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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
cooking method; to boil sb alive (capital punishment in imperial China)

see styles
to blanch (cooking); to scald

see styles
 shouji / shoji
old variant of 燒|烧[shao1]
(1) cooking, esp. frying or stir-frying; heating; (2) tempering; (suffix noun) (3) -ware; (personal name) Shouji

see styles
to scald; to burn (by scalding); to blanch (cooking); to heat (something) up in hot water; to perm; to iron; scalding hot

see styles
cooking-stove; to cook

see styles
(coll.) foot of an animal or bird; (coll.) foot supporting a cooking pot etc
(1) nail (e.g. fingernail, toenail); claw; talon; hoof; (2) plectrum; pick; (3) hook; clasp; (surname) Tsume
Claws, talons; servants; claws

see styles
old variant of 灶[zao4]
(kana only) kitchen range; cooking stove; hearth; (kitchen) furnace; stove; furnace; kiln; (surname) Kamado
cooking stove; cooking stove

see styles
variant of 灶[zao4]
the rear of an old-fashioned Japanese hearth from which smoke was exhausted; (in Kyoto dialect) the hearth itself; (out-dated kanji) (kana only) kitchen range; cooking stove; hearth; (kitchen) furnace; stove; furnace; kiln; (place-name) Kamado
A kitchen-stove; a kitchen-stove

see styles
(dialect) cooking pot; variant of 鐺|铛[cheng1]

see styles
to evaporate; (of cooking) to steam; torch made from hemp stalks or bamboo (old); finely chopped firewood (old)
(surname) Jou
Twigs; to steam, vapour; twigs

see styles
to ferment; to brew; to make honey (of bees); to lead to; to form gradually; wine; stuffed vegetables (cooking method)

see styles

ancient ceramic three-legged vessel used for cooking with cord markings on the outside and hollow legs
(obscure) Chinese kettle with three legs

see styles
 kanae; tei / kanae; te
    かなえ; てい
ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs; pot (dialect); to enter upon a period of (classical); Kangxi radical 206; one of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes
(archaism) three-legged metal pot or kettle (used in ancient China); (given name) Tei


see styles
(1) (kana only) lye; (2) (kana only) harsh taste; astringency; (3) (kana only) scum (formed when cooking some foods); (4) (kana only) (excessive) strength of will


see styles
(kana only) udo (plant related to ginseng, used in medicine and cooking) (Aralia cordata); (personal name) Udo


see styles
earthen charcoal brazier (for cooking)


see styles
earthen charcoal brazier (for cooking)



see styles
sān xiān
    san1 xian1
san hsien
three fresh ingredients (in cooking)


see styles
(noun/participle) preliminary boiling (of hard-to-cook ingredients); cooking in advance


see styles
 chuubi / chubi
medium flame (cooking); medium heat; medium fire; (surname) Nakahi


see styles
boiling something whole (e.g. vegetable, fish); cooking something whole


see styles
zhǔ liào
    zhu3 liao4
chu liao
main ingredients (in a cooking recipe)


see styles
wǔ xiāng
    wu3 xiang1
wu hsiang
five spice seasoned; incorporating the five basic flavors of Chinese cooking (sweet, sour, bitter, savory, salty)
(place-name, surname) Gokou
The incense composed of five ingredients (sandalwood, aloes, cloves, saffron, and camphor) offered by the esoteric sects in building their altars and in performing their rituals. Cf. 五分香; five aromas



see styles
biàn fàn
    bian4 fan4
pien fan
an ordinary meal; simple home cooking


see styles
zuò cài
    zuo4 cai4
tso ts`ai
    tso tsai
to cook; cooking


see styles
 naishoku; uchishoku
    ないしょく; うちしょく
(noun/participle) home cooking; eating at home


see styles
diāo dǒu
    diao1 dou3
tiao tou
soldier's copper saucepan, used for cooking food by day and for sounding the night watches during the hours of darkness (in ancient times)


see styles
 bekka; betsubi
    べっか; べつび
cooking over a second fire to prevent contamination from one's everyday fire for performing Shinto rites; cooking over a second fire to prevent contamination from mourning people, menstruating women, etc.; (surname) Betsuka


see styles
 kappou / kappo
cooking (esp. Japanese style); cuisine



see styles
jiā gài
    jia1 gai4
chia kai
to seal (with official stamp); to stamp; fig. to ratify; to put lid on (cooking pot); to cap; to build an extension or additional storey

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