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Athlete in Chinese / Japanese...

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 yùn dòng jiā
Athlete Scroll

運動家 means athlete, sportsman, or sporty person.

In certain contexts, it can mean activist, campaigner, or crusader.

 jì lǜ
Discipline Scroll

紀律 is a Chinese and Korean word that conveys the idea of extreme self-control and perhaps self-sacrifice, and obedience.

This word matches the kind of “discipline” I was in the Marine Corps. There is also an additional idea of maintaining order or being orderly in your tasks.

This idea would also fit an athlete training for the Olympics who gives up many pleasures to stay focused on their training.

See Also:  Self-Control | Will-Power

Fighting Spirit

The Will to Fight

 dòu zhì
Fighting Spirit Scroll

斗志 literally means fighting spirit in Chinese.

As in the spirit that a warrior, soldier, athlete, or fighter must possess.

斗Note: There is more than one way to write the first character of this word. It is sometimes written like the version shown to the right (yes, it's completely different but has the same meaning & pronunciation). If you have a preference, please let us know in the special instructions about your order.

Fighting Spirit

 tou shi
Fighting Spirit Scroll

This literally means “fighting spirit” or “the will to fight.”

As in the spirit that a warrior, soldier, athlete, or fighter must possess.

Sacrifice / Devotion / Dedication

(complete bodily devotion)

 xiàn shēn
 ken shin
Sacrifice / Devotion / Dedication Scroll

獻身 is used to describe being so devoted to something that you will make sacrifices for that goal/thing/person.

You can also translate this word as any of the following:

Give one's life for...
Sacrifice one's life for...
To dedicate oneself to...
Commit one's energy to...
Devote to...
Giving your whole body to...

This can be a dedication to or for someone but is often used as a dedication or making sacrifices for your country, public service, or a cause. For instance, an Olympic athlete makes great sacrifices to train in his/her sport for their country and compatriots.

While the form shown to the upper-left is considered an ancient Japanese version, in modern Japan, they use the simplified version of the first Kanji (shown to the right). Click on the Kanji at the right instead of the button above if you want this modern Japanese version.

If you are looking for a more religious meaning of devotion, see Faith.

See Also:  Confidence | Dedication

Strong / Healthy

Strong / Healthy Scroll

This “strong” character is the more “healthy” version of strong. 健 is the “strong” that is appropriate for an athlete.

Beyond “healthy,” it can also mean strength, persistence, vigorous, or invigorated/invigoration.

Strong / Healthy

Strong / Healthy Scroll

健やか is a verbose way to say strong and healthy in Japanese. 健やか is the “strong” that is appropriate for an athlete.

Beyond “healthy,” it can also mean strength, persistence, vigorous, or invigoration.

Japanese also use the first Kanji to mean the same thing. This version adds two hiragana which serve to emphasize or amplify the word and clarify the meaning.

Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

Not the results for athlete that you were looking for?

Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your athlete search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles

More info & calligraphy:

Shingitai / Shin Gi Tai
{MA;sports} three qualities of a martial artist or athlete: heart, technique, strength



see styles
yùn dòng jiā
    yun4 dong4 jia1
yün tung chia
 undouka / undoka

More info & calligraphy:

athlete; sportsman; activist
(1) (See 活動家) activist; campaigner; crusader (e.g. for women's rights); (2) athlete; sporty person


see styles
 bannou(p); mannou(ok) / banno(p); manno(ok)
    ばんのう(P); まんのう(ok)
(adj-no,n) (1) all-purpose; utility; universal; (adj-no,n) (2) all-powerful; almighty; omnipotent; all-round (e.g. athlete); (place-name) Mannou



see styles
zhōng jiān
    zhong1 jian1
chung chien
 chuuken / chuken
core; nucleus; backbone
(1) nucleus; backbone; mainstay; key figure; (adj-no,n) (2) medium-level; mid-level; middle-ranking; midsize; (3) main body (of troops); crack troops; select troops; (4) {baseb} center field; centre field; center fielder; centre fielder; (5) (See 先鋒・せんぽう・2) athlete competing in the middle-number match in a team competition, i.e. second in 3-on-3, third in 5-on-5 (kendo, judo, etc.); (surname) Nakano



see styles
hòu chǎng
    hou4 chang3
hou ch`ang
    hou chang
(of an actor, athlete etc) to prepare to make one's entrance; to wait in the wings



see styles
jiàn ér
    jian4 er2
chien erh
top athlete; heroic warrior
(given name) Kenji
healthy person



see styles
xiān fēng
    xian1 feng1
hsien feng
 senpou / senpo
vanguard; pioneer; avant-garde
(1) advance guard; vanguard; (2) {sports} athlete who competes in the first match of a team competition (kendo, judo, etc.)



