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Engineering in Chinese / Japanese...

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Kansei Engineering
Sense Engineering

China gǎn xìng gōng xué
Japan kansei kougaku
Kansei Engineering / Sense Engineering

In short, kansei engineering involves collecting data on human experiences with a product, and then designing or engineering improvements based on those experiences or "senses." Some may define this as "engineering around the human experience."

There is a lot more to know about kansei but if you are looking for this word, you probably already know the big picture.

Note: This term is very new in China, and only used by businesses, factories, and engineers that are implementing TQM principles. While the characters have the same base meaning in both languages, this is really a Japanese title that is flowing back into the Chinese language (in history, most things flowed from China to Japan). To a Chinese person that is not familiar with this concept, they may interpret this as "sense vocational studies," which doesn't make much sense. You may have to explain the intended meaning to some Chinese viewers. But that can make it a great conversation piece.

感性工學 is also a newer term in Korean, and is only used in certain parts of industry, with the definition of "Sensory Engineering." Not yet in widespread use in Korea.

See Also:  Kaizen

Military Engineering

China gōng bīng
Japan kouhei
Military Engineering

工兵 means the "engineering corps" of the army or other branch of the military. The first character alone means work, worker, skill, profession, trade, craft, construction or labor. The second character means army, force or military.

See Also:  Military


Japan seikan

青函 is the Japanese place name, Seikan.

This place particularly famous for the engineering feat of the submarine Seikan Tunnel.

Note: There are other words and names in Japanese that romanize as Seikan. Make sure this is the right one before you order.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
Mandarin gōng bīng / gong1 bing1
Taiwan kung ping
Japanese kouhei / kohe こうへい
Chinese military engineer
Japanese combat engineer; military engineer; combat engineering; military engineering
More info / calligraphy:
Military Engineering


see styles
Japanese keisu / kesu ケイス
Japanese (1) case (e.g. receptacle, condition, event, legal action, letter style, etc.); (2) (computer terminology) Computer-Aided Software Engineering; CASE; (personal name) Case; Keith
More info / calligraphy:


see styles
Mandarin zhǔ cái / zhu3 cai2
Taiwan chu ts`ai / chu tsai
Japanese shuzai しゅざい
Chinese principal or main material (engineering)
Japanese main ingredients; chief materials

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see styles
Mandarin xìn lìng / xin4 ling4
Taiwan hsin ling
Japanese nobuyoshi のぶよし
 shinrei / shinre しんれい
Chinese signaling (engineering)
Japanese (male given name) Nobuyoshi; (given name) Shinrei

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see styles
Mandarin chuán gǎn / chuan2 gan3
Taiwan ch`uan kan / chuan kan
Chinese to pass on feelings; telepathy; sensing (engineering)

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see styles
Mandarin nèi chèn / nei4 chen4
Taiwan nei ch`en / nei chen
Chinese lining (of a container etc) (engineering)

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see styles
Mandarin huà gōng / hua4 gong1
Taiwan hua kung
Japanese kakou / kako かこう
Chinese chemical industry, abbr. of 化學工業|化学工业[hua4 xue2 gong1 ye4]; chemical engineering, abbr. of 化學工程|化学工程[hua4 xue2 gong1 cheng2]
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 化学工学) chemical engineering

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see styles
Mandarin hé lóng / he2 long2
Taiwan ho lung
Chinese closure (civil engineering); join of segments to complete a project (dam, bridge, dike etc)

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see styles
Mandarin tǔ jiàn / tu3 jian4
Taiwan t`u chien / tu chien
Japanese doken どけん
Chinese civil engineering; same as 土木工程[tu3 mu4 gong1 cheng2]
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 土木建築) civil engineering and construction; public works and construction

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see styles
Mandarin tǔ mù / tu3 mu4
Taiwan t`u mu / tu mu
Japanese doboku どぼく
Chinese building; construction; civil engineering
Japanese engineering works; civil engineering; public works; (surname) Doronoki; (surname) Doboku
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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see styles
Mandarin duì zhǔn / dui4 zhun3
Taiwan tui chun
Chinese to aim at; to target; to point at; to be directed at; registration; alignment (mechanical engineering)

