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Light / Bright

China míng
Japan mei / myou
Light / Bright Vertical Wall Scroll

明 means light, bright, clear, clarity, to understand, or wise.

In Chinese this can refer to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) where it can also be the surname Ming.

In Japanese, this can be romanized many different ways when used as surnames or given names. 明 is a partial list of those names: Meishuu, Mei, Min, Myoujin, Myou, Hinata, Haru, Toshi, Tooru, Sayaka, Saya, Satoshi, Asumi, Akera, Akemine, Akesaki, Ake, Akuru, Akiraka, and Akira.

In the Buddhist context, this represents vidyā (knowledge). To expand that, Buddhists understand this to mean bright, clear, enlightenment, wisdom, or to understand. It represents Buddha-wisdom and its revelation; also the manifestation of a Buddha's light or effulgence.

Destiny / Fate

China mìng
Japan inochi / mei
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll

命 is often translated as "destiny."

Sometimes this character is simply translated as "life" but more in terms of one's lot in life. In certain context, this can mean command or decree (generally from a king or emperor). Of course, such a decree are part of fate and lead you to fulfill your destiny.

In Chinese, this word leans toward the fate or destiny definition.
In Korean, it is usually read simply as "life."
In Japanese, it can mean all definitions shown above, depending on context.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin mìng / ming4
Taiwan ming
Japanese mei / me / めい    inochi / いのち
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese life; fate; order or command; to assign a name, title etc
Japanese (1) command; decree; (2) life; (3) destiny; (1) (sometimes written as 生命) (See 生命) life; life force; (2) lifetime; lifespan; (3) most important thing; foundation; core; (4) (archaism) paired tattoos of the "life" kanji on the upper arms of a man and woman (indicating unwavering love); (5) (archaism) fate; destiny; karma; (female given name) Mei; (female given name) Mikoto; (given name) Makoto; (surname, female given name) Inochi; (given name) Akira
jīvita . Life, vital, length of life, fate, decree.

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Japanese mei / me / めい    min / みん    myou / myo / みょう
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese bright; opposite: dark 暗[an4]; (of meaning) clear; to understand; next; public or open; wise; generic term for a sacrifice to the gods; Ming Dynasty (1368-1644); surname Ming; Ming (c. 2000 BC), fourth of the legendary Flame Emperors, 炎帝[Yan2 di4] descended from Shennong 神農|神农[Shen2 nong2] Farmer God
Japanese (1) brightness; (2) clarity; acumen; (3) power of vision; Ming (dynasty of China, 1368-1644); (1) {Buddh} vidya (wisdom); (2) (See 真言・1) mantra; (prefix) (3) the coming (4th of July, etc.); (surname) Meishuu; (female given name) Mei; (given name) Min; (surname) Myoujin; (surname) Myou; (female given name) Hinata; (female given name) Haru; (female given name) Toshi; (given name) Tooru; (female given name) Sayaka; (female given name) Saya; (male given name) Satoshi; (personal name) Asumi; (surname) Akera; (personal name) Akemine; (surname) Akesaki; (place-name, surname) Ake; (female given name) Akuru; (surname) Akiraka; (surname, female given name) Akira; (u
vidyā, knowledge. ming means bright, clear, enlightenment, intp. by 智慧 or 聰明 wisdom, wise; to understand. It represents Buddha-wisdom and its revelation; also the manifestation of a Buddha's light or effulgence; it is a term for 眞言 because the 'true word' can destroy the obscurity of illusion; the 'manifestation' of the power of the object of worship; it means also dhāraṇīs or mantras of mystic wisdom. Also, the Ming dynasty A. D. 1368-1644.


see styles
Mandarin guāng míng / guang1 ming2
Taiwan kuang ming
Japanese koumyou(p);koumei / komyo(p);kome / こうみょう(P);こうめい
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese light; radiance; (fig.) bright (prospects etc); openhearted
Japanese (1) bright light; (2) hope; bright future; (3) {Buddh} light emanating from a buddha or bodhisattva, symbolizing their wisdom and compassion; (personal name) Mitsuharu; (given name) Mitsuaki; (given name) Teruaki; (g,p) Koumei; (p,s,g) Koumyou
v. last entry; radiance


see styles
Mandarin míng xiǎng / ming2 xiang3
Taiwan ming hsiang
Japanese meisou / meso / めいそう
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to meditate; meditation
Japanese (noun/participle) meditation; contemplation


see styles
Mandarin míng/ ming2 fu2
Taiwan ming fu
Japanese meifuku / mefuku / めいふく    myoufuku / myofuku / みょうふく
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese afterlife happiness
Japanese happiness in the next world
The happiness of the dead; invisible blessings


see styles
Mandarin míng/ ming2 ji4
Taiwan ming chi
Japanese meigi / megi / めいぎ
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese famous courtesan
Japanese famous geisha; talented geisha; beautiful geisha



see styles
Mandarin míng/ ming2 yu4
Taiwan ming
Japanese meiyo
Chinese fame; reputation; honor; honorary; emeritus (of retired professor)



see styles
Mandarin mìng yùn / ming4 yun4
Taiwan ming yün
Japanese meiun / meun / めいうん
Chinese fate; destiny; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese fate; doom


see styles
Mandarinmíng / da4 ming2
Taiwan ta ming
Japanese daimyou / daimyo / だいみょう
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Daming county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸[Han2 dan1], Hebei
Japanese (See 小名) daimyo (Japanese feudal lord); daimio; (place-name) Daimyou; (personal name) Oomiyou; (surname) Oomyou; (place-name, surname) Oona


