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  1. King

  2. Monkey King

  3. Prince

  4. Princess

  5. Queen

  6. Queen / Empress

  7. Queen Bee

  8. Lion King

  9. Monkey King

10. The Planet Neptune

11. Pluto

12. Queen Bee

13. Uranus

14. Animal Kingdom

15. Lion Heart

16. Orchid Queen

17. United Kingdom


China wáng
HK wong
Japan ou
King Vertical Wall Scroll

王 is wang which means king. It is not pronounced the way you think in Chinese. It is more like English-speakers would want to pronounce wong. It has roughly the same vowel sound as tong, song, or long in English.

Note that this means king only, not emperor. An emperor is higher than a king, and theoretically is chosen by God, according to ancient Chinese culture. However, the definition is often blurred at various points in Asian history.

王 can also be defined as ruler, sovereign, monarch or magnate. It is also can refer to a game piece in the chess-like Japanese strategic game of shoji.

Note: This can also be a family name in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese (in Vietnamese it's Vương).

See Also:  Queen

Monkey King

China hóu wáng
Monkey King Vertical Wall Scroll

猴王 is the short title for "Monkey King." This can refer to the character made famous by the ancient novel, Journey to the West.

This literally reads "Monkey King." However, this title is open to interpretation, and could be used for someone who is the boss of the primate exhibit at the zoo, or certain characters in Chinese opera.

See Also:  Monkey Fist | Drunken Monkey


China wáng zǐ
Japan ou ji
Prince Vertical Wall Scroll

王子 is prince in Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji. If you look at the meaning of each character, the first means king, and the second means son (or child). Thus, "King's Son," "Son of the King," or "King's Child," is the literal meaning of this title.


Japan oujo
Princess Vertical Wall Scroll

王女 is a Japanese title that means princess.


China nǚ wáng
Japan jo ou
Queen Vertical Wall Scroll

女王 is one way to write queen in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

女王 is not the same thing as an empress.

The first character means "woman" or "female," and the second means "king." So this is literally, "woman king."

See Also:  Empress | Goddess | King | Emperor

Queen / Empress

Wife of the King
China wáng hòu
Japan ou kou
Queen / Empress Vertical Wall Scroll

王后 is another way to write queen in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

王后 is sometimes used for the title of empress.

The first character means "king" and the second means "wife," or a short form to say "wife of the king / emperor." So this is literally, "king's wife" or "emperor's wife." Some will translate this as "queen consort."

See Also:  Queen | Goddess | King | Emperor

Queen Bee

China fēng wáng
Queen Bee Vertical Wall Scroll

I added this because a customer got confused about queens. In Chinese, they do not use the same title of queen for bees as they do for humans. 蜂王 is the proper title for the queen bee of a hive.

Lion King

China shī zǐ wáng
Japan shi shi ou
Lion King Vertical Wall Scroll

獅子王 is the Chinese title for "The Lion King" (also associated with the Disney movie).

This has the "Lion King" meaning in Japanese however, not in association with the movie you are thinking of. 獅子王 is also a Japanese surname that romanizes as Shishiou.

Monkey King

China měi hóu wáng
Monkey King Vertical Wall Scroll

美猴王 is the specific title for "Monkey King." A character made famous by the ancient novel, Journey to the West. It literally means "Handsome/Beautiful Monkey King."

See Also:  Monkey Fist | Drunken Monkey

The Planet Neptune

China hǎi wáng xīng
Japan kaiousei
The Planet Neptune Vertical Wall Scroll

海王星 is the Japanese Kanji, old Korean Hanja and Chinese title for the planet Neptune.

海王星 literally mean, "Sea God Star" (all planets end in the character that also means "star").


China míng wáng xīng
Japan mei ou sei
Pluto Vertical Wall Scroll

冥王星 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korea Hanja for Pluto (the dwarf planet or non-planet that used to be thought of as the 9th planet in the Solar system).

Queen Bee

Japan jooubachi
Queen Bee Vertical Wall Scroll

女王蜂 is the Japanese title for "Queen Bee," as in queen of a bee hive.


China tiān wáng xīng
Japan tennousei
Uranus Vertical Wall Scroll

天王星 is the Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja for the planet Uranus.

Animal Kingdom

China dòng wù wáng guó
Japan doubutsu oukoku
Animal Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll

動物王國 is literally what it says.

There is even a TV show in China that is similar to Wild Kingdom or what you would currently see on the Discovery Channel that has this same title.

For your information: In the Chinese way of thinking, the Tiger is the king of the animal kingdom (lions are not native to China, so the tiger took the role that we have given to the lion in our western way of thinking).

The Japanese version has a slight variation on the last character. Let me know if your audience is Japanese, and we will have it written in that form for you.

Lion Heart

Japan shi shi shin ou
Lion Heart Vertical Wall Scroll

獅子心王 is the Japanese version of the nickname for King Richard the First. It literally means "Lion Heart King." The full title is "リチャード獅子心王" in Japanese, or "Richard Lion Heart King."

