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  7. White
  8. Clarity
  9. Chastity
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11. Purity of Mind

Chastity / Pure Heart

Also: Clean / Innocent / Pure
China chún jié
Japan jun ketsu
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Chastity / <mark>Pure</mark> Heart

This would be associated with "chastity" but with the direct meaning of clean, innocent, and pure. If you were expressing the idea of a "pure heart" in Chinese, while not literal, this would be the word you would use.

In Japanese, this word is sometimes used to express purity.

In Korean, it describes purity, chastity, virginity, and innocence (basically the same as the Chinese definition).

Pure Heart

pure and innocent
China chún qíng
Japan jun jou
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<mark>Pure</mark> Heart

This means, "Pure Heart" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

It's used to reflect the ideas of being "pure and innocent".

Depending on the context in which this title is used, it can relay "self-sacrificing devotion" or in some cases, "naivete". This would be in the same way we might refer to a young girl giving her lunch money to a beggar on the street. She has a pure and precious heart, but perhaps is also a bit naive.


Clean and Pure
China jìng
Japan jou
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This is the most simple way to express purity or cleanliness in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. As a single character, the concept is broad: This can be a verb (the act of cleaning, purifying, or to cleanse), but it can also be the state of being clean, pure, and chaste. In some context, it can be a place to clean (like a bathing room for the soul in Buddhist context). In Japanese, this can be a female given name "Jou" or "jō" (the Japanese equivalent of the English girl's name "Chastity").

Pure Land / Jodo

Also a sect of Buddhism
China jìng tǔ
Japan jou do
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<mark>Pure</mark> Land / Jodo

This literally means "pure land" or "clean earth".

This is also the abbreviated title of a Buddhist sect which involves faith in rebirth of Buddha Amitabha (Amitābha) in the Western Heaven. Sometimes this sect is translated as "Paradise of the West". Other titles of this school of Buddhism include Amidism or Elvsium.

See Also...  Nirvana | Shin Buddhism

Pure Land Buddhism / Jodo Buddhism

China jìng tǔ zōng
Japan jou do shuu
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<mark>Pure</mark> Land Buddhism / Jodo Buddhism

This is the title of Japanese "Pure Land Buddhism". This form is also romanized/known as "Jodo Shu" (jōdo shū).

Also known as Amidism for the fact that this is a branch of Mahayana (Mahāyāna) Buddhism which focuses on Amitabha (Amitābha) Buddha. This form of Buddhism, along with Chinese characters, came to Japan via China in the 5th century according to most historians.

Pure Land Buddhism is also known as 浄土仏教 (jōdo bukkyō).
Some will just express it with just 浄土 (Pure Land).

See Also...  Shin Buddhism

Sincere Heart

China xuě xīn
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Sincere Heart

When you take this word apart, you find the sum is a little different than the parts. The first character means blood and the second means heart. It is important to note that for thousands of years, it was believed that your heart was both your soul and your mind in Asian culture. When you add blood to the heart, it is your whole being - it is pure and clean dedication with your whole soul.

Most Chinese dictionaries define this as sincerity of heart or a MEDICAL TERM!!!
Please think carefully before ordering this selection - it was only added as others have used this for coffee cups and other novelties (though perhaps naively).


China bái
Japan shiro
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A lot of people search our website for "white". I am not sure the purpose, unless your family name is white.

This is the universal character for white in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

In certain context, outside of the white definition, it can mean snowy, empty, blank, bright, clear, plain, pure, innocence or gratuitous. In Korean, this can be a family name romanized as Paek or Baeg.


China qīng
Japan sei
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This word means clarity or clear in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. Looking at the parts of this character, you have three splashes of water on the left, "life" on the top right, and the moon on the lower right.

Because of something Confucius said about 2500 years ago, you can imagine that this character means "live life with clarity like bright moon light piercing pure water". The Confucian idea is something like "Keep clear what is pure in yourself, and let your pure nature show through". Kind of like saying, "Don't pollute your mind or body, so that they remain clear".

This might be stretching the definition of this single Chinese character, but the elements are there, and "clarity" is a powerful idea.

Korean note: Korean pronunciation is given above, but this character is written with a slight difference in the "moon radical" in Korean. However, anyone who can read Korean Hanja, will understand this character with no problem (this is considered an alternate form in Korean). If you want the more standard Korean Hanja form (which is an alternate form in Chinese), just let me know.

Japanese note: When read in Japanese, this Kanji has additional meanings of pure, purify, or cleanse (sometimes to remove demons or "exorcise"). Used more in compound words in Japanese than as a stand-alone Kanji.


China zhēn jié
Japan teisetsu
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In Chinese, this would be defined as "The state of being sexually pure" or "chaste". Culturally, this especially applies to young women. This is not actually far off from our western view on this subject. In Japanese and Korean, this could also be used to express virtue, faithfulness and fidelity.

See Also...  Modesty

Shin Buddhism

True Pure Land Buddhism
Japan jou do shin shuu
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Shin Buddhism

Known in the west as "Shin Buddhism", this is a school of Japanese "Pure Land Buddhism". This form is also known as "True Pure Land Buddhism" or "Jodoshinshu" (jōdoshinshū).

If you are looking for this title, you probably already know the rest of the story.

Purity of Mind

China xīn chéng jìng
Japan shin chou jou
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Purity of Mind

This is the Buddhist concept of the pure and calm mind. It is believed that once you achieve a meditative state of pure focused thought, the mind becomes clear and calm. Although, others will say this means that achieving a calm mind will allow you to reach pure thought.

From Sanskrit, this is known as citta-prasāda. The concept of citta-prasāda is sometimes defined as, "clear heart-mind", or "the single and definitive aspiration".

Check dictionary for pure

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Chastity / Pure Heart纯洁
jun ketsu
chún jié
chun jie
ch`un chieh
chun2 jie2
chun chieh
Pure Heart纯情
jun jou
jun jo
chún qíng
chun qing
ch`un ch`ing
chun2 qing2
chun ching
Pure Land / Jodo净土
jou do
jo do
jìng tǔ
jing tu
ching t`u
jing4 tu3
ching tu
Pure Land Buddhism / Jodo Buddhism浄土宗
jou do shuu
jo do shu
jìng tǔ zōng
jing tu zong
ching t`u tsung
jing4 tu3 zong1
ching tu tsung
Sincere Heart血心
n/axuě xīn
xue xin
hsüeh hsin
xue3 xin1
teisetsuzhēn jié
zhen jie
chen chieh
zhen1 jie2
Shin Buddhism浄土真宗
jou do shin shuu
jo do shin shu
Purity of Mind心澄淨
shin chou jou
shin cho jo
xīn chéng jìng
xin cheng jing
hsin ch`eng ching
xin1 cheng2 jing4
hsin cheng ching

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