

Pursuit of Happiness

China zhuī xún xìng fú
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The first two characters mean "to pursue", "to track down", or "to search for".

The last two mean happiness, happy, or blessed.

This is the best way to translate the English phrase "pursuit of happiness" into Chinese.

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Pursuit of Happiness

Japanese only
Japan koufuku o motome te
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This is "Pursuit of Happiness" or "In Search of Happiness" in Japanese..

Here's how the characters break down:
幸福 (koufuku) happiness; blessedness; joy; well-being.
を (o) particle
求め {motome} to want; to seek; to pursue; to request
て (te) particle

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Live Laugh Love

China xiào ài shēng huó
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In English, the word order shown in the title is the most natural or popular. In Chinese, the natural order is a little different:

The first character means laugh (sometimes means smile).

The second character means love.

The last two characters mean "live" as in "to be alive" or "pursue life".

Please note: This is not a normal phrase, in that it does not have a subject, verb, and object. It is a word list. Word lists are not common in Asian languages/grammar (at least not as normal as they are in English). We only added this entry because so many people requested it.

We put the characters in the order shown above, as it almost makes a single word with the meaning, "A life of laughter and love". It's a made-up word, but it sounds good in Chinese.

We removed the Japanese pronunciation guide from this entry, as the professional Japanese translator deemed it "near nonsense" from a Japanese perspective. Choose this only if your audience is Chinese and you want the fewest-possible characters to express this idea.

In Korean, this would be 소애생활 or "so ae saeng hwar", but I have not confirmed that this makes sense in Korean.

Live Laugh Love

Japanese only
Japan ai to warai no seikatsu
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Because a word list of "Live Laugh Love" is not natural in Japanese, this takes the concept and incorporates it into a proper phrase.

This can be translated as, "A life of love and laughter" or "Live life with love and laughter".

Live for What You Love

Japan jin sei ou ka
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This means, "live for what you love" in Japanese.

The first two characters mean "human life" or simply "living". The last two characters mean, "merit", "prosperity", or "what you enjoy". This phrase can suggest working or staying busy for your own goals (in your career).

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Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams

China zhuī xún mèng xiǎng
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The first two characters mean "to pursue", "to track down", or "to search for".

The last two mean dreams. This version of dreams refers to those with an element of reality (not the dreams you have when you sleep, but rather your aspirations or goals in life).

This title will tell everyone that you want to make your dreams come true.

Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams

Japanese Only
Japan yume wo oi tsudukeru
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This is the Japanese way to express "Follow Your Dreams". If you have dreams that you want to pursue and make true, this is the phrase for you.

The first character is "dream" or "dreams". The rest of the characters establish the idea of chasing or pursuing.

5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood

Samyag Ajiva / Samma Ajiva
China zhèng mìng
Japan sei myou
ribbon top

This is one of the Noble Eightfold Paths of Buddhism. Right Living, along with Right Speech and Right Action constitute the path to Virtue.

Right Living means that a Buddhist should only take a job or pursue a career in a field that does no harm. Buddhists should not work in the arms trade, as pimps or in the field of prostitution, as a butcher or in a shop that kills or sells meat, in a laboratory that does animal research, or any other business that involves scheming or unethical behavior.

Another definition: Avoidance of professions that are harmful to sentient beings, such as slaugterer, hunter, dealer in weaponry or narcotics, etc.

This term is exclusively used by devout Buddhists. It is not a common term, and is remains an unknown concept to most Japanese and Chinese people.

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Realize Your Ambitions
Embrace Your Ambition

Japan taishi wo Idaku
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This Japanese proverb suggests that you should embrace, pursue, and realize your ambitions.

The first part means ambitions or aspirations.

The last part means to embrace, or to hold in your arms.

Here's the character breakdown:
大志 (taishi) ambition; aspiration.
を (o) particle
抱く (idaku) to embrace; to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby); to hug; to harbor (harbour); to bear (e.g. a grudge); to entertain (e.g. suspicion); to sleep with; to sit on eggs.

No Surrender

Honor Does Not Allow Second Thoughts
China yì wú fǎn gù
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This Chinese proverb can be translated a few different ways. Here are some examples:

Honor does not allow one to glance back.
Duty-bound not to turn back.
No surrender.
To pursue justice with no second thoughts.
Never surrender your principles.

This proverb is really about having the courage to do what is right without questioning your decision to take the right and just course.

Seek / Quest

China tàn qiú
Japan tankyuu
ribbon top

This means: to seek; to pursue; to investigate; quest; pursuit.

This is used in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Check dictionary for pursuit of happiness

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Pursuit of Happiness追寻幸福
n/azhuī xún xìng fú
zhui xun xing fu
chui hsün hsing fu
zhui1 xun2 xing4 fu2
Pursuit of Happiness幸福を求めて
koufuku o motome te
kofuku o motome te
Live Laugh Love笑爱生活
n/axiào ài shēng huó
xiao ai sheng huo
hsiao ai sheng huo
xiao4 ai4 sheng1 huo2
Live Laugh Love愛と笑いの生活
ai to warai no seikatsu
Live for What You Love人生謳歌
jin sei ou ka
jin sei o ka
Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams追寻梦想
n/azhuī xún mèng xiǎng
zhui xun meng xiang
chui hsün meng hsiang
zhui1 xun2 meng4 xiang3
Pursue Your Dreams / Follow Your Dreams / Chase Your Dreams夢を追い続ける
yume wo oi tsudukeru
5. Right Living / Right Livelihood / Perfect Livelihood正命
sei myou
sei myo
zhèng mìng
zheng ming
cheng ming
zheng4 ming4
Realize Your Ambitions
Embrace Your Ambition
taishi wo Idaku
No Surrender义无反顾
n/ayì wú fǎn gù
yi wu fan gu
i wu fan ku
yi4 wu2 fan3 gu4
Seek / Quest探求
tàn qiú
tan qiu
t`an ch`iu
tan4 qiu2
tan chiu

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