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Mountain Scroll

山 is the Chinese character, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja for mountain.

Mountain Villa

yamajou / sansou
Mountain Villa Scroll

山荘 is a Japanese word that means mountain villa, mountain retreat, or mountain cottage.

This can also be a Japanese surname that romanizes as Yamajou, Yamajo, Sansou, or Sanso.

Mountain Villa

shān zhuāng
Mountain Villa Scroll

This Chinese word literally means "mountain villa".

It can also be translated as manor house or just villa. 山莊 is used in hotel names and other fancy titles.

High Mountain Long River

shān gāo shuǐ cháng
High Mountain Long River Scroll

This Chinese idiom means, "high as the mountain and long as the river".

It figuratively means, "noble and far-reaching".

Not sure this is valid or commonly used in Korean. It probably was borrowed into Korean a few hundred years ago but is obscure now.

Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu

yuǎn shàng hán shān shí jìng xiá bái yún shēng chù yǒu rén jiā tíng chē zuò ài fēng lín wǎn shuàng yè hóng yú èr yuè huā
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll

This poem was written almost 1200 years ago during the Tang dynasty.

It depicts traveling up a place known as Cold Mountain, where some hearty people have built their homes. The traveler is overwhelmed by the beauty of the turning leaves of the maple forest that surrounds him just as night overtakes the day, and darkness prevails. His heart implores him to stop, and take in all of the beauty around him.

First before you get to the full translation, I must tell you that Chinese poetry is a lot different than what we have in the west. Chinese words simply don't rhyme in the same way that English, or other western languages do. Chinese poetry depends on rhythm and a certain beat of repeated numbers of characters.

I have done my best to translate this poem keeping a certain feel of the original poet. But some of the original beauty of the poem in it's original Chinese will be lost in translation.

Far away on Cold Mountain, a stone path leads upwards.
Among white clouds, people's homes reside.
Stopping my carriage I must, as to admire the maple forest at nights fall.
In awe of autumn leaves showing more red than even flowers of early spring.

Hopefully, this poem will remind you to stop, and "take it all in" as you travel through life.
The poet's name is "Du Mu" in Chinese that is: 杜牧.
The title of the poem, "Mountain Travels" is: 山行
You can have the title, poet's name, and even Tang Dynasty written as an inscription on your custom wall scroll if you like.

More about the poet:

Dumu lived from 803-852 AD and was a leading Chinese poet during the later part of the Tang dynasty.
He was born in Chang'an, a city of central China and former capital of the ancient Chinese empire in 221-206 BC. In present-day China, his birthplace is currently known as Xi'an, the home of the Terracotta Soldiers.

He was awarded his Jinshi degree (an exam administered by the emperor's court which leads to becoming an official of the court) at the age of 25, and went on to hold many official positions over the years. However, he never achieved a high rank, apparently because of some disputes between various factions, and his family's criticism of the government. His last post in the court was his appointment to the office of Secretariat Drafter.

During his life, he wrote scores of narrative poems, as well as a commentary on the Art of War and many letters of advice to high officials.

His poems were often very realistic, and often depicted every day life. He wrote poems about everything, from drinking beer in a tavern to weepy poems about lost love.