see styles
chū chǎng
    chu1 chang3
ch`u ch`ang
    chu chang
(of a performer) to come onto the stage to perform; (of an athlete) to enter the arena to compete; (fig.) to enter the scene (e.g. a new product); (of an examinee etc) to leave the venue
(1) one's time (e.g. to go on stage); one's turn; (2) source; origin; place of production; (surname) Deba


see styles
 fukushou / fukusho
(1) second in command (of an army); (2) {sports} vice-captain; (3) (See 先鋒・せんぽう・2) fourth athlete to compete in a 5-on-5 team competition (kendo, judo, etc.)


see styles
 taishou(p); daishou(ok) / taisho(p); daisho(ok)
    たいしょう(P); だいしょう(ok)
(1) {mil} general; admiral; (2) head; chief; leader; boss; kingpin; (3) (familiar language) (familiar or jocular term for addressing a male) old chap; mate; boss; chief; man; (4) (See 先鋒・せんぽう・2) athlete who competes in the last match of a team competition (kendo, judo, etc.); (given name) Hiromasa


see styles
zuì jiā
    zui4 jia1
tsui chia
optimum; optimal; peak; best (athlete, movie etc)


see styles
 jihou / jiho
(See 先鋒・せんぽう・2) second athlete to compete in a 5-on-5 team competition (kendo, judo, etc.)


see styles
(1) athlete's foot; (2) (kana only) water boatman (esp. species Hesperocorixa distanti); (3) (kana only) Asellus hilgendorfi (species of aquatic sowbug)


see styles
 kanpou / kanpo
(irregular kanji usage) (med) dyshidrosis; pompholyx; athlete's foot


see styles
 kanpou / kanpo
(med) dyshidrosis; pompholyx; athlete's foot



see styles
shī qì
    shi1 qi4
shih ch`i
    shih chi
moisture; humidity; athlete's foot; tinea; eczema


see styles
xióng ní
    xiong2 ni2
hsiung ni
Xiong Ni (1974-), Chinese diving athlete



see styles
jìn sài
    jin4 sai4
chin sai
to ban (an athlete) from competitions



see styles
jiǎo qì
    jiao3 qi4
chiao ch`i
    chiao chi
athlete's foot; tinea pedis; beriberi



see styles
jiǎo xuǎn
    jiao3 xuan3
chiao hsüan
athlete's foot



see styles
zú xuǎn
    zu2 xuan3
tsu hsüan
athlete's foot



see styles
xuǎn shǒu
    xuan3 shou3
hsüan shou
athlete; contestant
player (of a sport); athlete; team member


see styles
 taiikuka / taikuka
physical culturist; athlete


see styles
huǒ jù shǒu
    huo3 ju4 shou3
huo chü shou
torchbearer; athlete carrying Olympic flame


see styles
 kyougisha / kyogisha
competitor; contestant; player; athlete


see styles
{med} (See みずむし・1) athlete's foot; foot ringworm; tinea pedis



see styles
yùn dòng yuán
    yun4 dong4 yuan2
yün tung yüan
 undouin / undoin
athlete; CL:名[ming2],個|个[ge4]


see styles
Olympic village; athlete's village



see styles
zhèng xìng juān
    zheng4 xing4 juan1
cheng hsing chüan
Zheng Xingjuan (1989-), Chinese athlete, lady high jumper



see styles
xiāng gǎng jiǎo
    xiang1 gang3 jiao3
hsiang kang chiao
athlete's foot

Click here for more athlete results from our dictionary

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
undouka / undokayùn dòng jiā
yun4 dong4 jia1
yun dong jia
yün tung chia
jì lǜ / ji4 lv4 / ji lv / jilvchi lü / chilü
Fighting Spirit斗志dòu zhì / dou4 zhi4 / dou zhi / douzhitou chih / touchih
Fighting Spirit闘誌
tou shi / toushi / to shi
ken shin / kenshinxiàn shēn
xian4 shen1
xian shen
hsien shen
kenjiàn / jian4 / jianchien
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.


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Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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