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see styles
Mandarin gōng shì / gong1 shi4
Taiwan kung shih
Japanese kouji / koji こうじ
Chinese defensive structure; military fortifications; (Tw) construction works; civil engineering works
Japanese (noun/participle) construction work; construction; work (related to construction, e.g. painting, concrete-pouring, etc.); (given name) Kouji

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see styles
Japanese koumu / komu こうむ
Japanese engineering; engineering works

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see styles
Japanese kouhaku / kohaku こうはく
Japanese Doctor of Engineering

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see styles
Japanese kougaku / kogaku こうがく
Japanese engineering

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see styles
Mandarin gōng xué / gong1 xue2
Taiwan kung hsüeh
Chinese engineering; industrial science
Japanese See: 工学

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see styles
Japanese koushu / koshu こうしゅ
Japanese person engaged in public engineering works

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see styles
Mandarin gōng kē / gong1 ke1
Taiwan kung k`o / kung ko
Japanese kouka / koka こうか
Chinese engineering as an academic subject
Japanese engineering course

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see styles
Mandarin gōng chéng / gong1 cheng2
Taiwan kung ch`eng / kung cheng
Japanese koutei / kote こうてい
Chinese engineering; an engineering project; project; undertaking; CL:個|个[ge4],項|项[xiang4]
Japanese process; operation; stage of a process; progress of work

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see styles
Mandarin chā fēn / cha1 fen1
Taiwan ch`a fen / cha fen
Japanese sabun さぶん
Chinese (math.) increment; difference; (engineering) differential
Japanese (1) {comp} incremental difference (e.g. between files); "diff"; (2) {math} difference; subtraction; (finite) differences

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see styles
Japanese genzai げんざい
Japanese civil engineering chord member

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see styles
Mandarin jì shù / ji4 shu4
Taiwan chi shu
Japanese gijutsu ぎじゅつ
Chinese technology; technique; skill; CL:門|门[men2],種|种[zhong3],項|项[xiang4]
Japanese (1) technology; engineering; (2) technique; skill; (3) art; craft
This term is used in Buddhism, but due to a licensing issue, we cannot show the definition

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see styles
Mandarin jiē tóu / jie1 tou2
Taiwan chieh t`ou / chieh tou
Japanese settou / setto せっとう
Chinese to join; to connect; connection; junction; fitting (plumbing); connector; terminal (electrical engineering)
Japanese prefix

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see styles
Mandarin biāo dìng / biao1 ding4
Taiwan piao ting
Japanese hyoutei / hyote ひょうてい
Chinese to stake out (the boundaries of a property etc); to demarcate; (engineering etc) to calibrate
Japanese standardization; standardisation; orientation

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see styles
Mandarin huá huán / hua2 huan2
Taiwan hua huan
Chinese slip ring; collector ring (electrical engineering)

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see styles
Mandarin lǐ gōng / li3 gong1
Taiwan li kung
Japanese rikou / riko りこう
Chinese science and engineering as academic subjects
Japanese science and technology

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see styles
Mandarin shēng jì / sheng1 ji4
Taiwan sheng chi
Japanese seigi / segi せいぎ
Chinese biotechnology; abbr. for 生物技術|生物技术; (Tw) abbr. for 生物科技
Japanese (abbreviation) (See 生産技術) production engineering

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see styles
Mandarin xiàn quān / xian4 quan1
Taiwan hsien ch`üan / hsien chüan
Chinese solenoid (electrical engineering); coil

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see styles
Mandarin wō gǎn / wo1 gan3
Taiwan wo kan
Chinese worm (mechanical engineering)

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see styles
Japanese seppen せっぺん
Japanese (noun/participle) (abbreviation) (See 設計変更) design change; engineering change

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Kansei Engineering
Sense Engineering
kansei kougaku
kansei kogaku
gǎn xìng gōng xué
gan3 xing4 gong1 xue2
gan xing gong xue
kan hsing kung hsüeh
Military Engineering工兵kouhei / koheigōng bīng
gong1 bing1
gong bing
kung ping
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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