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Fragrant / Good Smell

ka / kou
Fragrant / Good Smell Scroll

香 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja that means: fragrant; sweet smelling; aromatic; savory; appetizing; perfume; incense; aroma; fragrance; scent; good smell.

Fragrance or incense is known to be one of the Buddha's messengers to stimulate faith and devotion.

Orchid Scroll

蘭 is the character for orchid in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Also: Epidendrum.

蘭 is used in some context to mean fragrant, elegant, or refined.

蘭 can also be the Chinese family name romanized as, "Lan". However, it is not the only character that can be romanized as Lan.

In Japanese and Korean, this character means orchid but is also used as a suffix or short name for the Netherlands / Holland.

The farts of others stink, but one’s own smells sweet

bié rén pì chòu zì jiā xiāng
The farts of others stink, but one’s own smells sweet Scroll

This literally translates as:
Other people's flatulence stinks, [but] one's own is fragrant.

Figuratively, this means:
Some people criticize as defects in others what they (seem to) treasure in themselves.

Rose Flowers Given, Frangrance Remains on Hands of Giver

zèng rén méi guī shǒu liú yú xiāng
Rose Flowers Given, Frangrance Remains on Hands of Giver Scroll

This proverb has been translated several ways:

1. Roses given, fragrance in hand.

2. You present others roses, fragrance remains.

3. The fragrance of the rose always remains on the hand of those that bestow them.

4. A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hands which give the flowers

However, this literally translates as, "Give someone rose flowers, [your] hands keep [the] remaining fragrance".

Fragrant Herb / Housou

Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll

In Japanese, this means fragrant herb, and is often used as a given name romanized as Housou or Hoso.

Note: Sometimes romanized as Yoshikusa.

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Fragrant / Good Smell

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your fragrance search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
xīn xiāng
    xin1 xiang1
hsin hsiang
 keikou / keko
fragrance; fragrant (of incense)
(1) fragrance; perfume; aroma; (2) honor; honour; fame; (personal name) Keika
distantly-permeating fragrance; distantly-permeating fragrance


see styles
wǔ fēn xiāng
    wu3 fen1 xiang1
wu fen hsiang
 gobun kō
The five kinds of incense, or fragrance, corresponding with the 五分法身, i. e. the fragrance of 戒香, 定香, etc; five kinds of fragrance


see styles
yōu xiāng
    you1 xiang1
yu hsiang
 yuukou / yuko
delicate fragrance
fragrance; (female given name) Yuka


see styles
dé xiāng
    de2 xiang1
te hsiang
The fragrance of virtue; fragrance of virtue


see styles
huā xiāng
    hua1 xiang1
hua hsiang
 kakou / kako
fragrance of flowers
fragrance of flowers; (female given name) Michika


see styles
fāng xiāng
    fang1 xiang1
fang hsiang
 houkou / hoko
fragrant; aromatic; fragrance; aroma
(noun - becomes adjective with の) perfume; fragrance; aroma; balm; sweet scent; (personal name) Yoshikou



see styles
lán xiāng
    lan2 xiang1
lan hsiang
 rankou / ranko
(surname, given name) Rankou
Orchid fragrance, spring; orchid fragrance


see styles
xiāng shān
    xiang1 shan1
hsiang shan
Fragrance Hill (a park in Beijing)
(surname) Koyama
the fragrant or incense mountains, so called because the Gandharvas do not drink wine or eat meat, but feed on incense or fragrance and give off fragrant odours. As musicians of Indra, or in the retinue of Dhṛtarāṣtra, they are said to be the same as, or similar to, the Kinnaras. They are, or according to M. W., Dhṛtarāṣtra is associated with soma, the moon, and with medicine. They cause ecstasy, are erotic, and the patrons of marriageable girls; the apsaras are their wives, and both are patrons of dicers.; Gandhamādana. Incense mountain, one of the ten fabulous mountains known to Chinese Buddhism, located in the region of the Anavatapta lake in Tibet; also placed in the Kunlun range. Among its great trees dwell the Kinnaras, Indra's musicians.


