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This is the Heart Sutra in Chinese as translated by Xuanzang.

The Heart Sutra is often cited as the best-known and most popular of all Buddhist scriptures.

Notes: There are too many characters for this to be done by the economy calligrapher. You must choose a Master Calligrapher.

With this many characters, and the fact that one tiny mistake wipes out hours of work, keep in mind that writing the Heart Sutra is usually a full day of work for a calligrapher. This work and personal energy should be cherished and respected. In other words, the calligrapher is not charging enough money for the value that you are getting here.

Also, you will find that as my server processes 260 characters, the customization process is a bit slow for this title.

Heart Sutra Title

bō rě bō luó mì duō xīn jīng
Heart Sutra Title Scroll

般若波羅蜜多心經 is the title of the Heart Sutra.

The Heart Sutra is a popular Buddhist writing that includes a famous mantra.

Heart Sutra Mantra

jiē dì jiē dì bō luō jiē dì bō luō sēng jiē dì pú tí sà pó hē
Heart Sutra Mantra Scroll

揭諦揭諦波羅揭諦波羅僧揭諦菩提薩婆訶 is the Mantra included within the Heart Sutra.

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your heart sutra search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
liun án
    liun4 an2
liun an
The six difficult things— to be born in a Buddha-age, to hear the true Buddha-law, to beget a good heart, to be born in the central kingdom (India), to be born in human form, and to be perfect; see, Nirvana Sutra 23; six difficult attainments


see styles
nǚ ren
    nu:3 ren5
nü jen
 nyonin; jojin
    にょにん; じょじん
Woman, described in the Nirvāṇa sūtra 浬槃經 9 as the "abode of all evil", 一切女人皆是衆惡之所住處 The 智度論 14 says: 大火燒人是猶可近, 淸風無形是亦可捉, 蚖蛇含毒猶亦可觸, 女人之心不可得實 "Fierce fire that would burn men may yet be approached, clear breezes without form may yet be grasped, cobras that harbour poison may yet be touched, but a woman's heart is never to be relied upon." The Buddha ordered Ānanda: "Do not Look at a woman; if you must, then do not talk with her; if you must, then call on the Buddha with all your mind"— an evidently apocryphal statement of 文句 8.


see styles
xīn fó
    xin1 fo2
hsin fo
The Buddha within the heart: from mind is Buddha hood: the Buddha revealed in or to the mind; the mind is Buddha. 心佛及衆生, 是三無差別 The mind, Buddha, and all the living — there is no difference between the three. i. e. all are of the same order. This is an important doctrine of the 華嚴經 Huayan sutra, cf. its 夜摩天宮品; by Tiantai it is called 三法妙 the mystery of the three things; buddha in the mind


see styles
 shingyou; shinkyou / shingyo; shinkyo
    しんぎょう; しんきょう
(abbreviation) {Buddh} (See 般若心経) Heart Sutra



see styles
xīn jīng
    xin1 jing1
hsin ching
the Heart Sutra
Hṛdaya or 'Heart' Sutra, idem 般若心經; 般若波羅蜜多心經; styled 神分心經 'divinely distributed', when publicly recited to get rid of evil spirits; Heart Sūtra


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to read; (transitive verb) (2) to recite (e.g. a sutra); to chant; (transitive verb) (3) to predict; to guess; to forecast; to read (someone's thoughts); to see (e.g. into someone's heart); to divine; (transitive verb) (4) to decipher; (transitive verb) (5) (now mostly used in idioms) (See さばを読む) to count; to estimate; (transitive verb) (6) (also written as 訓む) (See 訓む) to read (a kanji) with its native Japanese reading



see styles
xīn jīng zàn
    xin1 jing1 zan4
hsin ching tsan
 Shingyō san
Explication of the Heart Sūtra; Explication of the Heart Sūtra


see styles
 hannyashingyou / hannyashingyo
{Buddh} Heart Sutra



see styles
bō rě xīn jīng
    bo1 re3 xin1 jing1
po je hsin ching
 Hannya shingyō
The sutra of the heart of prajñā; there have been several translations, under various titles, the generally accepted version being by Kumārajīva, which gives the essence of the Wisdom Sutras. There are many treatises on the心經; Heart Sūtra



see styles
bō rě bō luó mì
    bo1 re3 bo1 luo2 mi4
po je po lo mi
prajña paramita (Sanskrit: supreme wisdom - beginning of the Heart Sutra)


see styles
 narawanukyouhayomenu / narawanukyohayomenu
(expression) (proverb) you can't do something if you don't know how to do it; you can't read a sutra (by heart) if you haven't learned it



see styles
bō rě bō luó mì duō xīn jīng
    bo1 re3 bo1 luo2 mi4 duo1 xin1 jing1
po je po lo mi to hsin ching
the Heart Sutra



see styles
bō rě bō luó mì duō xīn jīng
    bo1 re3 bo1 luo2 mi4 duo1 xin1 jing1
po je po lo mi to hsin ching
 Hannya haramitta shingyō
Heart Sutra Mantra Scroll
Heart Sūtra; Heart Sūtra



see styles
bō rě bō luó mì duō xīn jīng zàn
    bo1 re3 bo1 luo2 mi4 duo1 xin1 jing1 zan4
po je po lo mi to hsin ching tsan
 Hannya haramitta shingyō san
Explication of the Heart Sūtra; Explication of the Heart Sūtra



see styles
mó hē bō rě bō luó mì duō xīn jīng
    mo2 he1 bo1 re3 bo1 luo2 mi4 duo1 xin1 jing1
mo ho po je po lo mi to hsin ching
 Maka hannya haramitta shingyō
Heart Sūtra; Heart Sūtra

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersVarious forms of Romanized Chinese
Heart Sutra觀自在菩薩行深般若波羅蜜多時照見五蘊皆空度一切苦厄舍利子色不異空空不異色色即是空空即是色受想行識亦復如是舍利子是諸法空相不生不滅不垢不淨不增不減是故空中無色無受想行識無眼耳鼻舌身意無色聲香味觸法無眼界乃至無意識界無無明亦無無明盡乃至無老死亦無老死盡無苦集滅道無智亦無得以無所得故菩提薩埵依般若波羅蜜多故心無罣礙無罣礙故無有恐怖遠離顛倒夢想究竟涅盤三世諸佛依般若波羅蜜多故得阿耨多羅三藐三菩提故知般若波羅蜜多是大神咒是大明咒是無上咒是無等等咒能除一切苦真實不虛故說般若波羅蜜多咒即說咒曰揭諦揭諦波羅揭諦波羅僧揭諦菩提薩婆訶
Heart Sutra Title般若波羅蜜多心經
bō rě bō luó mì duō xīn jīng
bo1 re3 bo1 luo2 mi4 duo1 xin1 jing1
bo re bo luo mi duo xin jing
po je po lo mi to hsin ching
Heart Sutra Mantra揭諦揭諦波羅揭諦波羅僧揭諦菩提薩婆訶
jiē dì jiē dì bō luō jiē dì bō luō sēng jiē dì pú tí sà pó hē
jie1 di4 jie1 di4 bo1 luo1 jie1 di4 bo1 luo1 seng1 jie1 di4 pu2 ti2 sa4 po2 he1
jie di jie di bo luo jie di bo luo seng jie di pu ti sa po he
chieh ti chieh ti po lo chieh ti po lo seng chieh ti p`u t`i sa p`o ho
chieh ti chieh ti po lo chieh ti po lo seng chieh ti pu ti sa po ho
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Heart Sutra Mantra Scroll
Heart Sutra Mantra Scroll
Heart Sutra Mantra Scroll

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