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China huī
Japan hai
Ash Vertical Wall Scroll

灰 is the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean word for ash or ashes.

This can also refer to dust, lime, or gray. When speaking of emotions in Chinese, it can refer to being discouraged or dejected.

In Japanese, this can be the surname, Hai.


China huī
Japan hikari
Hikari Vertical Wall Scroll

This Kanji often represents a Japanese name romanized as Hikari.

The literal meaning can be the sunshine, light, or to shine upon. It has the same meaning in Chinese and Korean. From ancient Chinese, it is a variant of 輝/辉.

Other Japanese romanizations include Hikaru, Hikatsu, Teru, Terasu, Ki, and Akira.

Wisdom / Intelligence

China huì
Japan e / kei
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll

This single character can be translated as wisdom but it has more of an "intelligent" flavor. This can also mean cleverness or wit.

Japanese note: 慧 is understood in Japanese but seldom seen as a lone Kanji.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Japanese e / え
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese intelligent
Japanese (1) wisdom; enlightenment; (2) (Buddhist term) prajna (one of the three divisions of the noble eightfold path); wisdom; (female given name) Megumi; (female given name) Muu; (female given name) Fui; (given name) Toshi; (personal name) Takashi; (female given name) Sui; (female given name) Sayaka; (given name) Satoru; (female given name) Satori; (male given name) Satoshi; (female given name) Satoi; (female given name) Sato; (personal name) Keiji; (female given name) Kei; (personal name) E; (female given name) Akira
prajñā ; sometimes jñāna. Wisdom, discernment, understanding; the power to discern things and their underlying principles and to decide the doubtful. It is often interchanged with 智, though not correctly, for zhi means knowledge, the science of the phenomenal, while hui refers more generally to principles or morals. It is part of the name of many monks, e.g. 慧可 Huike; 慧思Huisi.

see styles
Mandarin huī / hui1
Taiwan hui
Japanese hikaru / ひかる    hikari / ひかり    hikatsu / ひかつ    teru / てる    terasu / てらす    akira / あきら
Chinese sunshine; to shine upon; variant of 輝|辉[hui1]
Japanese (given name) Hikaru; (female given name) Hikari; (personal name) Hikatsu; (surname, given name) Teru; (given name) Terasu; (personal name) Ki; (given name) Akira

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Mandarin huī / hui1
Taiwan hui
Japanese hai / はい
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese ash; dust; lime; gray; discouraged; dejected
Japanese ash; ashes; (surname) Hai
Ash; lime; hot or fiery as ashes.



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Mandarin zài huì / zai4 hui4
Taiwan tsai hui
Japanese saie
Chinese to meet again; until we meet again; goodbye
meet again


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Mandarin huí jiào / hui2 jiao4
Taiwan hui chiao
Japanese kaikyou / kaikyo / かいきょう
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Islam
Japanese Islam


see styles
Mandarin huí yīn / hui2 yin1
Taiwan hui yin
Japanese kaion / かいおん
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese echo; reply; turn (ornament in music)
Japanese turn (melodic ornament); gruppetto



see styles
Mandarin gōng huì / gong1 hui4
Taiwan kung hui
Chinese labor union; trade union; CL:個|个[ge4]



see styles
Mandarin hòu huǐ / hou4 hui3
Taiwan hou hui
Japanese koukai / kokai / こうかい
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to regret; to repent
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) regret; repentance; remorse
to repent; regret


see styles
Mandarin zhì huì / zhi4 hui4
Taiwan chih hui
Japanese chie / ちえ
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese wisdom; knowledge; intelligent; intelligence
Japanese (1) wisdom; wit; sagacity; sense; intelligence; (2) (Buddhist term) prajna (insight leading to enlightenment); (female given name) Tomoe; (female given name) Chihe; (female given name) Chie
jñāna as 智 knowledge and prajñā as 慧 discernment, i.e. knowledge of things and realization of truth; in general knowledge and wisdom; but sometimes implying mental and moral wisdom.



