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The Name Hong Kong in Chinese / Japanese...

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Hong Kong

xiāng gǎng
hoeng1 gong2
hon kon
Hong Kong Scroll

香港 is the Chinese and Japanese name for the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of The Peoples Republic of China known as Hong Kong (formerly a British administrated territory).

The romanization "Hong Kong" is probably a British approximation of the Cantonese pronunciation for this land.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Hong Kong香港hon kon / honkonxiāng gǎng
xiang1 gang3
xiang gang
hsiang kang

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Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
bǎo lín / bao3 lin2
pao lin
Hong Kong Scroll
Po Lam (area in Hong Kong)
The groves, or avenues of precious trees (in the Pure Land). The monastery of Huineng, sixth patriarch of the Chan sect, in 韶州典江縣 Dianjiang Xian, Shaozhou, Guangdong, cf. 慧 15. The 寶林傳 and supplement contain the teachings of this school; Jeweled Groves


see styles
xiāng gǎng / xiang1 gang3
hsiang kang
 honkon / ホンコン
Hong Kong Scroll
Hong Kong
Hong Kong; Hongkong; (place-name) Hong Kong (China)



see styles
lǐ xiǎo lóng / li3 xiao3 long2
li hsiao lung
Hong Kong Scroll
Bruce Lee (1940-1973), Hong Kong actor and martial arts expert



see styles
fēi hǔ duì / fei1 hu3 dui4
fei hu tui
Hong Kong Scroll
Flying Tigers, US airmen in China during World War Two; Hong Kong nickname for police special duties unit


see styles
zhōng gǎng / zhong1 gang3
chung kang
 nakaminato / なかみなと
PRC and Hong Kong
(place-name, surname) Nakaminato



see styles
zhōng huán / zhong1 huan2
chung huan
Central, Hong Kong Island



see styles
jiǔ lóng / jiu3 long2
chiu lung
 kuuron / kuron / クーロン
Kowloon district of Hong Kong
(place-name) Kowloon



see styles
zhàn zhōng / zhan4 zhong1
chan chung
Occupy Central, Hong Kong civil disobedience movement (September 2014 -)



see styles
lái gǎng / lai2 gang3
lai kang
to come to Hong Kong



see styles
xìn bào / xin4 bao4
hsin pao
abbr. for 信報財經新聞|信报财经新闻, Hong Kong Economic Journal


see styles
yuán lǎng / yuan2 lang3
yüan lang
 motoo / もとお
Yuen Long town in northwest New Territories, Hong Kong
(personal name) Motoo


see styles
rù xī / ru4 xi1
ju hsi
income (Hong Kong)


see styles
quán gǎng / quan2 gang3
ch`üan kang / chüan kang
whole territory of Hong Kong


see styles
běi jiǎo / bei3 jiao3
pei chiao
 kitozumi / きとずみ
North Point district of Hong Kong
(place-name) Kitozumi



see styles
běi hán / bei3 han2
pei han
 hokkan / ほっかん
North Korea
(name used in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) (See 北朝鮮) North Korea; (place-name) North Korea (name used in South Korea)



see styles
huì fēng / hui4 feng1
hui feng
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)



see styles
dān fēi / dan1 fei1
tan fei
a couple in which one of the spouses is not a Hong Kong citizen



see styles
guó tài / guo2 tai4
kuo t`ai / kuo tai
 kuniyasu / くにやす
Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong airline)
(personal name) Kuniyasu


see styles
kēng kǒu / keng1 kou3
k`eng k`ou / keng kou
 koukou / koko / こうこう
Hang Hau (area in Hong Kong)
pithead; minehead


see styles
wài qǐ / wai4 qi3
wai ch`i / wai chi
foreign enterprise; company established in mainland China with direct investment from foreign entities or from investors in Taiwan, Macao or Hong Kong; abbr. for 外資企業|外资企业


see styles
dà kēng / da4 keng1
ta k`eng / ta keng
Tai Hang District, Hong Kong


see styles
dà bù / da4 bu4
ta pu
Dabu county in Meizhou 梅州, Guangdong; Tai Po district of New Territories, Hong Kong; Dabu or Tabu township in Chiayi county 嘉義縣|嘉义县[Jia1 yi4 xian4], west Taiwan



see styles
dà huán / da4 huan2
ta huan
Tai Wan, a locality in Kowloon, Hong Kong


see styles
tiān hòu / tian1 hou4
t`ien hou / tien hou
 tenkou / tenko / てんこう
Tin Hau, Empress of Heaven, another name for the goddess Matsu 媽祖|妈祖[Ma1 zu3]; Tin Hau (Hong Kong area around the MTR station with same name)
queen of heaven
Queen of Heaven, v. 摩利支.


see styles
yóu dé / you2 de2
yu te
Sir Edward Youde (1924-1986), British diplomat, ambassador to Beijing 1974-1978, governor of Hong Kong 1982-1986



see styles
tún mén / tun2 men2
t`un men / tun men
Tuen Mun district of New Territories, Hong Kong


see styles
jù jí / ju4 ji2
chü chi
(computer science) macro (primarily Hong Kong and Taiwan)


see styles
lián shǔ / lian2 shu3
lien shu
ICAC Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong



see styles
hù kǒu / hu4 kou3
hu k`ou / hu kou
population (counted as number of households for census or taxation); registered residence; residence permit; (in Hong Kong and Macau) bank account


see styles
xīn lì / xin1 li4
hsin li
 shinryoku / しんりょく
Sony (former name of the company used prior to 2009 in some markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, now replaced by 索尼[Suo3 ni2] in all markets)
(personal name) Shinryoku

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