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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin shì / shi4
Taiwan shih
Japanese samurai / さむらい    saburai / さぶらい
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to serve; to attend upon
Japanese warrior (esp. of military retainers of daimyos in the Edo period); samurai; (1) warrior (esp. of military retainers of daimyos in the Edo period); samurai; (2) (archaism) man in attendance (on a person of high standing); retainer; (given name) Hito; (given name) Tsukou
Attend; wait on; attendant.

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Mandarin shì / shi4
Taiwan shih
Japanese zei / ze / ぜい    sei / se / せい
Chinese power; influence; potential; momentum; tendency; trend; situation; conditions; outward appearance; sign; gesture; male genitals
Japanese (suffix) groups engaged in some activity (players, companies, forces, etc.); (n,n-suf) (1) energy; (2) military strength; (personal name) Seiji; (surname, given name) Sei; (surname) Kioi
bala, sthāman. Power, influence, authority; aspect, circumstances.

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Mandarin shí / shi2
Taiwan shih
Japanese shii / shi / シー
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese ten; 10
Japanese (numeric) ten (chi: shí); (personal name) Yokotate; (personal name) Momoki; (personal name) Motegi; (personal name) Mogeki; (personal name) Mogite; (personal name) Mogiki; (personal name) Mokigi; (personal name) Muneshige; (given name) Mitsuru; (female given name) Michiru; (given name) Hisashi; (personal name) Tokachi; (surname, female given name) Tsunashi; (surname) Tsuji; (female given name) Tsuganashi; (personal name) Sousuke; (personal name) Soujun; (place-name) Ju; (u
tridaśa. Thirty; abbreviation for the thirty-three deities, heavens, etc.; Daśa, ten, the perfect number.

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Mandarin shí / shi2
Taiwan shih
Japanese minoru / みのる    makoto / まこと    hiroshi / ひろし    jitsu / じつ    sanesaki / さねさき    sane / さね
Chinese real; true; honest; really; solid; fruit; seed; definitely
Japanese (s,m) Minoru; (personal name) Makoto; (personal name) Hiroshi; (surname) Jitsu; (surname) Sane
Real, true, honest, sincere; solid; fixed; full; to fill; fruit, kernel, effects; verily, in fact; it is used for 眞, as in 一實 the supreme fact, or ultimate reality; also for bhūta.

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Mandarin shì / shi4
Taiwan shih
Japanese kokera / こけら    kaki / かき
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese persimmon
Japanese (irregular kanji usage) (1) chopped wood; wood chips; (2) (abbreviation) thin shingles; kaki; Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki); (surname) Kokera; (place-name) Kagi; (surname) Kaki

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Mandarin dàn // shí / dan4 // shi2
Taiwan tan // shih
Japanese ishi / いし
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese rock; stone; stone inscription; one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音[ba1 yin1]; dry measure for grain equal to ten dou 斗; ten pecks; one hundred liters; surname Shi
Japanese (1) stone; (2) gem; jewel; (surname) Tsuruishi; (surname) Soku; (surname) Seki; (surname) Shi; (place-name) Koku; (surname) Kazu; (given name) Inseki; (surname) Iso; (personal name) Ishibuku; (personal name) Ishifuku; (surname) Ishihama; (personal name) Ishizue; (personal name) Ishisue; (surname) Ishizaki; (surname) Ishisaki; (personal name) Ishiodori; (surname) Ishi; (given name) Atsushi; (personal name) Akira
Stone, rock.


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Mandarin shì jiè / shi4 jie4
Taiwan shih chieh
Japanese sekai / せかい
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese world; CL:個|个[ge4]
Japanese (1) the world; society; the universe; (2) sphere; circle; world; (can be adjective with の) (3) renowned; world-famous; well-known outside of Japan; (4) {Buddh} (original meaning) realm governed by one Buddha; space; (surname, female given name) Sekai
Loka 世間; the finite world, the world, a world, which is of two kinds: (1) 衆生世界 that of the living, who are receiving their 正報 correct recompense or karma; (2) 器世界 that of the material, or that on which karma depends for expression. By the living is meant 有情 the sentient.



