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Moonlight in Chinese / Japanese...

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yuè guāng
Moonlight Scroll

月光 is the Chinese, old Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji title for moonlight.

This can also be used to describe a moonbeam, and can be a given name all three languages (pronounced as Rumi when used as a female given name in Japanese).

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Moonlight月光gekkou / gekoyuè guāng
yue4 guang1
yue guang
yüeh kuang

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Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
rì guāng / ri4 guang1
jih kuang
 nikkou / nikko / にっこう
Moonlight Scroll
sunlight; sunshine; sunbeams; (female given name) Himi
(日光菩薩); 蘇利也波羅皮遮那 Sūrya-prabhāsana. Sunlight, and 月光 (月光菩薩) Moonlight, name of two Bodhisattva assistants of 藥師 the Master of Healing; Sunlight is the ninth in the Dizang Court of the Garbhadhātu group; sunlight


see styles
yuè guāng / yue4 guang1
yüeh kuang
 gekkou / gekko / げっこう
Moonlight Scroll
moonlight; moonbeam; (female given name) Rumi
Candraprabha, 戰達羅鉢刺婆 Moonlight. One of the three honoured ones in the Vajradhātu, and in the Mañjuśrī court of the Garbhadhātu, known also as 淸涼金剛.


see styles
 ryougetsu / ryogetsu / りょうげつ bright moonlight


see styles
jiān chāi / jian1 chai1
chien ch`ai / chien chai
to moonlight; side job


see styles
 gengetsu / げんげつ (See 幻日) paraselene; moon dog; moondog (bright spot on either side of the Moon caused by refraction of moonlight through ice crystals in the atmosphere)


see styles
qíng míng / qing2 ming2
ch`ing ming / ching ming
 seimyō / はれあき
(personal name) Hareaki


see styles
 gekka / げっか in the moonlight; (surname) Tsukishita


see styles
 getsuei;tsukikage / getsue;tsukikage / げつえい;つきかげ moonlight; moon; moonbeams; (place-name) Tsukikage


see styles
yuè míng / yue4 ming2
yüeh ming
 getsumei / getsume / げつめい
moonlight; (female given name) Tsukime
moons shining


see styles
yuè guì / yue4 gui4
yüeh kuei
 gekkei / gekke / げっけい
laurel (Laurus nobilis); bay tree; bay leaf
(1) (abbreviation) (See 月桂樹) bay laurel (Laurus nobilis); bay tree; sweet bay; laurel tree; (2) moon; moonlight; (3) (orig. meaning) katsura tree on the moon (in Chinese legends)


see styles
yuè sè / yue4 se4
yüeh se
 gesshoku / げっしょく



see styles
yuè huá / yue4 hua2
yüeh hua
 nonoka / ののか
(female given name) Nonoka


see styles
 gekkou / gekko / げっこう moonbow; lunar rainbow; whitish rainbow cast by moonlight; lunar bow; space rainbow; (female given name) Yuena


see styles
chǎo gēng / chao3 geng1
ch`ao keng / chao keng
to moonlight



see styles
jiǎo jié / jiao3 jie2
chiao chieh
shining clean; bright (moonlight)



see styles
yào shī / yao4 shi1
yao shih
 Yakushi / やくし
(surname) Yakushi
Bhaiṣajya-guru-vaiḍūrya-prabhāṣa; 藥師璢璃光如來; 大醫王佛; 醫王善逝, etc. The Buddha of Medicine, who heals all diseases, including the disease of ignorance. His image is often at the left of Śākyamuni Buddha's, and he is associated with the east. The history of this personification is not yet known, but cf. the chapter on the 藥王 in the Lotus Sutra. There are several sutras relating to him, the藥王璢璃光, etc., tr. by Xuanzang circa A.D. 650, and others. There are shrines of the 藥王三尊 the three honoured doctors, with Yaoshi in the middle and as assistants 日光邊照 the Bodhisattva Sunlight everywhere shining on his right and 月光邊照 the Bodhisattva Moonlight, etc., on his left. The 藥王七佛 seven healing Buddhas are also all in the east. There are also the 藥王十二神將 twelve spiritual generals or protectors of Yaoshi, for guarding his worshippers.


see styles
tà yuè / ta4 yue4
t`a yüeh / ta yüeh
to go for a walk in the moonlight


see styles
 kinpa / きんぱ golden waves; moonlight; (surname) Kinnami


see styles
 furu / ふる (v5r,vi) (1) to fall (of rain, snow, ash, etc.); to come down; (v5r,vi) (2) to form (of frost); (v5r,vi) (3) to beam down (of sunlight or moonlight); to pour in; (v5r,vi) (4) to visit (of luck, misfortune, etc.); to come; to arrive



see styles
èr xié shì / er4 xie2 shi4
erh hsieh shih
 ni kyōshi
二挾侍 The two attendants by the side of Amitābha, i.e. 觀音 Guanyin and 大勢至 Mahāsthāmaprāpta; also the two by Yaoshi, the Master of Medicine, i.e. 日光 sunlight and 月光 moonlight; also the two by Śākyamuni, i.e. 文殊 Mañjuśrī and 普賢 Samantabhadra.


see styles
 yuuzukiyo;yuuzukuyo / yuzukiyo;yuzukuyo / ゆうづきよ;ゆうづくよ evening moon; moonlit evening; moonlight evening


see styles
 yonige / よにげ (noun/participle) night flight (without paying); skipping out by night; moonlight flit


see styles
rú yuè guāng / ru2 yue4 guang1
ju yüeh kuang
 nyo gekkō
like moonlight; like moonlight


see styles
 gekkani / げっかに (adverb) in the moonlight


see styles
yuè guāng zú / yue4 guang1 zu2
yüeh kuang tsu
lit. moonlight group; fig. those who spend their monthly income even before they earn their next salary (slang)


see styles
yuè guāng wáng / yue4 guang1 wang2
yüeh kuang wang
Moonlight king, the same as 月光太子, the name of Śākyamuni in a previous incarnation when he gave his head to a brahman.


see styles
 tsukiyotake;tsukiyotake / つきよたけ;ツキヨタケ (kana only) moonlight mushroom (Omphalotus guepiniformis)


see styles
 tsukiakari / つきあかり moonlight


see styles
shuǐ yuè guāng / shui3 yue4 guang1
shui yüeh kuang
 suigetsu kō
Moonlight on the Water; Moonlight on the Water



see styles
jǐng zhōng lāo yuè / jing3 zhong1 lao1 yue4
ching chung lao yüeh
 shōchū rōgetsu
Like ladling the moon out of the well; the parable of the monkeys who saw the moon fallen into a well, and fearing there would be no more moonlight, sought to save it; the monkey-king hung on to a branch, one hung on to his tail and so on, but the branch broke and all were drowned; scooping the moon out of well water

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