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Gloria in Chinese / Japanese...

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China gé luò lì yà
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This is the transliteration to Mandarin Chinese for the name Gloria


Japanese Katakana
Japan gerooria
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This is the name Gloria written in Katakana (phonetic Japanese).

This name is written in Katakana, a specifically-Japanese character set.
This selection MUST be written by our Japanese master calligrapher
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Character Images Characters / Kanji
If shown, second row is Simplified Chinese
Simple Dictionary Definition
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Mandarin róng guāng sòng / rong2 guang1 song4
Taiwan jung kuang sung
Chinese Gloria (in Catholic mass)

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Mandarin róng guī zhǔ / rong2 gui1 zhu3
Taiwan jung kuei chu
Chinese Gloria (section of Catholic mass)

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グロリア Japanese guroria グロリア
Japanese gloria (lat: gloria); (personal name) Gloria

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日落西山 Mandarin rì luò xī shān / ri4 luo4 xi1 shan1
Taiwan jih lo hsi shan
Chinese the sun sets over western hills (idiom); the day approaches its end; fig. time of decline; the end of an era; Sic transit gloria mundi

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盛者必衰 Japanese seijahissui / sejahissui せいじゃひっすい
 joushahissui / joshahissui じょうしゃひっすい
 shoujahissui / shojahissui しょうじゃひっすい
 shoushahissui / shoshahissui しょうしゃひっすい
Japanese (expression) (Buddhist term) (yoji) Even the prosperous inevitably decay (from the Humane King Sutra); sic transit gloria mundi

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グローリア Japanese gurooria グローリア
Japanese gloria (lat: gloria)

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グロリアグレアム Japanese guroriagureamu グロリアグレアム
Japanese (person) Gloria Grahame

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グロリアフォスター Japanese guroriafosutaa / guroriafosuta グロリアフォスター
Japanese (person) Gloria Foster

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グロリアスワンソン Japanese guroriasuwanson グロリアスワンソン
Japanese (person) Gloria Swanson

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グロリアスタイネム Japanese guroriasutainemu グロリアスタイネム
Japanese (person) Gloria Steinem

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グロリアマカパガルアロヨ Japanese guroriamakapagaruaroyo グロリアマカパガルアロヨ
Japanese (person) Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

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A professional Chinese Calligrapher

Professional calligraphers are getting to be hard to find these days.
Instead of drawing characters by hand, the new generation in China merely type roman letters into their computer keyboards and pick the character that they want from a list that pops up.

There is some fear that true Chinese calligraphy may become a lost art in the coming years. Many art institutes in China are now promoting calligraphy programs in hopes of keeping this unique form of art alive.

Trying to learn Chinese calligrapher - a futile effort

Even with the teachings of a top-ranked calligrapher in China, my calligraphy will never be good enough to sell. I will leave that to the experts.

A high-ranked Chinese master calligrapher that I met in Zhongwei

The same calligrapher who gave me those lessons also attracted a crowd of thousands and a TV crew as he created characters over 6-feet high. He happens to be ranked as one of the top 100 calligraphers in all of China. He is also one of very few that would actually attempt such a feat.

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
n/agé luò lì yà
ge luo li ya
ko lo li ya
ge2 luo4 li4 ya4

Some people may refer to this entry as Gloria Kanji, Gloria Characters, Gloria in Mandarin Chinese, Gloria Characters, Gloria in Chinese Writing, Gloria in Japanese Writing, Gloria in Asian Writing, Gloria Ideograms, Chinese Gloria symbols, Gloria Hieroglyphics, Gloria Glyphs, Gloria in Chinese Letters, Gloria Hanzi, Gloria in Japanese Kanji, Gloria Pictograms, Gloria in the Chinese Written-Language, or Gloria in the Japanese Written-Language.

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