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The Name Korea in Chinese / Japanese...

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North Korea

běi cháo xiǎn
kita chousen
North Korea Scroll

北朝鮮 is the Chinese and Japanese name for the country of North Korea.

The official English name being Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

See Also:  Asia

North Korea

North Korea Scroll

This short Japanese name for the country of North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea).

There is a 3-character name, 北朝鮮 that is a lot more common.

See Also:  Asia

South Korea

nán hán
South Korea Scroll

南韓 is the common Chinese name for the country of South Korea.

The official English name being Republic of Korea.

See Also:  Asia

South Korea

kan koku
South Korea Scroll

韓國 is South Korea written in Japanese.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
North Korea北朝鮮
kita chousen
kita chosen
běi cháo xiǎn
bei3 chao2 xian3
bei chao xian
pei ch`ao hsien
pei chao hsien
North Korea北鮮hokusen / hokusen
South Korea南韓
nán hán / nan2 han2 / nan han / nanhan
South Korea韓國
kan koku / kankoku
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
dào / dao4
 dou / do / どう
South Korea Scroll
road; path; CL:條|条[tiao2],股[gu3]; principle; truth; morality; reason; skill; method; Dao (of Daoism); to say; to speak; to talk; classifier for long thin things (rivers, cracks etc), barriers (walls, doors etc), questions (in an exam etc), commands, courses in a meal, steps in a process; (old) circuit (administrative division)
(1) (abbreviation) (See 道・みち・1) road; path; street; route; (2) (See 道・みち・5) way; set of practices; rules for conducting oneself; (3) Buddhist teachings; (4) Taoism; (5) modern administrative region of Japan (Hokkaido); (6) historical administrative region of Japan (Tokaido, Tosando, etc.); (7) province (Tang-era administrative region of China); (8) province (modern administrative region of Korea); (personal name) Wataru
mārga. A way, road; the right path; principle, Truth, Reason, Logos, Cosmic energy; to lead; to say. The way of transmigration by which one arrives at a good or bad existence; any of the six gati, or paths of destiny. The way of bodhi, or enlightenment leading to nirvāṇa through spiritual stages. Essential nirvāṇa, in which absolute freedom reigns. For the eightfold noble path v. 八聖道.; The two Ways: (1) (a) 無礙道 or 無間道 The open or unhindered way, or the way of removing all obstacles or intervention, i. e. all delusion; (b) 解脫道 the way of release, by realization of truth. (2) (a) 難行道 The hard way of "works", i. e. by the six pāramitā and the disciplines. (b) 易行道 the easy way salvation, by the invocation of Amitābha. (3) (a) 有漏道 The way of reincarnation or mortality; (b) 無漏 the enlightened way of escape from the miseries of transmigration. (4) (a) 教道 The way of instruction; (b) 證道 the way of realization. (5) The two lower excretory organs.


see styles
 sangoku / さんごく (1) three countries; (2) Japan, China and India; Japan, Korea and China; all the world; (3) (See 魏・ぎ・1,蜀・しょく・2,呉・ご・3) Three Kingdoms (in China, 220 CE-280 CE); (4) (See 新羅・しらぎ,百済・くだら,高句麗・こうくり) Three Kingdoms (in Korea, 57 BCE-668 CE); (p,s,f) Mikuni


see styles
 hokusen / ほくせん
South Korea Scroll
(sensitive word) North Korea



see styles
nán hán / nan2 han2
nan han
South Korea Scroll
South Korea


see styles
rì běn / ri4 ben3
jih pen
 nihon(p);nippon / にほん(P);にっぽん
South Korea Scroll
Japan; (surname) Yamatono
Japan. Buddhism was introduced there from Korea in the sixth century, and in the seventh from China.


see styles
 matsubayashi / まつばやし
South Korea Scroll
pine forest; (place-name) Songnim (North Korea); Songrim


see styles
 kankoku / かんこく
South Korea Scroll
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) (abbreviation) (See 大韓民国) South Korea; Republic of Korea; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) (abbreviation) (See 大韓帝国) Korean Empire (1897-1910); (place-name) Kankoku



see styles
hán guó / han2 guo2
han kuo
 kankoku / かんこく
South Korea Scroll
South Korea (Republic of Korea); Han, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 戰國七雄|战国七雄[zhan4 guo2 qi1 xiong2]; Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897
(personal name) Kankoku



see styles
běi cháo xiǎn / bei3 chao2 xian3
pei ch`ao hsien / pei chao hsien
 kitachousen / kitachosen / きたちょうせん
South Korea Scroll
North Korea
North Korea; (place-name) Kitachousen

