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Protector in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Protector
  2. Guardian Angel
  3. Guandi: God of War
  4. Blessings and Protection
  5. Under the Protection of the Dragon Saint
  6. Protection
  7. Guardian / Defender
  8. God Bless You...
  9. Divine Protection
10. God Bless You / May God Protect You
11. Guan Yu
12. Warrior / Fighter
13. Divine Blessing
14. Soldier of the Gods
15. Love and Protect
16. Shield
17. Warrior Saint / Saint of War


China bǎo hù zhě
Japan hogosha
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This is the universal word for protector in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

The first character means to defend, to protect, to insure or guarantee, to maintain, hold or keep, or to guard.

The second character means to protect.

Together the first and second characters create a word that means to defend, to protect, or to safeguard.

The last character means person.

Add all three characters together, and you have a word that means "protector", one who will protect, guard, and keep you safe.

Some will also translate this word as guardian or patron.

Note: Not a common selection for a wall scroll in Asia.

See Also...  Guardian Angel


China shǒu hù zhě
Japan shu go sha
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This is a Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja title for a protector, watcher, or keeper.

The character breakdown:
守護 = to guard; to protect; protection; safeguard.
者 = person; someone of that nature; someone doing that work, the one [who, which].

From this breakdown, you can translate this as, "The one who protects", "Someone who safeguards", or "guardian".

Guardian Angel

China shǒu hù tiān shǐ
Japan syu go ten shi
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Guardian Angel

This is the title used for guardian angel in Chinese and Japanese Kanji. It's used in the same way that we use this title in the west - such as a guardian angel watching out for you, and allowing you to survive a disaster or accident.

The first two characters mean to guard and protect. The second two mean "angel" (literally "Heaven's messenger").

Guandi: God of War

China Guān dì
Japan kan tei
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Guandi: God of War

This is the title, "Guandi", the God of War, a deified hero of the Three Kingdoms, a protector of Buddhism.

Blessings and Protection

China bǎo yòu
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Blessings and Protection

This is the more religious and sometimes superstitious word for protection in Chinese. It's sort of a blessing of protection, and is often translated as "bless and protect", "blessing", or "to bless".

This would be used the protection or blessing that a deity (such as God) would bestow upon you. It is not religion-specific in the same way that a language itself cannot be specific to any religion.

祐Note: Sometimes the second character is written in the form shown to the right. Let us know if you have a preference when you place your order.

See Also...  Guardian Angel

Blessings and Protection

Japan shukufuku to hogo
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Blessings and Protection

This means, "blessings and protection", in Japanese.

Under the Protection of the Dragon Saint

China shén lóng bì hù
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Under the Protection of the Dragon Saint

This is not the most common thing to say in Chinese, but it is grammatically correct and a cool title.

The first character means "supernatural or saintly". The second is "dragon". The last two mean protection. You could also translate this as something like "Protected by the Dragon God" or more closely "Holy Dragon".


China bì hù
Japan hi go
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This is not the most common word for a wall scroll, but this is the word for protection in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This is the non-religious, non-superstitious form of protection.

This word can be translated as shelter, shield, defend, safeguard, take under one's wing, to put under protection. In certain context, it means to grant asylum or give refuge and sanctuary.

See Also...  Guardian Angel

Guardian / Defender

China wèi shì
Japan eishi
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Guardian / Defender

This is a Chinese title that means guardian or defender.

This is also used in Japanese to refer to soldiers of the Ritsuryo system that were guardians of the gates of the imperial palace / court or guards posted at the grand shrine.

God Bless You
God Be With You

Japan kami sa ma ga mamo ru you ni
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God Bless You<br>God Be With You

This is about as close as you can get to, "God Bless You" in Japanese.

This literally means, "[May] God Protect [You]". It can also mean, "God is Always With You", as the word in this phrase that means "protect" can also mean to follow or be with. In fact, the Japanese dictionary entry for that word reads like this: to protect; to guard; to defend; to keep (i.e. a promise); to abide; to observe; to follow.

Between the protect word that can also mean to keep a promise, and the fact we're talking about God, the "always" is implied.

Divine Protection

China jiā hù
Japan ka go
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Divine Protection

This is Japanese for "divine protection" or "the saving grace of God".

Please consider this blessing to be Japanese only. This can have the same meaning in the context of Buddhism in Chinese, but it's also a nickname for "intensive care" at Chinese hospitals.

