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Messiah in Chinese / Japanese...

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Savior / Messiah

China jiù shì zhǔ
Japan kyuuseishu
Savior / Messiah Vertical Wall Scroll

救世主 is Savior or Messiah (in Christianity) in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja.

Jesus Christ

China yē sū jī dū
Jesus Christ Vertical Wall Scroll

耶穌基督 is the full version, with the name "Jesus" being the first two characters and the meaning of "Christ" as the last two. You can't get more specific than this when referring to the Messiah.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


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Mandarin jiù shì zhǔ / jiu4 shi4 zhu3
Taiwan chiu shih chu
Japanese kyuuseishu / kyuseshu / きゅうせいしゅ
Jesus Christ Vertical Wall Scroll
Chinese the Savior (in Christianity)
Japanese saviour; savior; messiah



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Mandarin mí lè / mi2 le4
Taiwan mi le
Japanese miroku / みろく
Chinese Mile county in Honghe Hani and Yi autonomous prefecture, Yunnan; Maitreya, the future Bodhisattva, to come after Shakyamuni Buddha
Japanese (surname) Miroku
Maitreya, friendly, benevolent. The Buddhist Messiah, or next Buddha, now in the Tuṣita heaven, who is to come 5,000 years after the nirvāṇa of Śākyamuni, or according to other reckoning after 4,000 heavenly years, i.e. 5,670,000,000 human years. According to tradition he was born in Southern India of a Brahman family. His two epithets are 慈氏 Benevolent, and Ajita 阿逸多 'Invincible'. He presides over the spread of the church, protects its members and will usher in ultimate victory for Buddhism. His image is usually in the hall of the four guardians facing outward, where he is represented as the fat laughing Buddha, but in some places his image is tall, e.g. in Peking in the Yung Ho Kung. Other forms are彌帝M075962; 迷諦隸; 梅低梨; 梅怛麗 (梅怛藥 or 梅怛邪); 每怛哩; 昧怛 M067070曳; 彌羅. There are numerous Maitreya sūtras.


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Japanese meshia / メシア Japanese Messiah; (personal name) Messiah


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Japanese meshiya / メシヤ Japanese Messiah


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Mandarin nuó jiā dìng / nuo2 jia1 ding4
Taiwan no chia ting
The nāga meditation, which enables one to become a dragon, hibernate in the deep, prolong one's life and meet Maitreya, the Messiah.



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Mandarin mí sài yà / mi2 sai4 ya4
Taiwan mi sai ya
Chinese Messiah



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Mandarin mò xī yà / mo4 xi1 ya4
Taiwan mo hsi ya
Chinese the Messiah


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Mandarin lóng huá huì / long2 hua2 hui4
Taiwan lung hua hui
Maitreya's assembly under the 龍華樹 dragon-flower tree for preaching the Buddha-truth. The eight of the fourth moon has been so called, an occasion when the images are washed with fragrant water, in connection with the expected Messiah.


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Mandarin lóng huá shù / long2 hua2 shu4
Taiwan lung hua shu
nāga-puṣpa; 奔那伽 puṣpanāga, the dragon-flower tree, which will be the bodhi-tree of Maitreya, the Buddhist Messiah, when he comes to earth.


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Japanese mesaia / メサイア Japanese Messiah


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Mandarin méi dá lì yé / mei2 da2 li4 ye2
Taiwan mei ta li yeh
Japanese Maitariya
(梅呾利); 梅呾利曳那; 梅呾囉曳尼; 梅呾黎; 梅呾麗藥; 昧怛履曳 v. 彌勒 Maitreya, friendly, benevolent; the expected Buddhist Messiah.


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Mandarin duō tuó ā jiā tuó / duo1 tuo2 a1 jia1 tuo2
Taiwan to t`o a chia t`o / to to a chia to
Japanese tadāgada
tathāgata, 多他阿伽陀 (多他阿伽陀耶); 多他阿伽駄 (or 多他阿伽度); 多阿竭 (or 怛闥阿竭 or 怛薩阿竭); 怛他蘗多; intp. by 如來 rulai, q. v. 'thus come', or 'so come'; it has distant resemblance to the Messiah, but means one who has arrived according to the norm, one who has attained he goal of enlightenment). It is also intp. as 如去 Ju-ch'ü, he who so goes, his coming and going being both according to the Buddha-norm. It is the highest of a Buddha's titles; (Skt. tathāgata)


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Japanese meshia(p);mesaia;meshiya / メシア(P);メサイア;メシヤ Japanese Messiah

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
救世主kyuuseishu / kyuseishujiù shì zhǔ
jiu4 shi4 zhu3
jiu shi zhu
chiu shih chu
Jesus Christ耶穌基督
yē sū jī dū
ye1 su1 ji1 du1
ye su ji du
yeh su chi tu
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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