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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
China fir; Cunninghamia lanceolata; also pr. [sha1]
Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica); (surname) Sugizagi
acedar; acedar

see styles

variant of 檗[bo4]
oak; daimyo oak; Japanese emperor oak; Quercus dentata; (surname, given name) Haku
Cypress, cedar, Arbor vitae; cypress

see styles
Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica); (surname) Sugizaki

see styles
Machilus nanmu; Chinese cedar; Chinese giant redwood
(kana only) camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora); camphorwood; camphor laurel; (surname) Nan


see styles
Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica); (kana only) cobia (Rachycentron canadum); sergeant fish; (female given name) Sugi


see styles
(1) (abbreviation) (archaism) small cedar; (2) (See 小杉原) thin Japanese paper (used as tissue during the Edo period); (surname) Kozuki


see styles
(kana only) thicket of cedar trees


see styles
door made of cedar; (place-name, surname) Sugido


see styles
cedar wood


see styles
 sugiita / sugita
cedar board


see styles
 sugidama; sugitama
    すぎだま; すぎたま
sugidama; ball made from sprigs of Japanese cedar, traditionally hung in the eaves of sake breweries


see styles
cedar bark


see styles
chopsticks made of cedar; (place-name) Sugihashi


see styles
liǔ shān
    liu3 shan1
liu shan
Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica)


see styles
nán mù
    nan2 mu4
nan mu
Phoebe zhennan; Machilus nanmu; Chinese cedar; Chinese giant redwood
(surname) Nanki


see styles
spear-shaped Japanese cedar


see styles
 beisugi; beisugi / besugi; besugi
    べいすぎ; ベイスギ
red cedar (thuja plicata); (surname) Yonesugi


see styles
spear-shaped Japanese cedar


see styles
xuě sōng
    xue3 song1
hsüeh sung
cedar tree; cedarwood
(surname) Yukimatsu


see styles
 shiida / shida
(personal name) Cedar


see styles
solitary Japanese cedar; (surname) Itsuponsugi


see styles
Yakushima cedar (esp. one over 1000 years old)


see styles
rough geta (e.g. made of Japanese cedar)


see styles
thin cedar or cypress shingles (4.5-6 mm thick, used for shingling roofs of temples, shrines, etc.)


see styles
(irregular okurigana usage) shingling with thin cedar or cypress shingles; roof shingled in such a manner (usu. at temples, shrines, etc.)


see styles
cedar pollen


see styles
(noun/participle) (1) being on stage when the curtain opens; (2) wooden floor; wooden-floored room; (3) (See 板焼き) thinly-sliced food grilled on a cedar board


see styles
thinly-sliced food grilled on a cedar board


see styles
(obscure) weeping cedar


see styles
(1) (Shinto) bonfire often in temple grounds, usu. of charms, talismans, New Year decorations, etc.; (2) ritual burning of money, cedar sticks, or other objects as an offering

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