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qián wèi
Guard Scroll

前衛 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for advanced guard, vanguard, or avant-garde.

This can also refer to a forward (in soccer / futbol).

hēi dài
Black Belt Scroll

黑帶 is "black belt" in Chinese.

Many will argue whether rank systems that include a "black belt" are used in pure Chinese martial arts systems. The argument goes that it's more a Japanese idea that's merged into the western versions of Chinese martial arts. However, in Wushu (often referred to as Kung Fu), it's said that all students started with white belts. Over the years of training, the white belt would get dirty, until finally appearing black with filth. Thus, more advanced students had darker belts.

If you want this title in Chinese, this would be the form.

带 Often, the second character is written like the image to the right. If you like this version, click on this character instead of the button above.

Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused

zhuān xīn
sen shin
Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll

The first character means "for a particular person, occasion, or purpose", "focused on one single thing", "concentrated" and sometimes, "special".

The second character means "heart" or "mind" by itself.

Together, these two characters make a word that means, "paying attention with your heart". It's often translated as, "dedication", as in "be absorbed in" or "concentrate one's efforts". It's also used to mean, "with single mind", "whole-heartedly", "paying attention", "undivided attention", "concentration (-ed)", "engrossed", "devotionally (listening/watching)", and/or "attentive".

My favorite translation, which comes from the Oxford Advanced Chinese/English Dictionary is, "wholehearted devotion".

If it seems like the meaning of this word is quite open, you are correct. The context in which the word is used matters a lot. It can mean different things depending on how you use it. This makes it kind of nice as you can decide what this means to you (within some limits). This word is always positive in meaning, so even if a Chinese person reads it differently than you, it will still have a good meaning.

専In Japanese, they tend to use a variation of the second character which has one less stroke. If you want your calligraphy written this Japanese form, please click on the Kanji shown to the right instead of the button above. Note: Japanese and Chinese people will recognize either form.

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
zeneiqián wèi / qian2 wei4 / qian wei / qianweich`ien wei / chienwei / chien wei
Black Belt黑帶
hēi dài / hei1 dai4 / hei dai / heidaihei tai / heitai
專心 / 専心 / 耑心
sen shin / senshinzhuān xīn
zhuan1 xin1
zhuan xin
chuan hsin
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
sān mèi
    san1 mei4
san mei
 sanmai; zanmai
    さんまい; ざんまい
Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll
Samadhi (Buddhist term)
(1) (さんまい only) {Buddh} samadhi (state of intense concentration achieved through meditation) (san:); (suffix noun) (2) (usu. ざんまい) being immersed in; being absorbed in; indulging in; doing to one's heart's content; (suffix noun) (3) (usu. ざんまい) prone to; apt to; (given name) Sanmai
(三昧地) Samādhi, "putting together, composing the mind, intent contemplation, perfect absorption, union of the meditator with the object of meditation." (M. W.) Also 三摩地 (三摩提, 三摩帝, 三摩底). Interpreted by 定 or 正定, the mind fixed and undisturbed; by 正受 correct sensation of the object contemplated; by 調直定 ordering and fixing the mind; by 正心行處 the condition when the motions of the mind are steadied and harmonized with the object; by 息慮凝心 the cessation of distraction and the fixation of the mind; by 等持 the mind held in equilibrium; by 奢摩他, i.e. 止息 to stay the breathing. It is described as concentration of the mind (upon an object). The aim is 解脫, mukti, deliverance from all the trammels of life, the bondage of the passions and reincarnations. It may pass from abstraction to ecstasy, or rapture, or trance. Dhyāna 定 represents a simpler form of contemplation; samāpatti 三摩鉢底 a stage further advanced; and samādhi the highest stage of the Buddhist equivalent for Yoga, though Yoga is considered by some as a Buddhist development differing from samādhi. The 翻譯名義 says: 思專 when the mind has been concentrated, then 志一不分 the will is undivided; when 想寂 active thought has been put to rest, then 氣虛神朗 the material becomes etherealized and the spirit liberated, on which 智 knowledge, or the power to know, has free course, and there is no mystery into which it cannot probe. Cf. 智度論 5, 20, 23, 28; 止觀 2; 大乘義章 2, 9, 1 3, 20, etc. There are numerous kinds and degrees of samādhi; (Skt. samādhi)



see styles
qián wèi
    qian2 wei4
ch`ien wei
    chien wei
 zenei / zene
Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll
advanced guard; vanguard; avant-garde; forward (soccer position)
(noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) advance guard; vanguard; (noun - becomes adjective with の) (2) avant-garde (e.g. music); (surname) Maee