see styles
Mandarinhuì / ji1 hui4
Taiwan chi hui
Chinese opportunity; chance; occasion; CL:個|个[ge4]


see styles
Mandarin huī/ hui1 se4
Taiwan hui se
Japanese haiiro / hairo / はいいろ
Wisdom / Intelligence Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese gray; ash gray; grizzly; pessimistic; gloomy; dispirited; ambiguous
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) grey; gray; ashen



see styles
Mandarinhuǐ / wu2 hui3
Taiwan wu hui
Japanese muke
Chinese to have no regrets
without regret



see styles
Mandarin lún huí / lun2 hui2
Taiwan lun hui
Japanese rinne / りんね
Japanese (noun/participle) (Buddhist term) samsara; endless cycle of death and rebirth; (female given name) Rinne; (female given name) Kururu
輪轉 saṃsāra, the turning of the wheel, to revolve, i.e. transmigration in the six ways, the wheel of transmigration; the round of existence.



see styles
Mandarinhuì / ti3 hui4
Taiwan t`i hui / ti hui
Chinese to know from experience; to learn through experience; to realize; understanding; experience



see styles
Mandarin xiōng dì huì / xiong1 di4 hui4
Taiwan hsiung ti hui
Chinese fraternity

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Chinese to remit; to converge (of rivers); to exchange

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Chinese plants

see styles
Mandarin huī / hui1
Taiwan hui
Chinese neigh; whinny (sound made by a horse)

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Japanese kuchibashi / くちばし
Chinese beak; snout; mouth; to pant
Japanese (kana only) beak; bill

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Chinese shrill sound; twinkling

see styles
Mandarin huī / hui1
Taiwan hui
Chinese to speak falsely or wrongly; ugly

see styles
Mandarin yuě // huì / yue3 // hui4
Taiwan yüeh // hui
Chinese to puke; to hiccup; see 噦噦|哕哕[hui4 hui4]

see styles
Mandarin huí / hui2
Taiwan hui
Japanese kai
Chinese variant of 回[hui2]
回 To turn, revolve, return.; Return, turn back, a turn.

see styles
Mandarin huí / hui2
Taiwan hui
Japanese kai / かい
Chinese to circle; to go back; to turn around; to answer; to return; to revolve; Hui ethnic group (Chinese Muslims); time; classifier for acts of a play; section or chapter (of a classic book)
Japanese (counter) (1) counter for occurrences; (2) a time; an instance; (3) inning (baseball); round; game; (n,n-suf) (4) (colloquialism) episode; chapter; instalment; (5) (abbreviation) (See 回族) Hui (people); (6) (abbreviation) (See 回教) Islam; (surname) Meguri; (surname) Mawari; (surname) Magari; (surname) Kizahashi

see styles
Mandarin huí / hui2
Taiwan hui
Chinese variant of 回[hui2]

see styles
Mandarin huī / hui1
Taiwan hui
Chinese old variant of 徽[hui1]
Japanese See:

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Chinese a room; the wall of a house; a man's name

see styles
Mandarin huí / hui2
Taiwan hui
Japanese meguru / めぐる    meguri / めぐり    mawari / まわり
Chinese variant of 迴|回[hui2]
Japanese (female given name) Meguru; (surname) Meguri; (place-name) Mawari
Return, turn back, turn to, give back; a turn.; v. 囘 6; to upset

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Japanese haruka / はるか    sei / se / せい    sui / すい    satoshi / さとし    kei / ke / けい    kirara / きらら
Chinese broom
Japanese (female given name) Haruka; (personal name) Toshi; (personal name) Sei; (female given name) Sui; (personal name) Satoshi; (given name) Kei; (female given name) Kirara

see styles
Mandarin huì / hui4
Taiwan hui
Japanese i / い
Chinese class; collection
Japanese (archaism) kind; sort; type

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Ashhaihuī / hui1 / hui
hikarihuī / hui1 / hui
e / keihuì / hui4 / hui
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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