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身心 in Chinese / Japanese...

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Body and Mind

China shēn xīn
Japan shin shin
Body and Mind Vertical Wall Scroll

身心 means, "body and mind" or "mental and physical" in Chinese and Japanese.

In the Buddhist context, body and mind encompass the five elements (skandha) of a sentient being.
The body is the physical material (rūpa) of life. Mind embraces the other four skandhas which are consciousness, perception, action, and knowledge.

Mind, Body and Spirit

China shēn xīn líng
Japan mi shin rei
Mind, Body and Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll

This is probably the best way to express the idea of "Body, Mind and Spirit" in Chinese and old Korean Hanja. We are actually using the word for "heart" here because for thousands of years, the heart was thought to be the place where your thoughts, feelings and emotions came from. We do something similar in the west when we say "warm-hearted" or "I love you with all of my heart." In this context, heart = mind in Asian language and culture.

The very literal translation of these three characters is "body, heart & spirit" which could also be interpreted as "body mind & soul."

We have arranged these characters in this order because it simply "feels" like the proper order in the Chinese language. Word lists like this are not so common for calligraphy artwork, so we have to be careful to put them in the most natural order. It should be noted that this is not a common title in Asia, nor is it considered an actual phrase (as it lacks a clear subject, verb, and object).

霊In Japanese Kanji, they use an alternate form of the character for soul or spirit. If you want this using the Japanese alternate, please click on the Kanji shown to the right instead of the button above.

Japanese disclaimer: This is not a natural phrase/list in Japanese. While not totally-natural in Chinese, this word list is best if your audience is Chinese.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn / shen1 xin1
Taiwan shen hsin
Japanese shinjin / しんじん    shinshin / しんしん
Mind, Body and Spirit Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese body and mind; mental and physical
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) mind and body
Body and mind, the direct fruit of the previous life. The body is rūpa, the first skandha; mind embraces the other four, consciousness, perception, action, and knowledge; v. 五蘊.



see styles
Mandarin luàn shēn xīn / luan4 shen1 xin1
Taiwan luan shen hsin
Japanese ran shinshin
disturbs body and mind


see styles
Mandarin quán shēn xīn / quan2 shen1 xin1
Taiwan ch`üan shen hsin / chüan shen hsin
Chinese wholeheartedly; (to devote oneself) heart and soul


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn kē / shen1 xin1 ke1
Taiwan shen hsin k`o / shen hsin ko
Chinese psychiatry


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn yī rú / shen1 xin1 yi1 ru2
Taiwan shen hsin i ju
Japanese shinjinichinyo / しんじんいちにょ    shinshinichinyo / しんしんいちにょ
Japanese (yoji) body and mind as one; mind-body unity
unity of body and mind


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn bù èr / shen1 xin1 bu4 er4
Taiwan shen hsin pu erh
Japanese shin jin funi
non-duality of body and mind


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn jiāo bìng / shen1 xin1 jiao1 bing4
Taiwan shen hsin chiao ping
Chinese worn out in body and soul (idiom)


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn jiāo cuì / shen1 xin1 jiao1 cui4
Taiwan shen hsin chiao ts`ui / shen hsin chiao tsui
Chinese worn out in body and soul (idiom)


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn jù pí / shen1 xin1 ju4 pi2
Taiwan shen hsin chü p`i / shen hsin chü pi
Chinese physically and emotionally exhausted



see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn yōu kǔ / shen1 xin1 you1 ku3
Taiwan shen hsin yu k`u / shen hsin yu ku
Japanese shinshin uku
suffering and despair of body and mind



see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn róu ruǎn / shen1 xin1 rou2 ruan3
Taiwan shen hsin jou juan
Japanese shinshin jūnan
soft and gentle in body and mind



see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn huān xǐ / shen1 xin1 huan1 xi3
Taiwan shen hsin huan hsi
Japanese shinshin kanki
happy in body and spirit



see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn rèn ǎo / shen1 xin1 ren4 ao3
Taiwan shen hsin jen ao
Japanese shinshin netsunō
torment of body and mind


see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn shuǎng kuài / shen1 xin1 shuang3 kuai4
Taiwan shen hsin shuang k`uai / shen hsin shuang kuai
Chinese refreshment



see styles
Mandarin shēn xīn zhàng ài / shen1 xin1 zhang4 ai4
Taiwan shen hsin chang ai
Chinese disability


see styles
Japanese shinshinichinyo;shinjinichinyo / しんしんいちにょ;しんじんいちにょ Japanese (yoji) body and mind as one; mind-body unity


see styles
Japanese shinshin(p);shinjin(ok) / しんしん(P);しんじん(ok) Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) mind and body

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Body and Mind身心shin shin / shinshinshēn xīn / shen1 xin1 / shen xin / shenxinshen hsin / shenhsin
Mind, Body and Spirit身心靈 / 身心霊
mi shin rei
shēn xīn líng
shen1 xin1 ling2
shen xin ling
shen hsin ling
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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