Note: My Japanese translator says this is not very commonly-used in Japanese. I added this because a customer asked for it. There is not really a better Japanese phrase to express this idea - so this is it if you want it.

God Bless You / May God Protect You

China shàng dì bǎo yòu
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God Bless You / May God Protect You

This is a blessing exchanged between Chinese Christians.

The first two characters literally mean God (The God of Zion). The second two characters express the idea of giving protection. Another way to translate this is "May God protect you".

See Also...  Guardian Angel

Guan Yu

China guān yǔ
ribbon top
Guan Yu

This is the name Guan Yu, Army General for the Kingdom of Shu. He is also known as Guan Gong (like saying Duke Guan or Sir Guan)

He was immortalized in the novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

He was a fearsome fighter, also famous for his virtue and loyalty. He is worshipped by some modern-day soldiers and has the title "Warrior Saint" in China. Some believe he offers safety and protection for military servicemen.

Guan Yu lived until 219 A.D.

Warrior / Fighter

Japan sen shi
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Warrior / Fighter

This is an alternate title for warrior, soldier, fighter, warrior, guardian, or combatant in Japanese.

From Japanese, this is often romanized as "Senshi".

See Also...  Knight | Army | Marines | Samurai

Divine Blessing

China bì yòu
ribbon top
Divine Blessing

This is a Chinese way to say "divine blessing".

This can also mean: to bless; to protect; divine protection.

Also written as 庇祐 (variant second character).

Soldier of the Gods

China shén bīng
Japan shin pei
ribbon top
Soldier of the Gods

This is a Japanese, Chinese, and Korean title that means "soldier dispatched by a god", or "soldier under the protection of the gods".

This is used more in Japanese (especially in animation) than the other languages.

Love and Protect

China ài hù
Japan ai go
ribbon top
Love and Protect

This is the Chinese and Japanese Kanji for: to cherish, to treasure, to take care of, to love and protect, provide loving protection, or tender care.


China dùn
Japan tate
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This is the single character for "shield" in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

This can also be translated as escutcheon, protection, buckler, or aegis.

Warrior Saint / Saint of War

China wǔ shèng
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Warrior Saint / Saint of War

This Chinese title, Wusheng means, Saint of War.

This is usually a reference to Guan Yu (關羽), also known as Guan Gong (關公).

Some Chinese soldiers still pray to Wusheng for protection. They would especially do this before going into battle.

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
hogoshabǎo hù zhě
bao hu zhe
pao hu che
bao3 hu4 zhe3
shu go sha
shǒu hù zhě
shou hu zhe
shou hu che
shou3 hu4 zhe3
Guardian Angel守护天使
syu go ten shi
shǒu hù tiān shǐ
shou hu tian shi
shou hu t`ien shih
shou3 hu4 tian1 shi3
shou hu tien shih
Guandi: God of War关帝
kan tei
Guān dì
Guan di
Kuan ti
Guan1 di4
Blessings and Protection保佑
保佑 / 保祐
n/abǎo yòu
bao you
pao yu
bao3 you4
Blessings and Protection祝福と保護
shukufuku to hogo
Under the Protection of the Dragon Saint神龙庇护
n/ashén lóng bì hù
shen long bi hu
shen lung pi hu
shen2 long2 bi4 hu4
hi go
bì hù
bi hu
pi hu
bi4 hu4
Guardian / Defender卫士
eishiwèi shì
wei shi
wei shih
wei4 shi4
God Bless You
God Be With You
kami sa ma ga mamo ru you ni
kami sa ma ga mamo ru yo ni
Divine Protection加护
ka go
jiā hù
jia hu
chia hu
jia1 hu4
God Bless You / May God Protect You上帝保佑
n/ashàng dì bǎo yòu
shang di bao you
shang ti pao yu
shang4 di4 bao3 you4
Guan Yu关羽
n/aguān yǔ
guan yu
kuan yü
guan1 yu3
Warrior / Fighter戦士
sen shi
Divine Blessing庇佑
庇佑 / 庇祐
n/abì yòu
bi you
pi yu
bi4 you4
Soldier of the Gods神兵
shin pei
shén bīng
shen bing
shen ping
shen2 bing1
Love and Protect爱护
ai go
ài hù
ai hu
ai4 hu4
Warrior Saint / Saint of War武圣
n/awǔ shèng
wu sheng
wu3 sheng4

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