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Kensei in Chinese / Japanese...

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Kansei Engineering
Sense Engineering

China gǎn xìng gōng xué
Japan kansei kougaku
Kansei Engineering / Sense Engineering Vertical Wall Scroll

In short, kansei engineering involves collecting data on human experiences with a product, and then designing or engineering improvements based on those experiences or "senses." Some may define this as "engineering around the human experience."

There is a lot more to know about kansei but if you are looking for this word, you probably already know the big picture.

Note: This term is very new in China, and only used by businesses, factories, and engineers that are implementing TQM principles. While the characters have the same base meaning in both languages, this is really a Japanese title that is flowing back into the Chinese language (in history, most things flowed from China to Japan). To a Chinese person that is not familiar with this concept, they may interpret this as "sense vocational studies," which doesn't make much sense. You may have to explain the intended meaning to some Chinese viewers. But that can make it a great conversation piece.

感性工學 is also a newer term in Korean, and is only used in certain parts of industry, with the definition of "Sensory Engineering." Not yet in widespread use in Korea.

See Also:  Kaizen

Sword Saint

China jiàn shèng
Japan kensei
Sword Saint Vertical Wall Scroll

This can be translated as "Sword Saint," "God of the Sword" or "Saint of the Sword." 剣聖 / 剣聖 is an ancient Japanese title bestowed on a master with the greatest of skills in swordsmanship.

Keep in mind that this is an antiquated term. It will only be understood in the context of martial arts. The pronunciation "kensei" also applies to other words like "constitutional government" and power (these words have different kanji and are completely unrelated).

Notes: 剣聖 / 剣聖 is sometimes Romanized as "kensei," "ken sei," and incorrectly as "Kensai."

Chinese Note: This title is pronounceable in Chinese but seldom, if ever used in Chinese. Also, the first character is an alternate character form for sword, currently only used in Japan.


China jiàn shèng
Juggernaut Vertical Wall Scroll

劍聖 is about the closest you can get to juggernaut in Chinese.

This more literally means, "Sage of the Sword," "Master Swordsman," or "Sword Saint." In Chinese terms, such a person with divine mastery of the sword is unstoppable. Thus, the meaning of juggernaut can be derived from this term.

There is a very similar Japanese word (slight variation on first character) that means "Sword Saint," or "Kensei."

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese master swordsman



see styles
Mandarin jiān zhèng / jian1 zheng4
Taiwan chien cheng
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい    kenshou / kensho / けんしょう
Japanese (given name) Kensei; (surname, given name) Kenshou


see styles
Mandarin jiàn chéng / jian4 cheng2
Taiwan chien ch`eng / chien cheng
Japanese tatsunari / たつなり    takeshige / たけしげ    kensei / kense / けんせい
Chinese to establish; to build
Japanese (given name) Tatsunari; (given name) Takeshige; (personal name) Kensei



see styles
Mandarin xiàn zhèng / xian4 zheng4
Taiwan hsien cheng
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい
Chinese constitutional government
Japanese constitutional government; (given name) Norimasa; (personal name) Kensei


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese power; influence



see styles
Mandarin qiān zhì / qian1 zhi4
Taiwan ch`ien chih / chien chih
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい
Chinese to control; to curb; to restrict; to impede; to pin down (enemy troops)
Japanese (noun/participle) check; restraint; constraint; diversion; feint; screen


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese prefectural strengths (conditions, resources)


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese prefectural government; prefectural administration



see styles
Mandarin xián shèng / xian2 sheng4
Taiwan hsien sheng
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい
Japanese (personal name) Kensei
Those who are noted for goodness, and those who are also noted for wisdom, or insight; the xian are still of ordinary human standard, the sheng transcend them in wisdom and character; the attainments from 見道 upwards are those of the sheng; the xian is on the moral plane, and has not eliminated illusion; the sheng has cut of illusion and has insight into absolute reality. The Mahāyāna has three stages for the xian and ten for the sheng; the Hīnayāna has seven for each; wise person


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese (noun - becomes adjective with の) (obscure) (See 優性) dominance


see styles
Japanese kenshou;kensei / kensho;kense / けんしょう;けんせい Japanese {Buddh} revealing or demonstrating the truth; (personal name) Takamasa; (given name) Kensei; (given name) Kenshou; (given name) Akimasa


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese (noun/participle) check; restraint; constraint; diversion; feint; screen



see styles
Mandarin jiān shì shī zi / jian1 shi4 shi1 zi
Taiwan chien shih shih tzu
Japanese Kensei Shishi
The firmly vowing lion, i.e. Sakyamuni in a previous incarnation.


see styles
Japanese kensei / kense / けんせい Japanese (noun/participle) check; restraint; constraint; diversion; feint; screen

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kansei Engineering
Sense Engineering
kansei kougaku
kansei kogaku
gǎn xìng gōng xué
gan3 xing4 gong1 xue2
gan xing gong xue
kan hsing kung hsüeh
Sword Saint剣聖 / 剣聖
kenseijiàn shèng
jian4 sheng4
jian sheng
chien sheng
jiàn shèng
jian4 sheng4
jian sheng
chien sheng
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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