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Weed in Chinese / Japanese...

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Marijuana / Weed / Pot

China dà má
Japan tai ma
Marijuana / Weed / Pot Vertical Wall Scroll

大麻 is how to write marijuana, weed, pot, grass, cannabis or hemp in Chinese and Japanese Kanji. I never thought to add this but these terms were searched for more than 5000 times on our website.

I have not checked to see if our calligraphers might have any problem with writing this. In case you didn't know, using, selling, distributing pot in China is punishable by death. However, you can buy nice Lebanese hash at the hotel just down the way from the Lebanese Embassy in Beijing (I'm pretty sure it's brought in the country via diplomatic pouch).

This means "Cannabis Sativa" in Korean but they add a third Hanja character to specifically mean the marijuana species that you know and love.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin/ ti1
Taiwan t`i / ti
Japanese teki / てき
Chinese to scrape the meat from bones; to pick (teeth etc); to weed out
Japanese cutting

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Mandarin jié / jie2
Taiwan chieh
Japanese kushi(p);kushi / くし(P);クシ
Chinese comb; to comb; to weed out; to eliminate; Taiwan pr. [jie2]
Japanese comb; (surname) Kushi
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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Mandarin biāo / biao1
Taiwan piao
Chinese to weed

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Mandarin yún / yun2
Taiwan yün
Chinese to weed

see styles
Mandarin nòu / nou4
Taiwan nou
Chinese hoe; to hoe; to weed

see styles
Mandarin pǎng / pang3
Taiwan p`ang / pang
Chinese to weed

see styles
Mandarin cǎo / cao3
Taiwan ts`ao / tsao
Japanese takakusa / たかくさ    kusa / くさ
Chinese variant of 草[cao3]
Japanese (1) kanji "grass radical" (radical 140); (2) grass crown; (out-dated kanji) (1) grass; weed; herb; thatch; (2) (archaism) ninja; (prefix) (3) not genuine; substandard; (surname) Takakusa; (surname) Kusa

see styles
Mandarin xiū / xiu1
Taiwan hsiu
Chinese to weed; to eradicate

see styles
Mandarin yí // tí / yi2 // ti2
Taiwan i // t`i / i // ti
Chinese to weed; (grass)

see styles
Mandarin lái / lai2
Taiwan lai
Chinese name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc); Chenopodium album

see styles
Mandarin píng / ping2
Taiwan p`ing / ping
Japanese pingu / ぴんぐ    taira / たいら
Chinese duckweed
Japanese (1) floating weed; (2) (kana only) greater duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza); (can be adjective with の) (3) precarious; unstable; (personal name) Pingu; (personal name) Taira
Duckweed; floating.

see styles
Mandarin hāo / hao1
Taiwan hao
Japanese yomogi / よもぎ
Chinese celery wormwood (Artemisia carvifolia); to give off; to weed
Japanese (1) Japanese mugwort (Artemisia princeps, Artemisia indica var. maximowiczii); (2) general term for plants in the Artemisia genus; mugwort; sagebrush; wormwood

see styles
Mandarin zhú / zhu2
Taiwan chu
Chinese (weed); Phytolacca acinosa

see styles
Mandarin hāo / hao1
Taiwan hao
Chinese to weed; to grip or clutch

see styles
Mandarin/ ti4
Taiwan t`i / ti
Japanese nagi / なぎ
Chinese shave; to weed
Japanese (female given name) Nagi

see styles
Mandarin/ li2
Taiwan li
Japanese akaza;akaza / あかざ;アカザ
Chinese name of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc); Chenopodium album
Japanese (kana only) white gooseweed (Chenopodium album); fat hen; lamb's-quarters; pigweed; (female given name) Akaza

see styles
Mandarin chú / chu2
Taiwan ch`u / chu
Japanese suzuki / すずき    sukizaki / すきざき    suki / すき    kuwa / くわ
Chinese a hoe; to hoe or dig; to weed; to get rid of
Japanese (1) spade; (2) plough; plow; (surname) Suzuki; (surname) Sukizaki; (place-name) Suki; (surname) Kuwa

see styles
Mandarin páo // biāo / pao2 // biao1
Taiwan p`ao // piao / pao // piao
Chinese (archaic) a type of deer; to weed


see styles
Japanese yamakusa;yamagusa;sansou / yamakusa;yamagusa;sanso / やまくさ;やまぐさ;さんそう Japanese (1) mountain grass; mountain weed; mountain plant; (2) (やまくさ, やまぐさ only) (See 裏白・1) Gleichenia japonica (species of fern with white-backed leaves)


see styles
Japanese yokusou / yokuso / よくそう Japanese weed suppression (by mulching, etc.)


see styles
Mandarin rǎng chú / rang3 chu2
Taiwan jang ch`u / jang chu
Chinese to get rid of; to weed out; to reject


see styles
Japanese hamabishi;hamabishi / はまびし;ハマビシ Japanese (kana only) caltrop (Tribulus terrestris); cat's head; devil's thorn; devil's weed; goathead; land caltrop; puncturevine


see styles
Japanese ukikusa / うきくさ Japanese (1) floating weed; (2) (kana only) greater duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza); (can be adjective with の) (3) precarious; unstable; (surname) Ukikusa


see styles
Japanese ikarisou / ikariso / いかりそう Japanese (kana only) horny goat weed (Epimedium grandiflorum var. thunbergianum)


see styles
Mandarin chú dì / chu2 di4
Taiwan ch`u ti / chu ti
Chinese to hoe; to weed the soil


see styles
Mandarin chú jiān / chu2 jian1
Taiwan ch`u chien / chu chien
Chinese to weed out the traitors


see styles
Mandarin chú cǎo / chu2 cao3
Taiwan ch`u ts`ao / chu tsao
Chinese to hoe; to weed


see styles
Japanese ikarisou / ikariso / いかりそう Japanese (kana only) horny goat weed (Epimedium grandiflorum var. thunbergianum)


see styles
Mandarin chǎn tāng / chan3 tang1
Taiwan ch`an t`ang / chan tang
Chinese to hoe; to weed; to scarify


see styles
Mandarin chú cǎo / chu2 cao3
Taiwan ch`u ts`ao / chu tsao
Japanese josou / joso / じょそう
Chinese to weed
Japanese (noun/participle) weeding

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
大麻tai ma / taimadà má / da4 ma2 / da ma / damata ma / tama

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