The thing that strikes you most is the fact even after 1200 years, not much has changed about the beauty of nature, toils and troubles of love and beer drinking.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Mountainyamashān / shan1 / shan
Mountain Villa山荘yamajou / sansou
yamajo / sanso
yamajo / sanso
Mountain Villa山莊
shān zhuāng
shan1 zhuang1
shan zhuang
shan chuang
High Mountain Long River山高水長
shān gāo shuǐ cháng
shan1 gao1 shui3 chang2
shan gao shui chang
shan kao shui ch`ang
shan kao shui chang
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu遠上寒山石徑斜白雲生處有人家停車坐愛楓林晚霜葉紅於二月花
yuǎn shàng hán shān shí jìng xiá bái yún shēng chù yǒu rén jiā tíng chē zuò ài fēng lín wǎn shuàng yè hóng yú èr yuè huā
yuan3 shang4 han2 shan1 shi2 jing4 xia2 bai2 yun2 sheng1 chu4 you3 ren2 jia1 ting2 che1 zuo4 ai4 feng1 lin2 wan3 shuang4 ye4 hong2 yu2 er4 yue4 hua1
yuan shang han shan shi jing xia bai yun sheng chu you ren jia ting che zuo ai feng lin wan shuang ye hong yu er yue hua
yüan shang han shan shih ching hsia pai yün sheng ch`u yu jen chia t`ing ch`e tso ai feng lin wan shuang yeh hung yü erh yüeh hua
yüan shang han shan shih ching hsia pai yün sheng chu yu jen chia ting che tso ai feng lin wan shuang yeh hung yü erh yüeh hua
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your mountain search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
shān / shan1
 yama / やま
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
mountain; hill; anything that resembles a mountain; CL:座[zuo4]; bundled straw in which silkworms spin cocoons; gable
(n,ctr) (1) mountain; hill; (n,ctr) (2) mine (e.g. coal mine); (n,ctr) (3) heap; pile; (4) crown (of a hat); thread (of a screw); tread (of a tire); protruding part of an object; high part; (5) climax; peak; critical point; (6) guess; speculation; gamble; (7) (slang) (police, crime reporter jargon) criminal case; crime; (8) mountain climbing; mountaineering; (9) (See 山鉾) festival float (esp. one mounted with a decorative halberd); (10) (See 山札・1) deck (of playing cards on table, face down, from which cards are drawn); stack; (11) {mahj} wall; wall tile; (12) (archaism) temple; temple grounds; (prefix noun) (13) wild; (personal name) Yamamura
A hill, mountain; a monastery.

see styles
cuī / cui1
ts`ui / tsui
 chiyoi / ちよい
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
high mountain; precipitous
(surname) Chiyoi

see styles
chuān / chuan1
ch`uan / chuan
 sen / さきがわ
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
river; creek; plain; an area of level country
(suffix) the .... river; (suffix used with the names of rivers); (1) river; stream; (suffix) (2) the .... river; (suffix used with the names of rivers); (surname) Sakigawa
A stream, a mountain stream; Ssu-ch'uan province; rivers

see styles
guān / guan1
 kan / せき
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
mountain pass; to close; to shut; to turn off; to concern; to involve
(surname) Seki
To shut, a closed place, barrier, frontier; to include, concern, involve; a frontier pass or gate


see styles
 sansou / sanso / さんそう
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
mountain villa; mountain retreat; mountain cottage; (surname) Yamajou



see styles
lián mián / lian2 mian2
lien mien
 renmen / れんめん
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
continuous; unbroken; uninterrupted; extending forever into the distance (of mountain range, river etc)
(adj-t,adv-to) unbroken; uninterrupted; on and on; continuous
to bind on



see styles
ā xiū luó / a1 xiu1 luo2
a hsiu lo
 ashura;asura / あしゅら;あすら
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Asura, malevolent spirits in Indian mythology
{Buddh} Asura; demigod; anti-god; titan; demigods that fight the Devas (gods) in Hindu mythology; (female given name) Ashura
asura, 修羅 originally meaning a spirit, spirits, or even the gods, it generally indicates titanic demons, enemies of the gods, with whom, especially Indra, they wage constant war. They are defined as 'not devas', and 'ugly', and 'without wine'. Other forms are 阿須羅 (or 阿蘇羅, or 阿素羅); 阿修倫 (or羅須倫 or 阿修輪 or 羅須輪); 阿素洛; 阿差. Four classes are named according to their manner of rebirth-egg, born, womb-born, transformation-born, and spawn- or water-born. Their abode is in the ocean, north of Sumeru, but certain of the weaker dwell in a western mountain cave. They have realms, rulers, and palaces, as have the devas. The 阿修羅道 is one of the six gatis, or ways of reincarnation. The 修羅場 or 修羅巷 is the battlefield of the asuras against Indra. The 阿修羅琴 are their harps.


