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Sing / Singing

China chàng
Sing / Singing Vertical Wall Scroll

唱 is how to refer to singing or song in Chinese.

In Japanese the meaning is similar but more closely means chant, recite or yell. Best if your audience in Chinese.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin chàng / chang4
Taiwan ch`ang / chang
Japanese tonoo / とのお    tonou / tono / とのう    tonae / となえ    tonau / となう    shou / sho / しょう
Sing / Singing Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to sing; to call loudly; to chant
Japanese (surname) Tonoo; (given name) Tonou; (female given name) Tonae; (female given name) Tonau; (given name) Shou
To cry out, sing; to call out


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Japanese sanshou / sansho / さんしょう Japanese (noun/participle) three cheers; three chants; singing three times


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Japanese shushou / shusho / しゅしょう Japanese (noun/participle) advocacy; promotion


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Japanese denshou / densho / でんしょう Japanese (noun/participle) tradition


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Mandarin gū chàng / gu1 chang4
Taiwan ku ch`ang / ku chang
Japanese koshō
to auction a deceased monk's personal possessions to the other monks.


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Mandarin bàn chàng / ban4 chang4
Taiwan pan ch`ang / pan chang
Chinese vocal accompaniment; to accompany a singer; to support of sb; to echo sb; to chime in with sb


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Japanese teishou / tesho / ていしょう Japanese (noun/participle) hum; singing softly


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Mandarin jiǎ chàng / jia3 chang4
Taiwan chia ch`ang / chia chang
Chinese to lip-sync (singing)



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Mandarin chuán chàng / chuan2 chang4
Taiwan ch`uan ch`ang / chuan chang
Chinese to pass on a song


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Mandarin xiān chàng / xian1 chang4
Taiwan hsien ch`ang / hsien chang
Japanese senshō
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


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Mandarin hé chàng / he2 chang4
Taiwan ho ch`ang / ho chang
Japanese gasshou / gassho / がっしょう
Chinese chorus; to chorus
Japanese (n,vs,adj-no) chorus; singing in a chorus


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Mandarin yín chàng / yin2 chang4
Taiwan yin ch`ang / yin chang
Japanese ginshou / ginsho / ぎんしょう
Chinese to chant; to recite
Japanese (noun/participle) recital; recitation; chant(ing)


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Mandarin hēng chàng / heng1 chang4
Taiwan heng ch`ang / heng chang
Chinese to hum; to croon


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Mandarin chàng k / chang4 k
Taiwan ch`ang k / chang k
Chinese (slang) to sing karaoke


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Japanese utau / うたう Japanese (v5u,vt,vi) (1) to sing; (transitive verb) (2) to sing (one's praises in a poem, etc.); to compose a poem; to recite a poem


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Mandarin chàng gōng / chang4 gong1
Taiwan ch`ang kung / chang kung
Chinese singing skill


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Mandarin chàng míng / chang4 ming2
Taiwan ch`ang ming / chang ming
Japanese shoumyou / shomyo / しょうみょう
Chinese solfege
Japanese (noun/participle) intoning the name of the Buddha; chanting the name of the Buddha
To cry out names; to call (on) the name (of Buddha); to call a name


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Mandarin chàng hè / chang4 he4
Taiwan ch`ang ho / chang ho
Japanese shouwa / showa / しょうわ
Chinese antiphon (i.e. solo voice answered by chorus); sung reply (in agreement with first voice); to reply with a poem in the same rhythm
Japanese (noun/participle) saying (cheering) in chorus; (female given name) Shouwa



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Mandarin chàng bài / chang4 bai4
Taiwan ch`ang pai / chang pai
Japanese shōbai
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


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Mandarin chàng shāng / chang4 shang1
Taiwan ch`ang shang / chang shang
Chinese one's ability to give a convincing performance of a song


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Mandarin chàng rě // chàng nuò / chang4 re3 // chang4 nuo4
Taiwan ch`ang je // ch`ang no / chang je // chang no
Chinese (old) to bow and utter polite phrases; to open the way (for a dignitary etc); to answer respectfully "yes"


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Mandarin chàng jì / chang4 ji4
Taiwan ch`ang chi / chang chi
Japanese shōjaku
To cry out nirvāṇa, as the Buddha is said to have done at his death.



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Mandarin chàng dǎo / chang4 dao3
Taiwan ch`ang tao / chang tao
Japanese shoudou / shodo / しょうどう
Japanese (noun/participle) (1) leading (movement, revolution, etc.); guiding; (2) {Buddh} instructing in Buddhism; converting (someone) to Buddhism; (3) (See 唱道) advocacy
To preach to people and lead them to conversion.


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Mandarin chàng niàn / chang4 nian4
Taiwan ch`ang nien / chang nien
Chinese to recite loudly; to sing out



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Mandarin chàng xì / chang4 xi4
Taiwan ch`ang hsi / chang hsi
Chinese to perform in opera



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Mandarin chàng yáng / chang4 yang2
Taiwan ch`ang yang / chang yang
Japanese shōyō
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition


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Mandarin chàng qǔ / chang4 qu3
Taiwan ch`ang ch`ü / chang chü
Chinese to sing a song


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Mandarin chàng běn / chang4 ben3
Taiwan ch`ang pen / chang pen
Chinese opera libretto



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Mandarin chàng jī / chang4 ji1
Taiwan ch`ang chi / chang chi
Chinese gramophone


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Mandarin chàng gē / chang4 ge1
Taiwan ch`ang ko / chang ko
Japanese shouka / shoka / しょうか
Chinese to sing a song
Japanese (noun/participle) singing; songs

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chàng / chang4 / changch`ang / chang

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