see styles
pú sà
    pu2 sa4
p`u sa
    pu sa
 bosatsu(p); bosachi(ok)
    ぼさつ(P); ぼさち(ok)
Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll
Bodhisattva (Buddhism)
(n,n-suf) (1) {Buddh} bodhisattva; one who has reached enlightenment but vows to save all beings before becoming a buddha; (n,n-suf) (2) High Monk (title bestowed by the imperial court); (n,n-suf) (3) (See 本地垂迹説) title bestowed to Shinto kami in manifestation theory; (surname) Mizoro
bodhisattva, cf. 菩提薩埵. While the idea is not foreign to Hīnayāna, its extension of meaning is one of the chief marks of Mahāyāna. 'The Bodhisattva is indeed the characteristic feature of the Mahāyāna.' Keith. According to Mahāyāna the Hinayanists, i.e. the śrāvaka and pratyekabuddha, seek their own salvation, while the bodhisattva's aim is the salvation of others and of all. The earlier intp. of bodhisattva was 大道心衆生 all beings with mind for the truth; later it became 大覺有情 conscious beings of or for the great intelligence, or enlightenment. It is also intp. in terms of leadership, heroism, etc. In general it is a Mahayanist seeking Buddhahood, but seeking it altruistically; whether monk or layman, he seeks enlightenment to enlighten others, and he will sacrifice himself to save others; he is devoid of egoism and devoted to helping others. All conscious beings having the Buddha-nature are natural bodhisattvas, but require to undergo development. The mahāsattva is sufficiently advanced to become a Buddha and enter nirvāṇa, but according to his vow he remains in the realm of incarnation to save all conscious beings. A monk should enter on the arduous course of discipline which leads to Bodhisattvahood and Buddhahood.


see styles
sān jiào
    san1 jiao4
san chiao
 sankyou; sangyou / sankyo; sangyo
    さんきょう; さんぎょう
the Three Doctrines (Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism)
(1) Shinto, Buddhism and Confucianism; the three religions; (2) Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism; (3) Buddhism, Shinto and Christianity; (given name) Mitsunori
The three teachings, i.e. 儒, 佛 (or 釋), and 道Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism; or, 孔, 老, 釋 Confucianism, Taoism (aIso known as 神敎), and Buddhism. In Japan they are Shinto, Confucianism, and Buddhism. In Buddhism the term is applied to the three periods of Śākyamuni's own teaching, of which there are several definitions: (1) The Jiangnan 南中 School describe his teaching as (a) 漸progressive or gradual; (b) 頓 immediate, i.e. as one whole, especially in the 華嚴經; and (c) 不定 or indeterminate. (2) 光統 Guangtong, a writer of the Iater Wei dynasty, describes the three as (a) 漸 progressive for beginners, i.e. from impermanence to permanence, from the void to reality, etc.; (b) 頓 immediate for the more advanced; and (c) 圓complete, to the most advanced, i.e. the Huayan as above. (3) The 三時敎q.v. (4) The 南山 Southern school deals with (a) the 性空of Hīnayāna; (b) 相空of Mahāyāna; and (c) 唯識圓 the perfect idealism. v. 行事鈔中 4. Tiantai accepts the division of 漸, 頓, and 不定 for pre-Lotus teaching, but adopts 漸 gradual, 頓 immediate, and 圓 perfect, with the Lotus as the perfect teaching; it also has the division of 三藏敎 , 通敎 , and 別敎 q.v.



see styles
shàng jí
    shang4 ji2
shang chi
 joukyuu / jokyu
higher authorities; superiors; CL:個|个[ge4]
advanced level; high grade; senior


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) pointed end; tip; fine point; spearhead; cusp; vanguard; advanced; leading edge; apex (of a curve)



see styles
xiān jìn
    xian1 jin4
hsien chin
advanced (technology); to advance
(adj-no,n) (1) advanced; developed; (2) (ant: 後進・1) seniority; senior; superior; elder
先輩 Of earlier, or senior rank or achievement.


