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Bodhicitta: Enlightened Mind

China mào dì zhì duō
Japan boujiishitta
Bodhicitta: Enlightened Mind Vertical Wall Scroll

冒地質多 is a Chinese and Japanese way to write Bodhicitta.

冒地質多 is often translated as "the enlightened mind" or "enlightened heart."

This title is strictly Buddhist, and won't make sense to Chinese or Japanese people who do not have an expansive background in Buddhist terms, concepts, and scripture.

Enlightened Warrior

China jué xǐng wǔ shì
Enlightened Warrior Vertical Wall Scroll

覺醒武士 is not a commonly used title in Chinese but sometimes used in Martial arts and military context to refer to a warrior who seems to always be fully aware, enlightened, knowledgeable, noble, and just.

The first two characters are a word that means: to awaken; to come to realize; awakened to the truth; the truth dawns upon one; scales fall from the eyes; to become aware.

The last two characters mean warrior but can also refer to a samurai, soldier, or fighter.

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
Mandarin yè shí / ye4 shi2
Taiwan yeh shih
Japanese gōshiki
"Activity-consciousness in the sense that through the agency of ignorance an unenlightened mind begins to be disturbed (or awakened)." Suzuki's Awakening of Faith, 76; activity consciousness



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Mandarin jué xǐng / jue2 xing3
Taiwan chüeh hsing
Chinese to awaken; to come to realize; awakened to the truth; the truth dawns upon one; scales fall from the eyes; to become aware



see styles
Mandarin chù yù / chu4 yu4
Taiwan ch`u yü / chu yü
Japanese sokuyoku
Desire awakened by touch.



see styles
Mandarin qī zuì shèng / qi1 zui4 sheng4
Taiwan ch`i tsui sheng / chi tsui sheng
Japanese shichi saishō
The seven perfections, see唯識論, 9. 安住最勝 Perfect rest in the bodhisattva nature. 依止最勝 perfect reliance on, or holding fast to the great bodhi (awakened mind). 意果最勝 perfect resultant aim in-pity for all 事業最勝 Perfect in constant performance. 巧便最勝 Perfect in able device (for spiritual presentation). 廻向最勝 Perfect direction towards the highest bodhi. 滿淨最勝 Perfect purity and peace.



see styles
Mandarin tún lún mó / tun2 lun2 mo2
Taiwan t`un lun mo / tun lun mo
Japanese Chunronma
Druma, the king of the kinhara, male and female spirits whose music awakened mystics from their trance: v. 智度論 17.


see styles
Mandarin xíng mào yù / xing2 mao4 yu4
Taiwan hsing mao yü
Japanese gyōbōyoku
The desire awakened on seeing a beautiful form, one of the 六欲 six desires; sexual attraction to form


see styles
Japanese mezatoi / めざとい Japanese (adjective) (1) sharp sighted; (2) easily awakened


see styles
Mandarin pú tí xīn / pu2 ti2 xin1
Taiwan p`u t`i hsin / pu ti hsin
Japanese bodaishin / ぼだいしん
Japanese aspiration for Buddhahood
The mind for or of bodhi; the awakened, or enlightened mind; the mind that perceives the real behind the seeming, believes in moral consequences, and that all have the Buddha-nature, and aims at Buddhahood.



see styles
Mandarin jiā lán tuó / jia1 lan2 tuo2
Taiwan chia lan t`o / chia lan to
Japanese karanda
? karaṇḍa, ? karaṇḍaka. A bird which flies in flocks and has a pleasant note; also, a squirrel which awakened Bimbisāra to warn him against a snake. (2) The karaṇḍa-venuvana, a garden belonging to an elder called Karaṇḍa, used by a Nirgrantha sect, then presented by King Bimbisāra to Śākyamuni. Other forms: 迦蘭夷; 迦蘭馱; 迦蘭多迦; 迦藍陀; 伽鄰; 羯蘭鐸迦 (or 羯蘭馱迦); kalandaka


see styles
Japanese mezatoi / めざとい Japanese (adjective) (1) sharp sighted; (2) easily awakened


see styles
Japanese mekaraurokogaochiru / めからうろこがおちる Japanese (exp,v1) to see the light; to be awakened to the truth; to have the scales fall from one's eyes


see styles
Japanese mezatoi / めざとい Japanese (adjective) (1) sharp sighted; (2) easily awakened


see styles
Japanese mekaraurokogaochiru / めからうろこがおちる Japanese (exp,v1) to see the light; to be awakened to the truth; to have the scales fall from one's eyes


see styles
Japanese mekaraurokogaochiru / めからウロコがおちる Japanese (exp,v1) to see the light; to be awakened to the truth; to have the scales fall from one's eyes


see styles
Japanese mekaraurokogaochiru(目kara鱗ga落chiru,目karaurokoga落chiru);mekaraurokogaochiru(目karaurokoga落chiru) / めからうろこがおちる(目から鱗が落ちる,目からうろこが落ちる);めからウロコがおちる(目からウロコが落ちる) Japanese (exp,v1) (idiom) (See 目からウロコの落ちる) to see the light; to be awakened to the truth; to have the scales fall from one's eyes

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji(Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Bodhicitta: Enlightened Mind冒地質多
mào dì zhì duō
mao4 di4 zhi4 duo1
mao di zhi duo
mao ti chih to
Enlightened Warrior覺醒武士
jué xǐng wǔ shì
jue2 xing3 wu3 shi4
jue xing wu shi
chüeh hsing wu shih
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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