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  1. Beautiful
  2. Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome
  3. Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Spirit
  4. Beautiful Life / Life in Perfect Harmony
  5. Beautiful Soul
  6. Beautiful Virtue
  7. Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit
  8. Beautiful Girl
  9. Beautiful Woman
10. The Good Life / Beautiful Life
11. Life is Good / Life is Beautiful
12. Beautiful Sight
13. Strong and Beautiful
14. Beauty / Beautiful Princess
15. Beautiful Spirit
16. Beautiful Mind
17. Beautiful Princess
18. Beautiful Clear Sky


China měi lí
Japan birei
ribbon top

This is a two-character word used often in Chinese, old Korean, and ancient Japanese to express beauty.

I've had a few requests for a "two-character beautiful" and this is by far the best word. This is not a common word for an Asian person to want on a wall scroll. However, you will see it commonly used as an adjective in phrases, stories, and titles throughout magazines and signage in China.

This word can also be translated as gorgeous or lovely.

Note: This word is not common in modern Japan.

Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome

China měi
Japan bi
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Beauty / <mark>Beautiful</mark> / Handsome

This word is often used to describe the beauty of a woman. However, when applied to a man, it can mean handsome. It's also the first character in the word for "beauty salon" which you will see all over China and Japan.

This can be used as the given name for a girl (spell it or say it as "Mei" or "May").

For a bit of trivia: The title for the "USA" in Chinese is "Mei Guo" which literally means "Beautiful Country". This name was bestowed at a time before Chairman Mao came to power and decided that China didn't like the USA anymore (even though we fought together against the Japanese in WWII). But these days, Chinese people love Americans (but have distaste for American politics and policy). But I digress...

This is also how "Beautiful" is written in Japanese Kanji and Korean Hanja. This character can also mean: very satisfactory; good; to be pleased with oneself; abbreviation for the USA; fine; handsome; admirable; madhura; sweet; pleasant.

Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Spirit

China měi lì de xīn líng
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Heart / <mark>Beautiful</mark> Spirit

This means beautiful heart, beautiful mind, or beautiful spirit in Chinese.

Beautiful Life / Life in Perfect Harmony

China hé měi
Japan wa mi
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Life / Life in Perfect Harmony

These two characters create a word that means, "harmonious" or, "in perfect harmony". The deeper meaning or more natural translation would be something like, "beautiful life".

The first character means peace and harmony.

The second character means beautiful. But in this case, when combined with the first character, beautiful refers to being satisfied with what you have in your life. This can be having good relations, good feelings, comfort, and having enough (with no feeling of wanting).

Note: In Japanese, this is often used as the name "Wami". This title is probably more appropriate if your audience is Chinese.

Beautiful Soul

China měi lì de líng hún
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Soul

This means, "Beautiful Soul" in Chinese.

The first two characters mean beautiful, beauty, or gorgeous.
The middle character connects the ideas (a possessive article).
The last two characters mean soul or spirit.

Beautiful Soul

Japan utsukushii tamashii
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Soul

This is a common way to write "Beautiful Soul" in Japanese.

Beautiful Soul

Japan bi tamashi
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Soul

This is a very short or abbreviated way to say, "Beautiful Soul" in Japanese. There is a longer version that might be a little more natural and also closer to the intended meaning. This short title is often translated awkwardly as, "Beauty Soul" from Japanese.

Beautiful Virtue

China měi dé
Japan bitoku
ribbon top
<mark>Beautiful</mark> Virtue

This word written in Chinese or Korean Hanja can also mean "grace of character" or "noble virtue".

徳There is a slight variation in the modern Japanese Kanji form of the second character. If you want the modern Japanese version, please click on the special Kanji shown to the right instead of the button above. Note that the traditional Chinese form is still readable and understood by Japanese people (it's the ancient Japanese form anyway).

Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit

China měi shén
Japan mikami
ribbon top
Goddess of Beauty / <mark>Beautiful</mark> Spirit

In Chinese, this means Goddess of Beauty.

The first character means beauty or beautiful.
The second character means spirit (can also mean god, goddess, or soul).
Some will use this as a short way to say, "Beautiful Spirit".

This has similar meaning in Japanese, but is used more often as a female given name in Japan. As a Japanese given name, it can be pronounced Mikami, Mikan, or Binasu.

Beautiful Girl

China měi lì de gū niang
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Girl

This is the best way to express "beautiful girl" in Chinese.

See Also...   Beauty

Beautiful Woman

China měi lì de nǚ rén
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<mark>Beautiful</mark> Woman

This is the best and most polite way to express "beautiful woman" in Chinese.

Note: Some people may like the simple 2-character 美女 way to express this, but there are some bad connotations with that, so better to stay with this longer and more respectful title.

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The Good Life / Beautiful Life

China měi hǎo de shēng huó
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The Good Life / <mark>Beautiful</mark> Life

In Chinese, this means "Beautiful Life", or "The Good Life".

Life is Good / Life is Beautiful

China shēng huó měi hǎo
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Life is Good / Life is <mark>Beautiful</mark>

This means "life is good" in Chinese.

The first two characters mean "life" or "living".

