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Clever / Superb / Wonderful

China miào
Japan myou
Clever / Superb / Wonderful Vertical Wall Scroll

This single character can mean a lot of things (a bit ambiguous). The meanings include: clever; wonderful; strange; unusual; superb; excellent; beautiful; mystic; supernatural; profound; mysterious; good; surpassing; fine, lovely, charming; special; outstanding; incomparable.

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Simple Dictionary Definition

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Mandarin miào / miao4
Taiwan miao
Japanese myou / myo / みょう
Clever / Superb / Wonderful Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese clever; wonderful
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) (1) strange; weird; odd; curious; (noun or adjectival noun) (2) wonder; mystery; miracle; excellence; (3) cleverness; adroitness; knack; skill; (surname) Myou; (female given name) Tae
su, sat, mañju, sūkṣma. Wonderful, beautiful, mystic, supernatural, profound, subtle, mysterious. su means good, excellent, surpassing, beautiful, fine, easy. sat means existing, real, good. mañju means beautiful, lovely, charming. Intp. in Chinese as 不可思議 beyond thought or discussion; 絕待 special, outstanding; 無比 incomparable; 精微深遠 subtle and profound; marvelous


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Mandarin měi miào / mei3 miao4
Taiwan mei miao
Japanese bimyou / bimyo / びみょう
Clever / Superb / Wonderful Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese beautiful; wonderful; splendid
Japanese (noun or adjectival noun) elegant; exquisite; (female given name) Mitae; (surname) Bimyou

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Mandarin miāo / miao1
Taiwan miao
Chinese (onom.) meow; cat's mewing


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Mandarin miào / miao4
Taiwan miao
Chinese variant of 廟|庙[miao4]

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Mandarin miào / miao4
Taiwan miao
Japanese byou / byo / びょう
Chinese temple; ancestral shrine; CL:座[zuo4]; temple fair; great imperial hall; imperial
Japanese (n,n-suf) (1) mausoleum; (2) shrine; (3) the (imperial) court
A fane, temple, palace; an intp. of caitya, cf. 支; mausoleum

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Mandarin miáo / miao2
Taiwan miao
Chinese to depict; to trace (a drawing); to copy; to touch up

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Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Japanese zuwae / ずわえ    zuwai / ずわい    suwae / すわえ    suwai / すわい    kozue / こずえ
Chinese the limit; tip of branch
Japanese (1) (archaism) switch (long, tender shoot of a plant); (2) switch (cane used for flogging); treetop; tip of a branch; (female given name) Kozue

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Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Chinese a flood; infinity

see styles
Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Japanese byō
Chinese (of an expanse of water) vast; distant and indistinct; tiny or insignificant

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Mandarin miào / miao4
Taiwan miao
Chinese variant of 妙[miao4]
Japanese See:

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Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Japanese sugame / すがめ
Chinese blind in one eye; blind; tiny; humble; to stare
Japanese squint eye; cross-eye; strabismus

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Mandarin miáo / miao2
Taiwan miao
Chinese to take aim; (fig.) to aim one's looks at; to glance at

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Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Japanese byou / byo / びょう
Chinese second (unit of time); arc second (angular measurement unit); (coll.) instantly
Japanese second (unit of time)

see styles
Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Chinese indistinct

see styles
Mandarin mù // móu // miù // liǎo // miào / mu4 // mou2 // miu4 // liao3 // miao4
Taiwan mu // mou // miu // liao // miao
Japanese myou / myo / みょう
Chinese old variant of 穆[mu4]; to wind round; variant of 謬|谬[miu4]; error; erroneous; mu (Greek letter Μμ); old variant of 繚|缭[liao3]; surname Miao
Japanese (surname) Myou

see styles
Mandarin miáo / miao2
Taiwan miao
Japanese myao;byou / myao;byo / ミャオ;びょう    nae / なえ
Chinese sprout; Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China; surname Miao
Japanese Miao (people); Hmong; (1) seedling; young plant; (2) (See 早苗) rice seedling; (surname) Myou; (surname) Byou; (female given name) Nae

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Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Chinese to despise; small; variant of 渺[miao3]

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Mandarin miǎo / miao3
Taiwan miao
Chinese profound; remote

see styles
Mandarin miáo / miao2
Taiwan miao
Chinese see 鴯鶓|鸸鹋[er2 miao2]


see styles
Mandarin sān miǎo / san1 miao3
Taiwan san miao
Japanese sanmyaku
(Skt. samyak)


see styles
Mandarin shàng miào / shang4 miao4
Taiwan shang miao
Japanese jōmyō
most excellent


see styles
Mandarinmiào / bu4 miao4
Taiwan pu miao
Chinese (of a turn of events) not too encouraging; far from good; anything but reassuring


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Mandarin èr miào / er4 miao4
Taiwan erh miao
Japanese nimyō
The dual "marvel" of the Lotus sūtra, the 相待妙 or comparative view, i.e. compared with all previous teaching, which is the rough groundwork; and the 絕待妙 or view of it as the perfection of teaching; hence it is "wonderful" in comparison with all previous doctrine, and absolutely "wonderful' in itself; cf. 二圓; two marvels


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Mandarinmiào / wu3 miao4
Taiwan wu miao
Japanese gomyō
The five wonders, i. e. of purified or transcendental sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch in the Pure-land; five marvels


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Mandarin wèi miào / wei4 miao4
Taiwan wei miao
Japanese imyō
stages of subtlety



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Mandarinmiào / fo2 miao4
Taiwan fo miao
Japanese butsumyō
a shrine of a buddha


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Mandarin jiā miào / jia1 miao4
Taiwan chia miao
Japanese yoshimi / よしみ    katae / かたえ
Chinese wonderful; beautiful (calligraphy)
Japanese (female given name) Yoshimi; (female given name) Katae


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Mandarin bǎo miáo / bao3 miao2
Taiwan pao miao
Chinese to protect young plants, ensuring that enough survive to produce a good crop


see styles
Mandarin yuán miào / yuan2 miao4
Taiwan yüan miao
Japanese ganmyō
The original or fundamental marvel or mystery, i. e. the conception of nirvana; primal mystery


see styles
Mandarin chū miáo / chu1 miao2
Taiwan ch`u miao / chu miao
Chinese to sprout; to come out (of seedling); to bud

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myou / myomiào / miao4 / miao

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