see styles
/ fu3
 fu / ふ
seat of government; government repository (archive); official residence; mansion; presidential palace; (honorific) Your home; prefecture (from Tang to Qing times)
(1) (metropolitan) prefecture (of Osaka and Kyoto); (2) the centre or seat (of) (center); (3) (government) office; (4) fu; historical administrative unit in China, Korea and Vietnam; (surname) Futaka

see styles
zhāo / zhao1
 chou / cho / ちょう
(n,n-suf) (1) dynasty; (n,n-suf) (2) reign; (n,n-suf) (3) period; epoch; age; (n,n-suf) (4) court; (n,n-pref,n-suf) (5) (abbreviation) (See 北朝鮮) North Korea; (personal name) Hajime
Morning. Court, dynasty; towards; morning

see styles
 koma / こま (n,n-pref) (1) Korea (esp. the Goguryeo kingdom or the Goryeo dynasty); (2) (stone) guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrine; (surname, female given name) Koma

see styles
āi / ai1
character used in Korea in former times to represent the syllable "ngai"

see styles
hán / han2
 han / はん
Han, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 戰國七雄|战国七雄; Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897; Korea, esp. South Korea 大韓民國|大韩民国; surname Han
(n,n-pref) (archaism) China (sometimes also used in ref. to Korea or other foreign countries); (surname) Han


see styles
 samuchoku / サムチョク (place-name) Samcheok (Korea); Samchok



see styles
sān hán / san1 han2
san han
 sankan / さんかん
(hist) the three Han nations (of ancient Korea)
the three Han


see styles
 yanban;ryanban / ヤンバン;リャンバン yangban (kor:); traditional ruling class of Korea during the Joseon dynasty


see styles
zhōng cháo / zhong1 chao2
chung ch`ao / chung chao
 chuuchou / chucho / ちゅうちょう
Sino-Korean; China and North Korea
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) China and North Korea; Chinese-North Korean; (2) imperial court; (3) Imperial Court (of Japan); (4) middle ages



see styles
zhōng hán / zhong1 han2
chung han
 chuukan / chukan / ちゅうかん
China-South Korea
China and Korea


see styles
 kuson / クソン (place-name) Kusong (North Korea)


see styles
rén chuān / ren2 chuan1
jen ch`uan / jen chuan
 inchon;jinsen / インチョン;じんせん
Incheon Metropolitan City in Gyeonggi Province 京畿道[Jing1 ji1 dao4], South Korea
Incheon (South Korea); Inchon; (place-name) Incheon (South Korea); Inchon; Yingcheng


see styles
 kechon / ケチョン (place-name) Kaechon (North Korea)


see styles
 heryon / ホェリョン (place-name) Hoeryong (North Korea)


see styles
jiā yē / jia1 ye1
chia yeh
Gaya, a Korean confederacy of territorial polities in the Nakdong River basin of southern Korea (42-532 AD)


see styles
qié yé / qie2 ye2
ch`ieh yeh / chieh yeh
 gaya / かや
(female given name) Kaya; (place-name) Gaya (4th-6th century confederacy of chiefdoms in the Nakdong River valley of southern Korea)
伽邪; 伽闍 Gayā. (1) A city of Magadha, Buddhagayā (north-west of present Gaya), near which Śākyamuni became Buddha. (2) Gaja, an elephant. (3) 伽耶山 Gajaśirṣa, Elephant's Head Mountain; two are mentioned, one near "Vulture Peak", one near the Bo-tree. (4) kāya, the body.


see styles
yuán shān / yuan2 shan1
yüan shan
 wonsan / ウォンサン
Wonsan city in Kangweon province 江原道 of North Korea
(place-name) Wonsan (North Korea)



see styles
yuán xiǎo / yuan2 xiao3
yüan hsiao
Yuan-hsiao, a famous Korean monk who traveled, and studied and wrote in China during the Tang dynasty, then returned to Korea; known as 海東師 Hai-tung Shih; Wonhyo


see styles
guāng zhōu / guang1 zhou1
kuang chou
 kuwanju / クワンジュ
Guangzhou, old name for Huangchuan 潢川[Huang2 chuan1] in Xinyang 信陽|信阳, Henan; Gwangju Metropolitan City, capital of South Jeolla Province 全羅南道|全罗南道[Quan2 luo2 nan2 dao4], South Korea
(place-name) Gwangju (South Korea); Kwangju


see styles
 kara / から (surname, female given name) Kara; (place-name) Gaya (4th-6th century confederacy of chiefdoms in the Nakdong River valley of southern Korea)


see styles
 kaya / かや (place-name) Gaya (4th-6th century confederacy of chiefdoms in the Nakdong River valley of southern Korea)

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