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The Three Truths

sān dì
san dai / san tai
The Three Truths Scroll

三諦 is a Buddhist term that means "threefold truth" or "three dogmas".

The three truths are:
1. All things are void (卽空).
2. All things are temporary (卽假).
3. All things are in the middle state between these two (卽中).

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
The Three Truths三諦
san dai / san tai
sandai / santai
sān dì / san1 di4 / san di / sandisan ti / santi
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Simple Dictionary Definition



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sān dì / san1 di4
san ti
 santai;sandai / さんたい;さんだい
The Three Truths Scroll
{Buddh} threefold truth (all things are void; all things are temporary; all things are in the middle state between these two) (in Tendai)
The three dogmas. The "middle" school of Tiantai says 卽空, 卽假. 卽中 i.e. 就是空, 假, 中; (a) by 空śūnya is meant that things causally produced are intheir essential nature unreal (or immaterial) 實空無; (b) 假, though thingsare unreal in their essential nature their derived forms are real; (c) 中;but both are one, being of the one 如 reality. These three dogmas arefounded on a verse of Nāgārjuna's— 因緣所生法, 我說卽是空 亦爲是假名, 亦是中道義 "All causally produced phenomena, I say, areunreal, Are but a passing name, and indicate the 'mean'." There are otherexplanations— the 圓教 interprets the 空 and 假 as 中; the 別教 makes 中 independent. 空 is the all, i.e. the totality of all things, and is spokenof as the 眞 or 實 true, or real; 假 is the differentiation of all thingsand is spoken of as 俗 common, i.e. things as commonly named; 中 is theconnecting idea which makes a unity of both, e.g. "all are but parts of onestupendous whole." The 中 makes all and the all into one whole, unifying thewhole and its parts. 空 may be taken as the immaterial, the undifferentiatedall, the sum of existences, by some as the tathāgatagarbha 如來藏; 假as theunreal, or impermanent, the material or transient form, the temporal thatcan be named, the relative or discrete; 中 as the unifier, which places eachin the other and all in all. The "shallower" 山外 school associated 空 and 中 with the noumenal universe as opposed to the phenomenal and illusoryexistence represented by 假. The "profounder" 山内 school teaches that allthree are aspects of the same; threefold truth



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yī jìng sān dì / yi1 jing4 san1 di4
i ching san ti
 ikkyō santai
The three axioms in the one category; the three are 空, 假, and 中, which exist in every universe; v. 三諦. It is a principle of the Tiantai 圓教; three truths seen in one object



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sān dì yuán róng / san1 di4 yuan2 rong2
san ti yüan jung
 sandai enyū
perfect interfusion of the three truths



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sān dì xiāng jí / san1 di4 xiang1 ji2
san ti hsiang chi
 sandai sōsoku
The unity of 空, 假, 中, three aspects of the same reality, taught by the 圓教as distinguished from the 別教which separates them; unity of the three truths



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yuán róng sān dì / yuan2 rong2 san1 di4
yüan jung san ti
 enyū sandai
The three dogmas of 空假中 as combined, as one and the same, as a unity, according to the Tiantai inclusive or perfect school. The universal 空 apart from the particular 假 is an abstraction. The particular apart from the universal is unreal. The universal realizes its true nature in the particular, and the particular derives its meaning from the universal. The middle path 中 unites these two aspects of one reality; the perfect interpenetration of the three truths



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yuán jué sān dì / yuan2 jue2 san1 di4
yüan chüeh san ti
 engaku santai
perfect awareness of the threefold truth



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gé lì sān dì / ge2 li4 san1 di4
ko li san ti
 kyakureki santai
To differentiate and apprehend the three distinctive principles 空假中 noumenon, phenomenon, and the mean; to distinguish three approaches to reality



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sān dì yuán róng guān / san1 di4 yuan2 rong2 guan1
san ti yüan jung kuan
 sandai enyū kan
contemplation on the interfusion of the three truths



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yī niàn xīn zhōng jù zú sān dì / yi1 nian4 xin1 zhong1 ju4 zu2 san1 di4
i nien hsin chung chü tsu san ti
 ichinen shinchū gusoku santai
threefold truth is fully included in a single moment of thought

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