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 fā shì
Promise Scroll

發誓 means promise in Chinese, as in to pledge, to vow, or swear to do or be something.

 shin yaku
Promise Scroll

信約 means promise in Japanese, as in making a vow, pledge, or swear to do or be something.

 chéng nuò
Commitment Scroll

承諾 embodies the idea of commitment but also means to make a big effort or to undertake a great task.

Commitment is caring deeply about something or someone. It is deciding carefully what you want to do and then giving it 100%, holding nothing back. You give your all to a friendship, a task, or something you believe in. You finish what you start. You keep your promises.

In Chinese, this word directly means to undertake something or to make a promise to do something.

Outside of the commitment idea, this particular word can also mean approval, acceptance, consent, assent, acquiescence, or agreement, depending on context (especially in Japanese and Korean). Therefore, this word is probably best if your audience is Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles

More info & calligraphy:

to depend on; to hang on in a place; bad; to renege (on promise); to disclaim; to rat (on debts); rascally; to blame; to put the blame on
To rely upon, depend on; throw the burden on, repudiate.


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

vow; promise



see styles
chéng nuò
    cheng2 nuo4
ch`eng no
    cheng no
 shoudaku / shodaku

More info & calligraphy:

to promise; to undertake to do something; commitment
(noun, transitive verb) (ant: 拒否) consent; approval; acceptance; agreement; compliance

see styles
to make an appointment; to invite; approximately; pact; treaty; to economize; to restrict; to reduce (a fraction); concise
(adverb) (1) approximately; about; (2) promise; appointment; engagement; (3) shortening; reduction; simplification; (4) {ling} (See 約音) contraction (in phonetics); (female given name) Yaku
Bind, restrain; agree, covenant; about.

see styles

to allow; to permit; to promise; to praise; somewhat; perhaps
(adverb) under (esp. influence or guidance); (particle) (1) (kana only) only; merely; nothing but; no more than; (2) (kana only) approximately; about; (3) (kana only) just (finished, etc.); (4) (kana only) as if to; (as though) about to; (5) (kana only) indicates emphasis; (6) (kana only) always; constantly; (particle) (1) (kana only) (colloquialism) approximately; about; (2) only; nothing but; (3) just (finished, etc.); (surname) Hoo
Grant, permit, admit, promise; very.

see styles
to consent; to promise; (literary) yes!
(1) agreement; assent; (2) (abbreviation) (See 諾威・ノルウェー) Norway; (place-name) Nagi
To answer; promise; yes; translit. na, nya.

see styles
to fulfill (a promise); to tread; to walk
to tread on


see styles
bǎo xiū
    bao3 xiu1
pao hsiu
 hoshuu / hoshu
to promise to keep something in good repair; guarantee; warranty



see styles
yǔn nuò
    yun3 nuo4
yün no
to promise; to consent (to do something)



see styles
gōng yuē
    gong1 yue1
kung yüeh
 kouyaku / koyaku
convention (i.e. international agreement)
(n,vs,vt,adj-no) public commitment; public promise; campaign pledge; official vow


see styles
previous engagement; previous promise


see styles
fǎn huǐ
    fan3 hui3
fan hui
to renege; to go back (on a deal); to back out (of a promise)


see styles
 kouyaku / koyaku
(noun, transitive verb) verbal promise


see styles
(1) (See 因みに・ちなみに) association; link; connection; (2) pledge (esp. for marriage); promise



see styles
sù nuò
    su4 nuo4
su no
old promise; long-standing commitment


see styles
shī xìn
    shi1 xin4
shih hsin
to break a promise


see styles
(1) pledge; vow; promise; (2) (euph) having sexual relations; having sexual intercourse; (3) destiny; fate; karma


see styles
(Godan verb with "ru" ending) (1) to pledge; to vow; to promise; to swear; (Godan verb with "ru" ending) (2) to have sexual intercourse (esp. between husband and wife); to share a bed



see styles
jì nuò
    ji4 nuo4
chi no
a promise that can be realized


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to protect; to guard; to defend; (2) to keep (i.e. a promise); to abide (by the rules); to observe; to obey; to follow



see styles
shí jiàn
    shi2 jian4
shih chien
practice; to put into practice; to live up to (a promise); to carry out (a project)



see styles
lǚ yuē
    lu:3 yue1
lü yüeh
to keep a promise; to honor an agreement


see styles
lǚ xíng
    lu:3 xing2
lü hsing
 rikou / riko
to fulfill (one's obligations); to carry out (a task); to implement (an agreement); to perform
(noun, transitive verb) performance (of a duty); fulfillment (of a promise); fulfilment; execution (of a contract); discharge; implementation


see styles
 yuukei / yuke
secret promise made to the gods


see styles
huǐ hūn
    hui3 hun1
hui hun
to break a promise of marriage



see styles
yìng chéng
    ying4 cheng2
ying ch`eng
    ying cheng
to agree (to do something); to promise



see styles
yīng xǔ
    ying1 xu3
ying hsü
to promise; to allow



see styles
yìng nuò
    ying4 nuo4
ying no
to promise; to agree to do something


see styles
(irregular kanji usage) (transitive verb) (1) to protect; to guard; to defend; (2) to keep (i.e. a promise); to abide (by the rules); to observe; to obey; to follow


see styles
chéng fù
    cheng2 fu4
ch`eng fu
    cheng fu
to promise to pay

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
fā shì / fa1 shi4 / fa shi / fashifa shih / fashih
Promise信約shin yaku / shinyaku
shoudaku / shodakuchéng nuò
cheng2 nuo4
cheng nuo
ch`eng no
cheng no
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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