If you want a special version of this or a related Lion Heart title, just contact me.

Orchid Queen

China lán huā nǚ wáng
Orchid Queen Vertical Wall Scroll

蘭花女王 is the long, clear or verbose version of "Orchid Queen" in Chinese.

United Kingdom

Japan rengououkoku / rengookoku
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll

連合王國 is the most common Japanese name for the United Kingdom.

See Also:  Great Britain | England | Scotland | Ireland | Europe

United Kingdom

China dài yīng lián hé wáng guó
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll

This is the Chinese name for the United Kingdom

See Also:  Great Britain | England | Scotland | Ireland | Europe

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Below are some entries from our dictionary that may match your search...


If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
Mandarin wàng // wáng / wang4 // wang2
Taiwan wang
Japanese ou / o / おう
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to rule; to reign over; king or monarch; best or strongest of its type; grand; great; surname Wang
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) king; ruler; sovereign; monarch; (2) tycoon; magnate; champion; master; (3) (abbreviation) {shogi} (See 王将・おうしょう) king (of the senior player); (surname) Wan; (surname) Yuu; (surname) Chiyan; (surname) Taka; (surname) Shin; (surname) Kimi; (surname) Ki; (surname) On; (surname) Oo; (surname) Ou; (surname) Oi; (surname) O; (surname) Uon
rāja, king, prince, royal; to rule.


see styles
Mandarin nǚ wáng / nu:3 wang2
Taiwan nü wang
Japanese joou / joo / じょおう
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese queen
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) queen; (personal name) Joou


see styles
Mandarin hóu wáng / hou2 wang2
Taiwan hou wang
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记[Xi1 you2 Ji4]


see styles
Mandarin wáng hòu / wang2 hou4
Taiwan wang hou
Japanese oukou / oko / おうこう
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese queen; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Japanese queen


see styles
Mandarin wáng nǚ / wang2 nv3
Taiwan wang nü
Japanese oujo(p);ounyo(ok) / ojo(p);onyo(ok) / おうじょ(P);おうにょ(ok)
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese princess


see styles
Mandarin wáng zǐ / wang2 zi3
Taiwan wang tzu
Japanese ouji / oji / おうじ
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese prince; son of a king
Japanese (1) prince; (2) subordinate Kumano shrine; (female given name) Kimiko; (surname) Ooji; (place-name, surname) Ouji; (surname, female given name) Ouko


see styles
Mandarin fēng wáng / feng1 wang2
Taiwan feng wang
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese queen bee


see styles
Mandarin míng wáng xīng / ming2 wang2 xing1
Taiwan ming wang hsing
Japanese meiousei / meose / めいおうせい
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Pluto (dwarf planet)
Japanese Pluto (dwarf planet)


see styles
Mandarin tiān wáng xīng / tian1 wang2 xing1
Taiwan t`ien wang hsing / tien wang hsing
Japanese tennousei(p);tenousei / tennose(p);tenose / てんのうせい(P);てんおうせい
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Uranus (planet)
Japanese Uranus (planet)


see styles
Japanese jooubachi / joobachi / じょおうばち
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese queen bee


see styles
Mandarin hǎi wáng xīng / hai3 wang2 xing1
Taiwan hai wang hsing
Japanese kaiousei / kaiose / かいおうせい
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Neptune (planet)
Japanese Neptune (planet)


see styles
Japanese rengououkoku / rengookoku / れんごうおうこく
United Kingdom Vertical Wall Scroll
Japanese the United Kingdom



see styles
Mandarin dà yīng lián hé wáng guó / da4 ying1 lian2 he2 wang2 guo2
Taiwan ta ying lien ho wang kuo
Chinese United Kingdom


see styles
Mandarin shì wáng / shi4 wang2
Taiwan shih wang
Japanese jiō
service to the rulership


see styles
Mandarin èr wáng / er4 wang2
Taiwan erh wang
Japanese niou / nio / におう
Japanese the two guardian Deva kings
The two guardian spirits represented on the temple gates, styled Vajrayakṣa 金剛夜叉 or 神 or 夜叉神; two guardian kings


see styles
Mandarin rén wáng / ren2 wang2
Taiwan jen wang
Japanese ninnō


see styles
Mandarin rén wáng / ren2 wang2
Taiwan jen wang
Japanese niou / nio / におう
Japanese the two guardian Deva kings; (personal name) Niwa; (personal name) Nioo; (surname) Niou
The benevolent king, Buddha; the name Śākya is intp. as 能仁 able in generosity. Also an ancient king, probably imaginary, of the 'sixteen countries' of India, for whom the Buddha is said to have dictated the 仁經, a sutra with two principal translations into Chinese, the first by Kumārajīva styled 仁般若經 or 佛說仁般若波羅蜜經 without magical formulae, the second by Amogha (不空) styled 仁護國般若波羅蜜經, etc., into which the magical formulae were introduced; these were for royal ceremonials to protect the country from all kinds of calamities and induce prosperity.


