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hakkou ryuu
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八光流 (Hakkō-Ryū) is a style of jujutsu associated with Daito-Ryu.

The title Hakko-Ryu comes from the Japanese phrase which translates as "The Style of the Eighth Light", or more literally "Eighth Light Style".

The 光 character is associated with brightness or brilliance. It can be a used to describe someone of great talent or potential. So the meaning goes far beyond just light.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)
Hakko-Ryu八光流hakkou ryuu
hako ryu

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
liǔ / liu3
 ryuu / ryu / りゅう
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
{astron} (See 二十八宿,朱雀・すざく・2) Chinese "Willow" constellation (one of the 28 mansions); (surname) Riyou
A willow.


see styles
bái hǔ / bai2 hu3
pai hu
 byakko;hakko / びゃっこ;はっこ
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
White Tiger (the seven mansions of the west sky); (slang) hairless female genitalia
(1) (See 四神) White Tiger (god said to rule over the western heavens); (2) {astron} (See 二十八宿) seven mansions (Chinese constellations) of the western heavens; (given name) Byakko


see styles
 shourinryuu / shorinryu / しょうりんりゅう
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
{MA} (Shorin-ryu) Okinawa school of karate


see styles
 shinkageryuu / shinkageryu / しんかげりゅう
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
{MA} Shinkage-Ryu (style of Japanese fencing)


see styles
 shourinjiryuu / shorinjiryu / しょうりんじりゅう
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
{MA} (See 少林流) Shorin-ryu; Okinawa school of karate


see styles
 musoujikideneishinryuu / musojikideneshinryu / むそうじきでんえいしんりゅう
Hakko-Ryu Vertical Wall Scroll
{MA} (See 居合道) Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu (iaido style)

see styles
liù / liu4
 ryuu / ryu / リュー
six; 6
(numeric) (ロー in mahjong) six (chi: liù); (surname, given name) Roku
ṣaṭ, ṣaḍ. Six; six

see styles
 ryuu / ryu / りゅう (personal name) Ryuu

see styles
liū / liu1
 ryuu / ryu / りゅう
to slip away; to escape in stealth; to skate
(surname) Ryuu

see styles
liú / liu2
 ryuu / ryu / りゅう
clear; deep (of water); swift
(female given name) Ryuu

see styles
lóng / long2
infirmity; retention of urine

see styles
/ li4
 ryū / りゆう
to stand; to set up; to establish; to lay down; to draw up; at once; immediately
(personal name) Riyuu
Set up, establish, stand, stand up; to establish

see styles
lóng / long2
 ryū / りゆう
grand; intense; prosperous; to swell; to bulge
(personal name) Riyuu
to grow


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (given name) Hakkou


see styles
 hakko / はっこ (surname) Hakko


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (g,p) Hakkou


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (surname) Hakkou


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (g,p) Hakkou


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう the eight directions; the whole land; the whole world; (given name) Yahiro


see styles
bā gǔ / ba1 gu3
pa ku
 hakko / はっこ
an essay in eight parts; stereotyped writing
(abbreviation) (See 八股文) eight-legged essay (classical Chinese style of essay writing)


see styles
bā huāng / ba1 huang1
pa huang
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう
the national boundaries
eight wild [lands]



see styles
liú xié / liu2 xie2
liu hsieh
 Ryū Kyō
Liu Xie



see styles
liú huán / liu2 huan2
liu huan
 Ryū Kan
Liu Huan



see styles
liú huì / liu2 hui4
liu hui
 Ryū E
Liu Hui


see styles
kě lì / ke3 li4
k`o li / ko li
 ka ryū


see styles
chuān liú / chuan1 liu2
ch`uan liu / chuan liu
 kawa no ryū
river current


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (noun/participle) emission (of light); radiation (of light); luminescence


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (noun/participle) coming into effect


see styles
 hakkou / hakko / はっこう (noun/participle) departure for a specified destination


see styles
 hakko / はっこ {comp} outgoing call

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