see styles
Mandarin míng xīn / ming2 xin1
Taiwan ming hsin
Japanese meimi / memi / めいみ    harumi / はるみ    akemi / あけみ
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (female given name) Meimi; (female given name) Harumi; (female given name) Akemi
The enlightened heart; luminous mind


see styles
Mandarin míng/ ming2 ri4
Taiwan ming jih
Japanese ashita(p);asu(p);myounichi(p) / ashita(p);asu(p);myonichi(p) / あした(P);あす(P);みょうにち(P)
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese tomorrow
Japanese (temporal noun) (1) tomorrow; (2) (あす only) near future; (female given name) Meibi; (female given name) Meika; (female given name) Mirai; (given name) Myounichi; (personal name) Nukuhi; (surname) Nukui; (female given name) Asuka; (female given name) Asu; (surname, female given name) Ashita; (place-name, surname) Akebi; (surname, female given name) Akehi



see styles
Mandarin míng jìng / ming2 jing4
Taiwan ming ching
Japanese meikyou;myoukyou;meikei / mekyo;myokyo;meke / めいきょう;みょうきょう;めいけい
Chinese mirror (as a metaphor for something beautiful, bright and flat -- such as a lake -- or something that provides clarity and insight); Der Spiegel
Japanese polished mirror; clear mirror; (personal name) Meikyou; (female given name) Akimi
a [clear] mirror


see styles
Mandarin zhèng mìng / zheng4 ming4
Taiwan cheng ming
Japanese shoumyou / shomyo / しょうみょう
Japanese {Buddh} (See 八正道) right livelihood
samyagājīva, the fifth of the 八正道, right livelihood, right life; 'abstaining from any of the forbidden modes of living. ' 正因 The true or direct cause, as compared with 緣因 a contributory cause.


see styles
Mandarin shēng mìng / sheng1 ming4
Taiwan sheng ming
Japanese seimei / seme / せいめい
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese life (as the characteristic of living beings); living being; creature; CL:個|个[ge4],條|条[tiao2]
Japanese life; existence


see styles
Mandarin shén míng / shen2 ming2
Taiwan shen ming
Japanese shinmei / shinme / しんめい    shinmyou / shinmyo / しんみょう
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese deities; gods
Japanese (1) deity; god; (2) (See 天照大神) Amaterasu (as an enshrined deity); {Buddh} spirits of heaven and earth; (surname) Jinmei; (surname, given name) Jinmyou; (place-name, surname) Shinmei; (surname) Shinmyou
The spirits of heaven and earth, the gods; also the intelligent or spiritual nature; intelligence



see styles
Mandarin xián míng / xian2 ming2
Taiwan hsien ming
Japanese kenmei / kenme / けんめい
Chinese wise and capable; sagacious
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) wise; sensible; well-advised; intelligent; sagacious; prudent; (given name) Yoshimitsu; (given name) Yoshiaki; (personal name) Masaaki; (given name) Tateaki; (given name) Takaaki; (given name) Kenmei; (personal name) Katsuaki; (given name) Kataaki



see styles
Mandarin yùn mìng / yun4 ming4
Taiwan yün ming
Japanese unmei / unme / うんめい
Chinese fate; one's fortune
Japanese fate; destiny; lot; (personal name) Yukinobu; (personal name) Kazuyoshi



see styles
Mandarin míng/ ming2 ji4
Taiwan ming chi
Japanese meiki / meki / めいき
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to engrave in one's memory
Japanese (noun/participle) keep in mind; take note of; remember


see styles
Mandarin ā míng / a1 ming2
Taiwan a ming
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Al-Amin


see styles
Mandarinmíng / li2 ming2
Taiwan li ming
Japanese reimei / reme / れいめい
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese dawn; daybreak
Japanese (1) daybreak; dawn; gray of the morning (grey); (2) dawn (of a new age); (female given name) Reimei


see styles
Mandarin míng wáng xīng / ming2 wang2 xing1
Taiwan ming wang hsing
Japanese meiousei / meose / めいおうせい
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Pluto (dwarf planet)
Japanese Pluto (dwarf planet)


see styles
Mandarin dà guāng míng / da4 guang1 ming2
Taiwan ta kuang ming
Japanese oomiya / おおみや
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese (surname) Oomiya


see styles
Mandarin shēng mìng lì / sheng1 ming4 li4
Taiwan sheng ming li
Japanese seimeiryoku / semeryoku / せいめいりょく
Destiny / Fate Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese vitality
Japanese vitality; (one's) life force

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Chinese old variant of 冥[ming2]
Japanese See:

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Japanese mei / me / めい
Chinese dark; deep; stupid; the underworld
Japanese (female given name) Mei
Darkness, obscurity; deep. Hades; used chiefly in the sense of 無知 ignorance, profound, secret, invisible, e.g. as opposed to 顯 open, manifest.

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Japanese mei / me / めい    na / な
Chinese name; noun (part of speech); place (e.g. among winners); famous; classifier for people
Japanese (counter) (1) (honorific or respectful language) counter for people (usu. seating, reservations and such); (2) first name; (prefix) (3) (See 名探偵) famous; great; (suffix) (4) (See コード名,学校名) name; (5) (abbreviation) (part of speech tag used in dictionaries) (See 名詞) noun; (1) name; given name; (2) title; (3) fame; renown; reputation; (4) pretext; pretense; justification; appearance; (place-name) Myou; (female given name) Haruna; (surname) Nataka; (personal name) Najio; (personal name) Nashio
nāman 娜麽 (or 娜摩); a name, a term; noted, famous; names

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Chinese dark

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Chinese old variant of 明[ming2]

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Chinese Chinese quince

see styles
Mandarin míng / ming2
Taiwan ming
Chinese name of a river

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inochi / meimìng / ming4 / ming

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