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huà shēn
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化身 is a way to say avatar in Chinese characters, Korean Hanja, and Japanese Kanji.

化身 is the original Buddhist idea of avatar (not the movie). 化身 can also mean: incarnation; reincarnation; embodiment; personification; impersonation.

化身 is the Chinese word used for the original Sanskrit, nirmāṇakāya. Alternates for nirmāṇakāya include 應身, 應化身, or 變化身. In the context of Buddhism, this is a Buddha's metamorphosic body, which has the power to assume any shape to propagate the Truth. This title, 化身, is used for the appearance of a Buddha's many forms.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Avatar化身keshinhuà shēn / hua4 shen1 / hua shen / huashen

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Simple Dictionary Definition


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huà shēn / hua4 shen1
hua shen
 keshin / けしん
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incarnation; reincarnation; embodiment (of abstract idea); personification
(n,vs,adj-no) {Buddh} incarnation; impersonation; personification; avatar
nirmāṇakāya, 應身, 應化身; 變化身 The third characteristic or power of the trikāya 三身, a Buddha's metamorphosic body, which has power to assume any shape to propagate the Truth. Some interpret the term as connoting pan-Buddha, that all nature in its infinite variety is the phenomenal 佛身 Buddha-body. A narrower interpretation is his appearance in human form expressed by 應身, while 化身 is used for his manifold other forms of appearances; transformation body


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 keshingo / けしんご avatar language



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yìng huà shēn / ying4 hua4 shen1
ying hua shen
 ōke shin
應身; 化身 nirmāṇakāya, the Buddha incarnate, the transformation body, capable of assuming any form (for the propagation of Buddha-truth); response-transformation body



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biàn huà shēn / bian4 hua4 shen1
pien hua shen
The nirmāṇakāya, i.e. transformation-body, or incarnation-body, one of the 三身 trikāya, q.v; transformation body


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 keshinrama / けしんラマ {Buddh} tulku; reincarnate Tibetan lama



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huà shēn rú lái / hua4 shen1 ru2 lai2
hua shen ju lai
 keshin nyorai
transformation-body tathāgata



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rú lái huà shēn / ru2 lai2 hua4 shen1
ju lai hua shen
 nyorai keshin
Tathāgata's transformation body



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qiān bǎi yì huà shēn / qian1 bai3 yi4 hua4 shen1
ch`ien pai i hua shen / chien pai i hua shen
 senhyakuoku keshin
trillions of transformation bodies


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fāng biàn huà shēn tǔ / fang1 bian4 hua4 shen1 tu3
fang pien hua shen t`u / fang pien hua shen tu
 hōben keshin do
An intermediate 'land 'of the Japanese monk 見眞 Kenshin, below the Pure-land, where Amitābha appears in his transformation-body; expedient land of the transformation body



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qiān bǎi yì huà shēn shì jiā móu ní fó / qian1 bai3 yi4 hua4 shen1 shi4 jia1 mou2 ni2 fo2
ch`ien pai i hua shen shih chia mou ni fo / chien pai i hua shen shih chia mou ni fo
 senhyakuoku keshin Shakamuni butsu
Śākyamuni Buddha, of trillions of transformation bodies



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guān zì zài pú sà huà shēn ráng wú lī yè tóng nǚ xiāo fú dú hài tuó luó ní jīng / guan1 zi4 zai4 pu2 sa4 hua4 shen1 rang2 wu2 li1 ye4 tong2 nv3 xiao1 fu2 du2 hai4 tuo2 luo2 ni2 jing1
kuan tzu tsai p`u sa hua shen jang wu li yeh t`ung nü hsiao fu tu hai t`o lo ni ching / kuan tzu tsai pu sa hua shen jang wu li yeh tung nü hsiao fu tu hai to lo ni ching
 Kanjizaibosatsu keshin Jōguri ei dōnyo shōbuku dokugai daranikyō
Dhāraṇī of the Jungle Girl [who Eradicates Injury from Poisoning, an Incarnation of the Bodhisattva who Perceives Freely]

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