see styles
xiāng yù
    xiang1 yu4
hsiang yü
The desire for fragrance, the lust of the nasal organ, one of the five desires; desire for fragrance



see styles
xiāng qì
    xiang1 qi4
hsiang ch`i
    hsiang chi
fragrance; aroma; incense


see styles
 ruumufureguransu; ruumu fureguransu / rumufureguransu; rumu fureguransu
    ルームフレグランス; ルーム・フレグランス
room fragrance; home fragrance

see styles
Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll
perfume; fragrance
(n,n-pref,n-suf) (1) (abbreviation) (See 芬蘭・フィンランド) Finland; (adj-t,adv-to) (2) (archaism) fragrant; aromatic
Fragrant; confused; translit. puṇ in芬陀利 (or芬陁利) puṇḍarīka. The white lotus, v. 分陀利; fragrant

see styles
 kou; kori(ok) / ko; kori(ok)
    こう; こり(ok)
Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll
fragrant; sweet smelling; aromatic; savory or appetizing; (to eat) with relish; (of sleep) sound; perfume or spice; joss or incense stick; CL:根[gen1]
(See 御香) incense; (female given name) Yuka
(竹; 象) Incense made in coils and burnt to measure the time; also 香盤; 香印.; gandha. Fragrance; incense; the sense of smell, i.e. one of the ṣaḍāyātana, six senses. Incense is one of the 使 Buddha's messengers to stimulate faith and devotion; scent

see styles
aromatic wood; perfume; fragrance

see styles
Japanese variant of 薰
(1) pleasant smell; aroma; fragrance; scent; (2) pleasant-smelling vegetation; (male given name) Tsutomu

see styles

fragrance of food

see styles


see styles

fragrance; scent; aroma
(given name) Fuku


see styles
 yohou / yoho
lingering fragrance; continuing fame (after death)


see styles
xīn xiāng
    xin1 xiang1
hsin hsiang
(female given name) Motoka
The incense of the mind, or heart, i. e. sincere devotion; fragrance of the mind



see styles
pū bí
    pu1 bi2
p`u pi
    pu pi
to assail the nostrils (of fragrance and odors)


see styles
àn xiāng
    an4 xiang1
an hsiang
 ankou / anko
subtle fragrance
scent of a flower floating about in the air; lingering scent of a flower in the darkness; (given name) Ankou



see styles
cán xiāng
    can2 xiang1
ts`an hsiang
    tsan hsiang
lingering fragrance
See: 残香



see styles
nóng yù
    nong2 yu4
nung yü
rich; strong; heavy (fragrance); dense; full-bodied; intense



see styles
nóng xiāng
    nong2 xiang1
nung hsiang
 noukou / noko
strong fragrance; pungent
(surname) Noukou



see styles
yì xiāng
    yi4 xiang1
i hsiang
 ikyou; ikou / ikyo; iko
    いきょう; いこう
rare perfume
(obscure) great fragrance; (personal name) Kotoka


see styles
měi xiāng
    mei3 xiang1
mei hsiang
(female given name) Yoshiko
a fine fragrance; a fine fragrance


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to hear; (2) to listen (e.g. to music); (3) to ask; to enquire; to query; (4) to learn of; to hear about; (5) to follow (advice); to comply with; (6) to smell (esp. incense); to sample fragrance


see styles
(transitive verb) (1) to hear; (2) to listen (e.g. to music); (3) to ask; to enquire; to query; (4) to learn of; to hear about; (5) to follow (advice); to comply with; (6) to smell (esp. incense); to sample fragrance



see styles
fēn qì
    fen1 qi4
fen ch`i
    fen chi

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Good Smell
ka / kou / ka / koxiāng / xiang1 / xianghsiang
ranlán / lan2 / lan
The farts of others stink, but one’s own smells sweet別人屁臭自家香
bié rén pì chòu zì jiā xiāng
bie2 ren2 pi4 chou4 zi4 jia1 xiang1
bie ren pi chou zi jia xiang
pieh jen p`i ch`ou tzu chia hsiang
pieh jen pi chou tzu chia hsiang
Rose Flowers Given, Frangrance Remains on Hands of Giver贈人玫瑰手留余香
zèng rén méi guī shǒu liú yú xiāng
zeng4 ren2 mei2 gui1 shou3 liu2 yu2 xiang1
zeng ren mei gui shou liu yu xiang
tseng jen mei kuei shou liu yü hsiang
Fragrant Herb
芳草housou / hoso
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll
Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll
Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll
Fragrant Herb / Housou Scroll

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