see styles
rù shì
    ru4 shi4
ju shih
 nyuushitsu(p); nisshitsu / nyushitsu(p); nisshitsu
    にゅうしつ(P); にっしつ
(noun/participle) (1) (にゅうしつ only) (See 退室) entering a room; (noun/participle) (2) {Buddh} studying under a Buddhist teacher
To enter the master's study for examination or instruction; to enter the status of a disciple, but strictly of an advanced disciple. To receive consecration; to enter the room


see styles
zēng bēi
    zeng1 bei1
tseng pei
Augmented pity of a bodhisattva, who remains to save, though his 增智 advanced knowledge would justify his withdrawal to nirvāṇa; enhanced compassion


see styles
zūn sù
    zun1 su4
tsun su
A monk honoured and advanced in years; honored elder


see styles
jiān duān
    jian1 duan1
chien tuan
sharp pointed end; the tip; the cusp; tip-top; most advanced and sophisticated; highest peak; the best
(noun - becomes adjective with の) pointed end; tip; fine point; spearhead; cusp; vanguard; advanced; leading edge; apex (of a curve)



see styles
hòu jìn
    hou4 jin4
hou chin
 koushin / koshin
less advanced; underdeveloped; lagging behind; the younger generation; the less experienced ones
(1) one's junior; younger generation; next generation; (noun/participle) (2) (ant: 前進) moving backwards; backing up; reversing


see styles
kuài bān
    kuai4 ban1
k`uai pan
    kuai pan
advanced stream (in school); express (train, bus etc)


see styles
zhǐ kǎo
    zhi3 kao3
chih k`ao
    chih kao
Advanced Subjects Test, university entrance exam that assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline (Tw); abbr. for 大學入學指定科目考試|大学入学指定科目考试[Da4 xue2 Ru4 xue2 Zhi3 ding4 Ke1 mu4 Kao3 shi4]


see styles
xīn zhī
    xin1 zhi1
hsin chih
new knowledge; new friend
(1) (obsolete) new acquaintance; (2) (obsolete) (See 新地・3) newly-acquired territory; (3) (abbreviation) (obsolete) (See 新知識) new ideas; advanced information; (place-name) Shinchi


see styles
duàn wèi
    duan4 wei4
tuan wei
rank; class; (Japanese martial arts and board games) dan
dan rank (in martial arts, go, etc.); advanced rank; grade of black belt


see styles
shēn dù
    shen1 du4
shen tu
depth; (of a speech etc) profundity; advanced stage of development
depth; (place-name) Fukawatari


see styles
 tokushou / tokusho
(slang) (abbreviation) (See 特別少年院) advanced juvenile training school; special reformatory; juvenile hall for grave offenders


see styles
advanced or master's course at university


see styles
yán xiū
    yan2 xiu1
yen hsiu
 kenshuu / kenshu
to do research work; to engage in advanced studies
(noun/participle) training (esp. in-service); induction course; (surname) Kenshou



see styles
jī nián
    ji1 nian2
chi nien
for a long time; over many years; old; advanced in age
(1) (See 昔年) (many) years; (can be adjective with の) (2) long-standing (esp. hatred, grudge); ancient


see styles
lǎo jìng
    lao3 jing4
lao ching
 roukyou / rokyo
advanced years; old age
(noun - becomes adjective with の) old age


see styles
 rourei / rore
(noun - becomes adjective with の) advanced age; senility


see styles
chāo qián
    chao1 qian2
ch`ao ch`ien
    chao chien
to be ahead of one's time; to surpass or outdo one's predecessors; to be ahead of the pack; to take the lead; advanced



see styles
jìn xiū
    jin4 xiu1
chin hsiu
 shin shu
to undertake advanced studies; to take a refresher course
pursue cultivation



see styles
jìn jiē
    jin4 jie1
chin chieh



see styles
xiá líng
    xia2 ling2
hsia ling
advanced age; longevity; long life



see styles
zhǎng zhě
    zhang3 zhe3
chang che
 chouja(p); chousha; chouza / choja(p); chosha; choza
    ちょうじゃ(P); ちょうしゃ; ちょうざ
senior; older person
(1) (ちょうじゃ only) millionaire; (2) one's superior; one's elder; one's senior; (3) (archaism) virtuous and gentle person; (4) (ちょうじゃ only) (archaism) female owner of a whorehouse in a post town; (5) (ちょうじゃ only) (archaism) (See 宿駅) chief of a post town; (place-name, surname) Choujiya
揭利呵跋底; 疑叻賀鉢底 gṛhapati. A householder; one who is just, straightforward, truthful, honest, advanced in age, and wealthy; an elder.


see styles
gāo shàng
    gao1 shang4
kao shang
 koushou / kosho
noble; lofty; refined; exquisite
(noun or adjectival noun) high; noble; refined; advanced; (personal name) Takahisa


see styles
gāo dù
    gao1 du4
kao tu
 koudo / kodo
height; altitude; elevation; high degree; highly; CL:個|个[ge4]
(1) altitude; height; elevation; (adj-na,adj-no) (2) high-degree; high-grade; advanced; sophisticated; strong; (given name) Takanori

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Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll
Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll
Devotion / Dedication / Attentive / Focused Scroll

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