see styles
ā lǐ shān / a1 li3 shan1
a li shan
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Alishan, mountain range in Taiwan



see styles
shān gāo shuǐ cháng / shan1 gao1 shui3 chang2
shan kao shui ch`ang / shan kao shui chang
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
high as the mountain and long as the river (idiom); fig. noble and far-reaching


see styles
 fuurinkazan / furinkazan / ふうりんかざん
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
(expression) (yoji) as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain

see styles
zuī / zui1
a mountain peak

see styles
tái / tai2
t`ai / tai
 dai / だい
(classical) you (in letters); variant of 臺|台[tai2]
(n,n-suf) (1) stand; rack; table; bench; podium; pedestal; platform; stage; (n,n-suf) (2) support; holder; rack; (counter) (3) counter for machines, incl. vehicles; (4) setting (e.g. in jewellery); (n,n-suf,ctr) (5) (See 代・だい・2,代・だい・6) level (e.g. price level); range (e.g. after physical units); period (of time, e.g. a decade of one's life); (6) elevated area; (7) viewing platform; (8) (See 台盤・1) dish tray; (9) (archaism) meal; (10) (archaism) (See 高殿) tall building; tower; (surname) Dai
A flat place, platform, plateau, terrace; an abbrev. for 臺 and for 天台 Tiantai, hence 台嶽 the Tiantai mountain; 台宗; 台家 its 'school'; 台徒 its disciples; 台教; 台道 its doctrine, or way.

see styles
/ he2
 gou / go / ごう
to close; to join; to fit; to be equal to; whole; together; round (in battle); conjunction (astronomy); 1st note of pentatonic scale; old variant of 盒[he2]
(1) gō; traditional unit of volume, approx. 0.1804 litres; (2) gō; traditional unit of area, approx 0.33 metres square; (3) one-tenth of the way from the base to the summit of a mountain; (4) {astron} (See 衝・3) conjunction; (5) (See 合計) sum; total; (6) (See 総合・1,正反合) synthesis (in dialectics); (7) minor premise (in hetuvidya); (counter) (8) counter for covered containers; (counter) (9) counter for matches, battles, etc.; (surname) Takagou
Bring together, unite, unison, in accord; to unite

see styles
chuí / chui2
ch`ui / chui
name of a mountain

see styles
kuí / kui2
k`uei / kuei
one-legged mountain demon of Chinese mythology; Chinese mythical figure who invented music and dancing; Chinese rain god; surname Kui

see styles
tào / tao4
t`ao / tao
to cover; to encase; cover; sheath; to overlap; to interleave; to model after; to copy; formula; harness; loop of rope; (fig.) to fish for; to obtain slyly; classifier for sets, collections; bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names); tau (Greek letter Ττ)

see styles
/ li4
high mountain range

see styles
/ qi3
ch`i / chi
mountain without vegetation; the residence of one's mother; see also 岵[hu4]

see styles
jié / jie2
mountain peak

see styles
qiān / qian1
ch`ien / chien
name of a mountain

see styles
chà / cha4
ch`a / cha
fork in road; bifurcation; branch in road, river, mountain range etc; to branch off; to turn off; to diverge; to stray (from the path); to change the subject; to interrupt; to stagger (times)

see styles
zuò / zuo4
name of a mountain in Shandong

see styles
xiù / xiu4
 kuki;shuu / kuki;shu / くき;しゅう
cave; mountain peak
(1) (archaism) cave; cavern; (2) (くき only) (archaism) peak; summit; (personal name) Shuu

see styles
yuè / yue4
 dake / だけ
wife's parents and paternal uncles
(n,suf) (1) peak; (2) mountain; (p,m) Dake

see styles
/ hu4
mountain covered with vegetation; the residence of one's father; see also 屺[qi3]

see styles
tóng / tong2
t`ung / tung
name of a mountain

see styles
xx / xx5
 touge / toge / とうげ
(Japanese kokuji) mountain pass; (fig.) crisis point; pr. tōge
(n,n-suf) (1) (mountain) pass; ridge; peak; (2) peak (e.g. of summer); worst (e.g. of an illness); crisis; critical point; most difficult part; (surname) Dougesaki

see styles
é / e2
lofty; name of a mountain
High, commanding; high

see styles
fēng / feng1
 hō / みねざき
(of a mountain) high and tapered peak or summit; mountain-like in appearance; highest level; classifier for camels
(1) peak; summit; ridge; top; (2) back of a blade; (surname) Minezaki

see styles
náo / nao2
name of a mountain

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Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Scroll

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Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Horizontal Wall Scroll
Mountain Travels Poem by Dumu Vertical Portrait

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