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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
(of a child) obedient, well-behaved; clever; shrewd; alert; perverse; contrary to reason; irregular; abnormal
to be contrary to

see styles

lopsided; unbalanced; abnormal; irregular; odd fractional remnant

see styles
demonic; iniquitous; nefarious; evil; unhealthy influences that cause disease (Chinese medicine); (coll.) strange; abnormal
wickedness; evil; wicked person
Deflected, erroneous, heterodox, depraved; the opposite of 正; also erroneously used for 耶; perverse



see styles
bù duì
    bu4 dui4
pu tui
incorrect; wrong; amiss; abnormal; queer



see styles
bù shùn
    bu4 shun4
pu shun
unfavorable; adverse
(noun or adjectival noun) irregular; unseasonable; changeable; unsettled; abnormal



see styles
guāi miù
    guai1 miu4
kuai miu
ridiculous; abnormal


see styles
fǎn cháng
    fan3 chang2
fan ch`ang
    fan chang
unusual; abnormal


see styles
(noun - becomes adjective with の) embolus; abnormal substance (i.e. air) circulating in the blood


see styles
(adj-no,n) (1) counterclockwise; anti-clockwise; (2) eccentric; abnormal; (surname) Samaki


see styles
guài quān
    guai4 quan1
kuai ch`üan
    kuai chüan
vicious circle; (abnormal) phenomenon


see styles
guài tāi
    guai4 tai1
kuai t`ai
    kuai tai
freak; abnormal embryo; fetus with deformity



see styles
tí luó
    ti2 luo2
t`i lo
    ti lo
One with abnormal sexual organs; abbreviation of ṣaṇḍhilā, cf. 般, 半; lacking complete sexual capacity


see styles
 ryouki / ryoki
seeking the bizarre (abnormal, grotesque, etc.)



see styles
yì dòng
    yi4 dong4
i tung
 idou / ido
to shift; to alter; unusual change; abnormal move
(n,vs,vt,vi) change (personnel); transfer; reshuffle


see styles
unusual event; strange occurrence; strange phenomenon; something abnormal; change (for the worse); accident; disaster



see styles
yì cháng
    yi4 chang2
i ch`ang
    i chang
 ijou / ijo
exceptional; abnormal; an anomaly
(noun or adjectival noun) (ant: 正常) strangeness; abnormality; disorder



see styles
bìng tài
    bing4 tai4
ping t`ai
    ping tai
 byoutai / byotai
morbid or abnormal state
(See 病状) patient's condition; pathology


see styles
 byouteki / byoteki
(adj-na,adj-no) pathological; morbid; unhealthy; diseased; unwholesome; abnormal



see styles
bìng mài
    bing4 mai4
ping mai
abnormal pulse


see styles
pò gé
    po4 ge2
p`o ko
    po ko
to break the rule; to make an exception
(adj-no,adj-na,n) (1) extraordinary; exceptional; unprecedented; special; abnormal; irregular; (adj-no,adj-na,n) (2) {gramm} solecistic; non-standard; irregular


see styles
shén hún
    shen2 hun2
shen hun
mind; state of mind (often abnormal)


see styles
yè chòu
    ye4 chou4
yeh ch`ou
    yeh chou
body odor; bromhidrosis; armpit odor; underarm stink; also called 狐臭[hu2 chou4]
body odor (odour); abnormal underarm odor (odour)



see styles
biàn tài
    bian4 tai4
pien t`ai
    pien tai
to metamorphose (biology); abnormal; perverted; hentai; (slang) pervert



see styles
zhuì shēng
    zhui4 sheng1
chui sheng
excrescence; abnormal superfluous growth


see styles
xié pì
    xie2 pi4
hsieh p`i
    hsieh pi
abnormal; improper; beyond the pale


see styles
bù zhèng cháng
    bu4 zheng4 chang2
pu cheng ch`ang
    pu cheng chang
 fuseijou / fusejo
(noun or adjectival noun) anomaly



see styles
bù guī fàn
    bu4 gui1 fan4
pu kuei fan
not standard; abnormal; irregular


see styles
(adj-na,n,adj-no) out of the common; far above the average; extraordinary; abnormal; unreasonable



see styles
chī cuò yào
    chi1 cuo4 yao4
ch`ih ts`o yao
    chih tso yao
(lit.) to have taken the wrong medicine; (fig.) (of one's behavior etc) different than usual; abnormal


see styles
(adjectival noun) irregular; atypical; anomalous; anomalistic; abnormal
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