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Mandarin gān shī / gan1 shi1
Taiwan kan shih
Chinese mummy; dried corpse


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Mandarin hēng shì / heng1 shi4
Taiwan heng shih
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese Heinz (name); Heinz, US food processing company



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Mandarin shí yè / shi2 ye4
Taiwan shih yeh
Chinese Shia (a movement in Islam)


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Mandarin yī shǐ / yi1 shi3
Taiwan i shih
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese outset; beginning



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Mandarin lái shì / lai2 shi4
Taiwan lai shih
Japanese raise
Future world, or rebirth; the future


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Mandarin yǒng shì / yong3 shi4
Taiwan yung shih
Japanese yuushi / yushi / ゆうし
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese a warrior; a brave person
Japanese brave warrior; hero; brave man; (given name) Yuuji; (surname) Yuushi


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Mandarin shí qī / shi2 qi1
Taiwan shih ch`i / shih chi
Japanese juushichi(p);juunana / jushichi(p);junana / じゅうしち(P);じゅうなな
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese seventeen; 17
Japanese 17; seventeen; (surname) Tona; (surname) Toshichi; (surname, given name) Juushichi


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Mandarin shí yuè / shi2 yue4
Taiwan shih yüeh
Japanese juugatsu / jugatsu / じゅうがつ
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese October; tenth month (of the lunar year)
Japanese (adverbial noun) October; (female given name) Totsuki; (female given name) Togetsu; (given name) Juugatsu; (female given name) Kanna


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Mandarin shí fǎ / shi2 fa3
Taiwan shih fa
Japanese jippō
 Vertical Wall Scroll
The ten 成就 perfect or perfecting Mahāyāna rules; i.e. in (1) right belief; (2) conduct; (3) spirit; (4) the joy of the bodhi mind; (5) joy in the dharma; (6) joy in meditation in it; (7) pursuing the correct dharma; (8) obedience to, or accordance with it; (9) departing from pride, etc.; (10) comprehending the inner teaching of Buddha and taking no pleasure in that of the śrāvaka and pratyeka-buddha order; ten completions of the great vehicle standards


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Mandarin hé shí / he2 shi2
Taiwan ho shih
Japanese gōjū
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese to put one's palms together (in prayer or greeting)
合爪; 合掌 To bring the ten fingers or two palms together; a monk's salutation; to make salutation with the two palms together



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Mandarin qǐ shì / qi3 shi4
Taiwan ch`i shih / chi shih
Chinese to reveal; to enlighten; enlightenment; revelation; illumination; moral (of a story etc); lesson



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Mandarin cháng shì / chang2 shi4
Taiwan ch`ang shih / chang shih
Chinese to try; to attempt; CL:次[ci4]


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Mandarin shì bīng / shi4 bing1
Taiwan shih ping
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese soldier; CL:個|个[ge4]


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Mandarin tiān shǐ / tian1 shi3
Taiwan t`ien shih / tien shih
Japanese tenshi / てんし
 Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese angel
Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) angel; (female given name) Yukari; (female given name) Tenshi; (personal name) Sora; (female given name) Enzeru; (female given name) Enju; (female given name) Enjeru; (female given name) Anju; (female given name) Anjeri-na; (female given name) Anji; (female given name) Amane; (female given name) Azumi
Divine messengers, especially those of Yama; also his 三天使 three messengers, or lictors— old age, sickness, death; and his 五天使 or 五大使, i. e. the last three together with rebirth and prisons or punishments on earth.



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Mandarin shī liàn / shi1 lian4
Taiwan shih lien
Chinese to lose one's love; to break up (in a romantic relationship); to feel jilted
Japanese See: 失恋


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Mandarin shì lì / shi4 li4
Taiwan shih li
Japanese shiri
 Vertical Wall Scroll
śrī, fortunate, lucky, prosperous; wealth; beauty; name applied to Lakṣmī and Śarasvatī, also used as a prefix to names of various deities and men; an abbrev. for Mañjuśrī.



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Mandarin shí dào / shi2 dao4
Taiwan shih tao
Japanese jitsudō
The true way, the true religion, absolute Buddha-truth.



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Mandarin bǎo shí / bao3 shi2
Taiwan pao shih
Chinese precious stone; gem; CL:枚[mei2],顆|颗[ke1]
Japanese See: 宝石



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Mandarin zūn shī / zun1 shi1
Taiwan tsun shih
Japanese sonshi / そんし
Chinese revered master
Japanese holy master; guru



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Mandarin shī fu / shi1 fu5
Taiwan shih fu
Japanese shifu / しふ
Chinese master; qualified worker; respectful form of address for older men; CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
Japanese guardian and tutor of a nobleman's child



see styles
Mandarin shī fu / shi1 fu5
Taiwan shih fu
Japanese shifu / しふ
Chinese used for 師傅|师傅 (in Taiwan); master; qualified worker
Japanese fatherly master
a master



see styles
Mandarin shī fàn / shi1 fan4
Taiwan shih fan
Japanese shihan / しはん
Chinese teacher-training; pedagogical; normal (school, e.g. Beijing Normal University)
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) instructor; (fencing) teacher; model



see styles
Mandarin zhōng shí / zhong1 shi2
Taiwan chung shih
Japanese tadami / ただみ
Chinese faithful
Japanese (personal name) Tadami

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