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Ray of Light in Chinese / Japanese...

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Light / Bright / Shine

China guāng
Japan hikari
Light / Bright / Shine Vertical Wall Scroll

光 is the simplest way to express "light" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. It can also mean ray or bright. Chinese tend to use a two-character word for light/bright, so this character is probably best if your audience is Japanese. Also, when pronounced Rei, this can be a Japanese female given name.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin guāng / guang1
Taiwan kuang
Japanese hikari / ひかり
Light / Bright / Shine Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese light; ray; CL:道[dao4]; bright; only; merely; to use up
Japanese (1) light; (2) illumination; ray; beam; gleam; glow; (3) happiness; hope; (4) influence; power; (5) vision; eyesight; (female given name) Rei; (female given name) Ruka; (female given name) Mitsuru; (personal name) Mitsumune; (personal name) Mitsutsugu; (personal name) Mitsuji; (personal name) Mitsushi; (surname) Mitsuzaki; (female given name) Mitsu; (given name) Hiroshi; (surname, female given name) Hikaru; (surname) Hikarizaki; (p,s,f) Hikari; (given name) Teru; (female given name) Tekari; (female given name) Sakae; (personal name) Kousou; (personal name) Kouji
光明 prabha, light, brightness, splendour, to illuminate.


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Japanese ichijou / ichijo / いちじょう Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (1) a line; a streak; a stripe; a ray (of light); a wisp (of smoke); (2) one item (in an itemized form); one clause; one passage (in a book); (3) one matter (affair, event, case, incident); (4) (archaism) the same logic; the same reason; (surname) Takuya; (surname) Ichidziyou; (place-name, surname) Ichijou



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Mandarin guāng xiàn / guang1 xian4
Taiwan kuang hsien
Japanese kousen / kosen / こうせん
Chinese light ray; CL:條|条[tiao2],道[dao4]; light; illumination; lighting (for a photograph)
Japanese beam; light ray


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Mandarin fàng guāng / fang4 guang1
Taiwan fang kuang
Japanese houkou / hoko / ほうこう
Japanese emission of light
Light-emitting; to send out an illuminating ray; emission of light


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Japanese goukou / goko / ごうこう Japanese (abbreviation) (from 白毫相光) light that is said to be emitted from some hair or tuft in Buddha's forehead; ray of light from the tuft of white hair (between the eyebrows)


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Mandarin yù háo / yu4 hao2
Taiwan yü hao
Japanese gyokugō
玉毫 The ūrṇā or white curl between the Buddha's eyebrows, from which he sent forth his ray of light illuminating all worlds; jeweled brow


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Mandarin bái háo / bai2 hao2
Taiwan pai hao
Japanese byakugou / byakugo / びゃくごう
Japanese whorl of white hair on the forehead of the Buddha, represented by a white precious stone on statues of Buddha; urna
The curl between Śākyamuni's eyebrows; from it, in the Mahāyāna sutras, he sends out a ray of light which reveals all worlds; it is used as a synonym of the Buddha, e. g. 白毫之賜 (all that a monk has is) a gift from the White-curled One.



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Mandarin guāng shè xiàn / guang1 she4 xian4
Taiwan kuang she hsien
Chinese light ray



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Mandarin méi jiān guāng / mei2 jian1 guang1
Taiwan mei chien kuang
Japanese miken kō
The ray of light which issued from the 眉間白毫相 lighting up all worlds, v. Lotus Sutra; ray from the tuft between the eyebrows



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Mandarin hè luō tuó / he4 luo1 tuo2
Taiwan ho lo t`o / ho lo to
Japanese garada
(or 賀邏馱) hrada, a lake, pool, ray of light; (Skt. hrada)


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Mandarin dà guāng pǔ zhào / da4 guang1 pu3 zhao4
Taiwan ta kuang p`u chao / ta kuang pu chao
Japanese daikō fushō
The great light shining everywhere, especially the ray of light that streamed from between the Buddha's eyebrows, referred to in the Lotus Sutra; great bright universal illumination


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Japanese kibounohoshi / kibonohoshi / きぼうのほし Japanese (exp,n) (idiom) ray of light; ray of hope; promising talent

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Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
hikariguāng / guang1 / guangkuang

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