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山 is the Chinese character, Japanese Kanji, and Korean Hanja for mountain.

Cen / Shum


rei / takeshi
Cen / Shum Scroll

岑 is the Chinese surname Cen in mainland Mandarin, Tsen from Taiwan Mandarin, or Shum in Cantonese.

The meaning is "small hill".

Also a female given name Rei or given name "Takeshi" or "Takashi" in Japanese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Cen / Shum Scroll
mountain; hill; anything that resembles a mountain; CL:座[zuo4]; bundled straw in which silkworms spin cocoons; gable
(n,ctr) (1) mountain; hill; (n,ctr) (2) mine (e.g. coal mine); (n,ctr) (3) heap; pile; (4) crown (of a hat); thread (of a screw); tread (of a tire); protruding part of an object; high part; (5) climax; peak; critical point; (6) guess; speculation; gamble; (7) (slang) (police, crime reporter jargon) criminal case; crime; (8) mountain climbing; mountaineering; (9) (See 山鉾) festival float (esp. one mounted with a decorative halberd); (10) (See 山札・1) deck (of playing cards on table, face down, from which cards are drawn); stack; (11) {mahj} wall; wall tile; (12) (archaism) temple; temple grounds; (prefix noun) (13) wild; (personal name) Yamamura
A hill, mountain; a monastery.

see styles
 rei / re
Cen / Shum Scroll
small hill
(female given name) Rei



see styles
xī ěr
    xi1 er3
hsi erh
Cen / Shum Scroll
Hill (name); Christopher Hill, US undersecretary of state of East Asian affairs

see styles
mound; hillock; grave; classifier for fields
(archaism) mound; hill; (1) hill; height; knoll; rising ground; (2) (mahj) (kana only) bonus points awarded to the winner at the end of a game; (female given name) Tsukasa
A mound, a plot; personal name of Confucius.

see styles
variant of 阪[ban3]
slope; hill; (surname) Ban

see styles
mound; small hill; (used in place names)

see styles
small hill; used in geographic names

see styles
(dialect) hill

see styles
ridge between fields; row of crops; grave mound
hill; height; knoll; rising ground

see styles

bare hill

see styles

stony hill; rocky mountain; (used in place names)

see styles
ridge; mound
hill; height; knoll; rising ground; (place-name, surname) Oka

see styles
name of a hill in Hunan

see styles

rocky hill
(surname) Sowa

see styles
abbr. for 峴首山|岘首山[Xian4 shou3 shan1]; Mt Xianshou in Hubei; steep hill; used in place names

see styles
name of a legendary hill

see styles
mountain; hill

see styles
(irregular kanji usage) (kana only) foot (of a mountain or hill); bottom; base; (place-name) Fumoto

see styles

 souwa / sowa
rocky hill
(place-name) Souwa

see styles
roll stone down hill; stone pile

see styles

abundant; mound
(archaism) mound; hill; (personal name) Yutaka

see styles
slope; hillside
slope; hill; (surname) Ban

see styles
 misasagi(p); mihaka; ryou / misasagi(p); mihaka; ryo
    みささぎ(P); みはか; りょう
mound; tomb; hill; mountain
(1) (See 御墓・みはか) imperial mausoleum; Emperor's tomb; (2) (りょう only) big hill; (personal name) Riyou
A mound, tomb; cf. 畢陵.

see styles

foot of a hill
(kana only) foot (of a mountain or hill); bottom; base; (surname) Roku

see styles
hill; long and narrow highland; (used in place names)


see styles
hill; (surname) Hill; Hille


see styles
yī shān
    yi1 shan1
i shan
(1) whole temple complex; all the temples on a mountain; (2) (orig. meaning) (See 一山・ひとやま・1) one mountain; (surname) Hitotsuyama
A hill; a monastery; Yishan, the name of a Chinese monk who voyaged to Japan in A.D. 1299 and who was also styled 一寧 Yining; a hill


see styles
sān zhào
    san1 zhao4
san chao
The three shinings; the sun first shining on the hill-tops, then the valleys and plains. So, according to Tiantai teaching of the Huayan sūtra, the Buddha's doctrine had three periods of such shining: (a) first, he taught the Huayan sūtra, transforming his chief disciples into bodhisattvas; (b) second, the Hīnayāna sūtras in general to śrāvakas and pratyeka-buddhas in the Lumbinī garden; (c) third, the 方等 sūtras down to the 涅槃經 for all the living. See the 六十華嚴經 35, where the order is five, i.e. bodhisattvas, pratyekabuddhas, śrāvakas, lay disciples, and all creatures; three illuminations


see styles
shàng shān
    shang4 shan1
shang shan
 jouyama / joyama
to climb a hill; to go to the mountains; (of silkworms) to go up bundles of straw (to spin cocoons); to pass away; (of the sun or moon) to rise
(surname) Jōyama


see styles
xià shān
    xia4 shan1
hsia shan
 gezan(p); gesan
    げざん(P); げさん
to go down a hill; (of the sun or moon) to set
(n,vs,vi) (ant: 登山) descending a mountain; descent; (place-name) Nizayama

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Mountainyamashān / shan1 / shan
rei / takeshicén / cen2 / cents`en / tsen

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