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Dragonfly in Chinese / Japanese...

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qīng tíng
Dragonfly Scroll

蜻蜓 is how to write dragonfly in Chinese.


tonbo / kagerou
Dragonfly Scroll

蜻蛉 is how to write dragonfly in Japanese Kanji.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Dragonfly蜻蜓qīng tíng
qing1 ting2
qing ting
ch`ing t`ing
ching ting
Dragonfly蜻蛉tonbo / kagerou
tonbo / kagero
tonbo / kagero

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
qīng líng / qing1 ling2
ch`ing ling / ching ling
 kagerou / kagero / かげろう
Dragonfly Scroll
damselfly; lacewing
(kana only) dragonfly; damselfly; (female given name) Kagerou


see styles
qīng tíng / qing1 ting2
ch`ing t`ing / ching ting
Dragonfly Scroll

see styles
láng / lang2
dragonfly; mantis


see styles
 yago / ヤゴ (kana only) dragonfly naiad; dragonfly nymph


see styles
 yamame / やまめ    yago / やご (kana only) dragonfly naiad; dragonfly nymph


see styles
 akitsu / あきつ (archaism) (See 蜻蛉) dragonfly; (given name) Shuushin


see styles
 akiakane;akiakane / あきあかね;アキアカネ (kana only) var. of red dragonfly (Sympetrum frequens)


see styles
dīng xíng / ding1 xing2
ting hsing
less common word for dragonfly 蜻蜓


see styles
fú yóu / fu2 you2
fu yu
 kagerou;fuyuu;kagerou / kagero;fuyu;kagero / かげろう;ふゆう;カゲロウ
(1) (kana only) mayfly; ephemeropteran; (2) (kana only) ephemerality (of human life); (3) (かげろう only) (archaism) (kana only) (See 蜻蛉・とんぼ) dragonfly; damselfly


see styles
 yanma / やんま (1) (kana only) darner (any dragonfly of family Aeshnidae); devil's darning needle; (2) (kana only) dragonfly (esp. a large one)



see styles
mā láng / ma1 lang2
ma lang



see styles
diǎn shuǐ / dian3 shui3
tien shui
to skim; lightly touching the water (as the dragonfly in the idiom 蜻蜓點水|蜻蜓点水); skin-deep
See: 点水


see styles
 yamame / ヤマメ (kana only) landlocked masu salmon (Oncorhynchus masou masou); (kana only) dragonfly naiad; dragonfly nymph


see styles
 kachimushi / かちむし (See トンボ) dragonfly



see styles
dīng dīng māo / ding1 ding1 mao1
ting ting mao
(dialect) dragonfly


see styles
 taikomushi / たいこむし (sometimes written 水蠆) dragonfly naiad (nymph)


see styles
 mukashitonbo;mukashitonbo / むかしとんぼ;ムカシトンボ (kana only) Epiophlebia superstes (species of living-fossil dragonfly endemic to Japan)


see styles
 akatonbo / あかとんぼ (1) (kana only) (small) red dragonfly; (2) darter (dragonfly of genus Sympetrum, esp. the autumn darter, Sympetrum frequens)


see styles
 oniyanma / おにやんま (kana only) Siebold's dragonfly (Anotogaster sieboldii); jumbo dragonfly


see styles
 kitonbo;kitonbo / きとんぼ;キトンボ (kana only) yellow darter (Sympetrum croceolum) (dragonfly species of East Asia)



see styles
qīng tíng diǎn shuǐ / qing1 ting2 dian3 shui3
ch`ing t`ing tien shui / ching ting tien shui
lit. the dragonfly touches the water lightly; superficial contact (idiom)


see styles
 akatonbo / あかとんぼ (1) (kana only) (small) red dragonfly; (2) darter (dragonfly of genus Sympetrum, esp. the autumn darter, Sympetrum frequens)


see styles
 mugiwaratonbo / むぎわらとんぼ dragonfly


see styles
 ginyanma / ぎんやんま (kana only) lesser emperor (species of dragonfly, Anax parthenope)


see styles
 akiakane / アキアカネ (kana only) var. of red dragonfly (Sympetrum frequens)


see styles
 oniyanma / オニヤンマ (kana only) Siebold's dragonfly (Anotogaster sieboldii); jumbo dragonfly


see styles
 ginyanma / ギンヤンマ (kana only) lesser emperor (species of dragonfly, Anax parthenope)


see styles
 yago;yamame;yago;yamame / やご;やまめ;ヤゴ;ヤマメ (kana only) dragonfly naiad; dragonfly nymph


see styles
 uchiwayanma / うちわやんま (kana only) Sinictinogomphus clavatus (species of clubtail dragonfly)


see styles
 uchiwayanma / ウチワヤンマ (kana only) Sinictinogomphus clavatus (species of clubtail dragonfly)

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