see styles
Japanese waou / wao / わおう Japanese (archaism) king of Yamato


see styles
Japanese senou / seno / せんおう Japanese usurper king


see styles
Mandarin xiān wáng / xian1 wang2
Taiwan hsien wang
Japanese senou;sennou / seno;senno / せんおう;せんのう
Chinese former kings; former emperors; in Confucian writing, refers esp. to the sage rulers Yao 堯|尧[Yao2], Shun 舜[Shun4], Yu 禹[Yu3], Tang 湯|汤[Tang1] and the kings of Zhou
Japanese the late king; the preceding king; good ancient kings


see styles
Mandarin míng wáng / ming2 wang2
Taiwan ming wang
Japanese meiou / meo / めいおう
Chinese the king of hell
Japanese (n-pr) Hades (Greek god); Pluto (Roman god); (surname) Meiou


see styles
Japanese zennou;zenou / zenno;zeno / ぜんのう;ぜんおう Japanese former king; late king


see styles
Mandarin qín wáng / qin2 wang2
Taiwan ch`in wang / chin wang
Japanese kinnou / kinno / きんのう
Chinese to serve the king diligently; to save the country in times of danger; to send troops to rescue the king
Japanese loyalty to the emperor; loyalism


see styles
Mandarin shí wáng / shi2 wang2
Taiwan shih wang
Japanese juuou / juo / じゅうおう
Japanese {Buddh} ten rulers of the afterlife (who judge the dead and determine their placement in their next life); (place-name, surname) Juuou
The ten kings presiding over the ten departments of purgatory.



see styles
Mandarin zhà wáng / zha4 wang2
Taiwan cha wang
Japanese Taō


see styles
Mandarin jun wáng / jun1 wang2
Taiwan chün wang
Japanese kimio / きみお
Chinese sovereign king
Japanese (female given name) Kimio


see styles
Mandarin gē wáng / ge1 wang2
Taiwan ko wang
Japanese Kaō
(哥利) cf. 迦; Kali



see styles
Mandarin yán wáng / yan2 wang2
Taiwan yen wang
Japanese Gonō
i.e. 妙莊 in the Lotus Sutra; Śubhavyūha


see styles
Mandarin sì wáng / si4 wang2
Taiwan ssu wang
Japanese shiou / shio / しおう
Japanese (place-name) Shiou
(四天) catur-mahārāja-kāyikās, the four heavens of the four deva-kings, i. e. the lowest of the six heavens of desire; v. 四天.


see styles
Japanese kokuou / kokuo / こくおう Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) king

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kingou / owáng / wang2 / wang
Monkey King猴王hóu wáng / hou2 wang2 / hou wang / houwang
Prince王子ou ji / ouji / o ji / ojiwáng zǐ / wang2 zi3 / wang zi / wangziwang tzu / wangtzu
Princess王女oujo / ojo
Queen女王jo ou / joou / jo o / joonǚ wáng / nv3 wang2 / nv wang / nvwangnü wang / nüwang
王后ou kou / oukou / o ko / okowáng hòu / wang2 hou4 / wang hou / wanghou
Queen Bee蜂王fēng wáng
feng1 wang2
feng wang
Lion King獅子王
shi shi ou / shishiou / shi shi o / shishioshī zǐ wáng
shi1 zi3 wang2
shi zi wang
shih tzu wang
Monkey King美猴王měi hóu wáng
mei3 hou2 wang2
mei hou wang
The Planet Neptune海王星kaiousei / kaioseihǎi wáng xīng
hai3 wang2 xing1
hai wang xing
hai wang hsing
Pluto冥王星mei ou sei / meiousei / mei o sei / meioseimíng wáng xīng
ming2 wang2 xing1
ming wang xing
ming wang hsing
Queen Bee女王蜂jooubachi / jobachi
Uranus天王星tennousei / tennoseitiān wáng xīng
tian1 wang2 xing1
tian wang xing
t`ien wang hsing
tien wang hsing
Animal Kingdom動物王國
doubutsu oukoku
dobutsu okoku
dòng wù wáng guó
dong4 wu4 wang2 guo2
dong wu wang guo
tung wu wang kuo
Lion Heart獅子心王
shi shi shin ou
shi shi shin o
Orchid Queen蘭花女王
lán huā nǚ wáng
lan2 hua1 nv3 wang2
lan hua nv wang
lan hua nü wang
United Kingdom連合王國
rengououkoku / rengookoku
rengokoku / rengokoku
United Kingdom大英聯合王國
dài yīng lián hé wáng guó
dai4 ying1 lian2 he2 wang2 guo2
dai ying lian he wang guo
tai ying lien ho wang kuo
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

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