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The name Listen to Your Heart in Chinese / Japanese...

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Listen to Your Heart / Follow Your Heart

 suí xīn ér xíng
Listen to Your Heart / Follow Your Heart Scroll

隨心而行 is the closest way to express this idea in Chinese. Literally translated, this phrase means “Allow your heart to dictate your behavior” or “Let your heart guide your conduct” in Chinese. You could also translate this as “follow your heart.” Or, with a bit of imagination, it could mean: “let your spirit be your guide.”

Note that in some cases, “heart” can mean “mind,” “soul” or even “spirit” in Chinese. In ancient China, it was thought that the big pumping organ in your chest was where your thoughts came from, or where your soul resides.
Ancient western thought followed a similar belief. Thus phrases like “I love you with all my heart” and “I give you my whole heart.”

Follow Your Heart

 kimochi ni shitagau
Follow Your Heart Scroll

気持ちに従う is a Japanese phrase that means follow your heart.

The first part of this Japanese proverb means feeling, sensation, or mood.

The second part suggests the following, abiding by, or listening to this inner feeling.

In this context, you could say it means your heart, as the whole proverb suggests that you follow the feelings that you have inside.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your listen to your heart search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
 jun(p); zun(ok)
    じゅん(P); ずん(ok)

More info & calligraphy:

to obey; to follow; to arrange; to make reasonable; along; favorable
(n,n-suf) (1) order; turn; sorting; (adjectival noun) (2) (じゅん only) obedient; docile; submissive; meek; (female given name) Yori
Accord with, comply, yield, obey, agreeable; v. 逆 to resist.


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Alert / On Guard / Lingering Mind
(1) continued alertness; unrelaxed alertness; remaining on one's guard; being prepared for a counterstroke; (2) follow-through (e.g. in archery); (3) (orig. meaning) lingering affection; attachment; regret; regrets; reluctance


see styles
xíng dào
    xing2 dao4
hsing tao

More info & calligraphy:

Walk in the Way
route (when going somewhere); way (to get somewhere); (surname, given name) Yukimichi
To walk in the way, follow the Buddha-truth; to make procession round an image, especially of the Buddha, with the right shoulder towards it.



see styles
jiàn xián sī qí
    jian4 xian2 si1 qi2
chien hsien ssu ch`i
    chien hsien ssu chi

More info & calligraphy:

Learn from Wisdom
see a worthy, think to imitate (idiom, from Analects); emulate the virtuous; Follow the example of a virtuous and wise teacher.



see styles
suí bō zhú liú
    sui2 bo1 zhu2 liu2
sui po chu liu

More info & calligraphy:

Go With The Flow
to drift with the waves and go with the flow (idiom); to follow the crowd blindly

see styles
to assign; to appoint; to take up a post; office; responsibility; to let; to allow; to give free rein to; no matter (how, what etc); classifier for terms served in office, or for spouses, girlfriends etc (as in 前任男友)
obligation; duty; charge; responsibility; (given name) Makoto
Bear, endure, let; office; it is used to connote laisser-faire; one of the 四病, as 任運 implies laisser-aller; it is intp. by let things follow their own course, or by 自然 naturally, without intervention.

see styles

(literary) (conjunction used to express contrast with a previous clause) but; then; (bound form) standard; norm; (bound form) principle; (literary) to imitate; to follow; classifier for written items
(suf,ctr) (1) counter for rules; (2) (rare) rule; regulation; (surname, given name) Nori
Pattern, rule; then, therefore.

see styles

succession (to a title); to inherit; continuing (a tradition); posterity
succession; successor; (personal name) Hide
To succeed to, continue, adopt, posterity, follow after.

see styles
cause; reason; because
(1) cause; factor; (2) {Buddh} (See 縁・えん・5) hetu (direct cause, esp. as opposed to indirect conditions); (3) (See 因明) the basis of one's argument (in hetuvidya); (personal name) Yukari
hetu: a cause: because: a reason: to follow, it follows, that which produces a 果 result or effect. 因 is a primary cause in comparison with 緣 pratyaya which is an environmental or secondary cause. In the 十因十果 ten causes and ten effects, adultery results in the iron bed, the copper pillar, and the eight hot hells; covetousness in the cold hells; and so on, as shown in the 楞嚴經. Translit. in, yin. Cf. 印.