The last two characters mean "good" or "beautiful".

Life is Good / Life is Beautiful

Japan jinsei wa subarashii
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Life is Good / Life is <mark>Beautiful</mark>

This means "life is good", "life is great", or "life is beautiful" in Japanese.

The first two characters mean "life" (as in your or a human lifespan).

The third character kind of means "is".

The last five characters are a long adjective that means wonderful, splendid, and/or magnificent. In the context of life it reads more like good or beautiful.

Beautiful Sight

China měi jǐng
Japan bi kei
ribbon top
<mark>Beautiful</mark> Sight

This can be translated as beautiful view, beautiful scenery, or beautiful sight.

Note: Not a commonly-used word in modern Japanese.

Strong and Beautiful

China jiàn měi
Japan takemi
ribbon top
Strong and <mark>Beautiful</mark>

We don't really have a word like this in English, but these two characters create a word that means "strong and beautiful". It could also be translated as "healthy and beautiful".

Note: This is a word in Chinese and Korean, but it's also the family name Takemi in Japanese. The characters hold the same meaning in Japanese, but It's kind of like having the English name Stillwell, when few people would perceive the meanings of still and well.

Beauty / Beautiful Princess

China yuàn
Japan hime
ribbon top
Beauty / <mark>Beautiful</mark> Princess

This means, a beauty; beautiful (woman); princess; young lady of noble birth; girl; small & lovely.

This is used a bit more commonly in Chinese than Japanese.

Note: This can be the female given name "Hime" in Japanese.

Beautiful Spirit

Japan utsukushi seishin
ribbon top
<mark>Beautiful</mark> Spirit

This is a common way to write "Beautiful Spirit" in Japanese.

Beautiful Mind

China měi lì xīn líng
ribbon top
<mark>Beautiful</mark> Mind

This means, "Beautiful Mind" in Chinese.

This is also the Chinese title of the 2001 movie of the same name.

Beautiful Princess

China měi lì de gōng zhǔ
ribbon top
<mark>Beautiful</mark> Princess

This is how to write beautiful princess in Chinese. The first two characters mean feminine beauty, or rather a way to say beautiful that only applies to women. The middle character is just a connecting character. The last two characters mean princess.

See Also...  Queen

Beautiful Clear Sky

Japan nihonbare
ribbon top
<mark>Beautiful</mark> Clear Sky

This Japanese Kanji title means beautiful weather, clear and cloudless sky, or clear weather. It's a little odd, but if you literally-translated this phrase, it says, "Japanese weather", as if that was an indication of perfect weather (maybe a little arrogant on behalf of Japan - I've experienced a monsoon there, which was unpleasant).

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The following table is only helpful for those studying Chinese (or Japanese), and perhaps helps search engines to find this page when someone enters Romanized Chinese or Japanese

Romaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
bireiměi lí
mei li
mei3 li2
Beauty / Beautiful / Handsome
Beautiful Heart / Beautiful Spirit美丽的心灵
n/aměi lì de xīn líng
mei li de xin ling
mei li te hsin ling
mei3 li4 de xin1 ling2
Beautiful Life / Life in Perfect Harmony和美
wa mi
hé měi
he mei
ho mei
he2 mei3
Beautiful Soul美丽的灵魂
n/aměi lì de líng hún
mei li de ling hun
mei li te ling hun
mei3 li4 de ling2 hun2
Beautiful Soul美しい魂
utsukushii tamashii
utsukushi tamashi
Beautiful Soul美魂
bi tamashi
Beautiful Virtue美德 / 美徳
bitokuměi dé
mei de
mei te
mei3 de2
Goddess of Beauty / Beautiful Spirit美神
mikamiměi shén
mei shen
mei3 shen2
Beautiful Girl美丽的姑娘
n/aměi lì de gū niang
mei li de gu niang
mei li te ku niang
mei3 li4 de gu1 niang
Beautiful Woman美丽的女人
n/aměi lì de nǚ rén
mei li de nv ren
mei li te nü jen
mei3 li4 de nv3 ren2
The Good Life / Beautiful Life美好的生活
n/aměi hǎo de shēng huó
mei hao de sheng huo
mei hao te sheng huo
mei3 hao3 de sheng1 huo2
Life is Good / Life is Beautiful生活美好
n/ashēng huó měi hǎo
sheng huo mei hao
sheng1 huo2 mei3 hao3
Life is Good / Life is Beautiful人生は素晴らしい
jinsei wa subarashii
jinsei wa subarashi
Beautiful Sight美景
bi kei
měi jǐng
mei jing
mei ching
mei3 jing3
Strong and Beautiful健美
takemijiàn měi
jian mei
chien mei
jian4 mei3
Beauty / Beautiful Princess
Beautiful Spirit美しい精神
utsukushi seishin
Beautiful Mind美丽心灵
n/aměi lì xīn líng
mei li xin ling
mei li hsin ling
mei3 li4 xin1 ling2
Beautiful Princess美丽的公主
n/aměi lì de gōng zhǔ
mei li de gong zhu
mei li te kung chu
mei3 li4 de gong1 zhu3
Beautiful Clear Sky日本晴

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