see styles
to give in to; to be swayed by (personal considerations etc); Taiwan pr. [xun2]; to follow; to expose publicly; variant of 侚[xun4]; variant of 殉[xun4]
(given name) Tonau

see styles
from; through; via; (bound form) to follow; (bound form) to obey; (bound form) to engage in (an activity); (used before a negative) ever; (bound form) (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) retainer; attendant; (bound form) (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) assistant; auxiliary; subordinate; (bound form) (Taiwan pr. [zong4]) related by common paternal grandfather or earlier ancestor
To follow, agree with, obey; from; followers, secondary.

see styles
to follow; to adhere to; to abide by
(given name) Jun
To follow accord with, according to.


see styles
along; to follow (a line, tradition etc); to carry on; to trim (a border with braid, tape etc); border; edge

see styles
to lead; to command; rash; hasty; frank; straightforward; generally; usually
(n,n-suf) rate; ratio; proportion; percentage
A net with handle; to pursue, follow after; lead on; suddenly; generally.

see styles
to follow; from; because of; due to; by; via; through; (before a noun and a verb) it is for ... to ...
(1) reason; significance; cause; (2) piece of information that one has heard; I hear that ...; it is said that ...; (personal name) Yoshitsugu
From; by: a cause, motive; to allow, let; translit. yo, yu; e. g. 由乾; 由乾陀羅 由乾陁羅, Yugaṃdhara, idem 踰健達羅.

see styles
to comply with; to follow
idem 歸.

see styles

to continue; to follow after; to go on with; to succeed; to inherit; then; afterwards
To continue, inherit, adopt, 相繼; 繼嗣.

see styles
heel; to follow closely; to go with; (of a woman) to marry sb; with; compared with; to; towards; and (joining two nouns)
a heel

see styles
 kakato(p); kibisu; kubisu; akuto
    かかと(P); きびす; くびす; あくと
to arrive; to follow; heel
(kana only) heel (of foot, shoe, stocking, etc.)

see styles
(literary) animal tracks; the course of a celestial body; (of a celestial body) to follow its course

see styles
to walk on tiptoe; to walk quietly; to tread (on); to follow
to step on

see styles
to chase; to pursue; to look into; to investigate; to reminisce; to recall; to court (one's beloved); to binge-watch (a TV drama); retroactively; posomethingumously
(surname) Sako
To pursue, follow after; to follow the dead with thoughts and services.

see styles
to fit; suitable; proper; just (now); comfortable; well; to go; to follow or pursue
(adverb) (kana only) casually; unexpectedly; accidentally; by chance; (adj-no,adj-na,n) (kana only) occasional; rare; (given name) Teki
To go to, reach; happen; follow, accord with; suddenly, now, then.

see styles
to observe; to obey; to follow; to comply with
(personal name) Mamoru
To comply with, accord with, obey; accordingly.

see styles

follow; in accordance with

see styles
to follow; to comply with; varying according to...; to allow; subsequently
Follow, comply with; sequent, consequent, after, according to, as; often used for the prefix anu.



see styles
bù suí
    bu4 sui2
pu sui
does not follow


see styles
(v5r,vi) (1) to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.); to get in; to board; to take; to embark; (2) to get on (e.g. a footstool); to step on; to jump on; to sit on; to mount; (3) to reach; to go over; to pass; (4) to follow; to stay (on track); to go with (the times, etc.); (5) to take part; to participate; to join; (6) to get into the swing (and sing, dance, etc.); (7) to be deceived; to be taken in; (8) to be carried; to be spread; to be scattered; (9) to stick; to attach; to take; to go on


see styles
(out-dated kanji) (v5r,vi) (1) to get on (train, plane, bus, ship, etc.); to get in; to board; to take; to embark; (2) to get on (e.g. a footstool); to step on; to jump on; to sit on; to mount; (3) to reach; to go over; to pass; (4) to follow; to stay (on track); to go with (the times, etc.); (5) to take part; to participate; to join; (6) to get into the swing (and sing, dance, etc.); (7) to be deceived; to be taken in; (8) to be carried; to be spread; to be scattered; (9) to stick; to attach; to take; to go on



see styles
chéng shèng
    cheng2 sheng4
ch`eng sheng
    cheng sheng
to follow up a victory; to pursue retreating enemy

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Listen to Your Heart
Follow Your Heart
suí xīn ér xíng
sui2 xin1 er2 xing2
sui xin er xing
sui hsin erh hsing
Follow Your Heart気持ちに従うkimochi ni shitagau
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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