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Solid in Chinese / Japanese...

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  1. Strength: Strong and Solid

  2. Sincerity and Faithfulness

  3. Honesty

  4. Keep Your Feet on the Ground

  5. Kana

  6. Good Health

  7. Stay Strong / Indestructible / Unbreakable

  8. Ice / Frost

  9. Perseverance / Fortitude

10. Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta

Strength: Strong and Solid

qiáng gù
Strength: Strong and Solid Vertical Wall Scroll

Means firmness, stability, security, and strength in Japanese. It's not used commonly in China but it means "powerful," "firm," "solid," "strong" or "better than others" in Chinese. There is a slight variation in the top of the first character between Chinese and Japanese. Because this is more a Japanese word, we are showing the Japanese form here.

強固 is also a Korean word but Korean Hanja uses the Chinese form of the first character (one tiny stroke is a little different), so just let me now if your audience is Korean when you place your order, and we'll have it written in the Chinese/Korean version.

Sincerity and Faithfulness

dǔ shí
Sincerity and Faithfulness Vertical Wall Scroll

篤實 means sincere, solid, and faithful.


Honesty Vertical Wall Scroll

實 means real, true, honest, or solid.

It is one of several ways to express the idea of truth.

Note: In some context, this can carry extended meanings of reality, actuality, really, sincerity, or substance.

See Also:  Truth | Trust | Justice

Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Be Down-to-Earth
jiǎo tà shí dì
Keep Your Feet on the Ground Vertical Wall Scroll

This four-character proverb suggests that you should be practical, realistic, and grounded. Some translate this as a suggestion to be down-to-earth.

The first character means "feet."
The second means "step on" or "stand."
The third means "solid," "real," or "true."
The last character means "ground," "earth," or "terra."

Literally this means, "[keep your] Feet Standing [on] Solid Ground."

jiā nà
Kana Vertical Wall Scroll

伽那 is a Japanese female given name that romanizes as Kana.

This can also be the Asian names gana or ghana in Buddhist context. The meaning can be close, solid, or thick.

Good Health

jiàn kāng
Good Health Vertical Wall Scroll

健康 is the best way to express good health in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

健康 also suggest the ideas of being solid, strong, sound, wholesome and at peace.

Can also be used to express "healthy," "vitality," or "well-being."

See Also:  Health | Vitality | Wellness

Stay Strong / Indestructible / Unbreakable

jīn gāng bù huài
kon gou fu e
Stay Strong / Indestructible / Unbreakable Vertical Wall Scroll

金剛不壞 is originally a Buddhist term for, "The diamond indestructible." Sometimes, it's written 金剛不壞身, The diamond indestructible body.

Outside that context, it still means firm and solid, sturdy and indestructible, unshakable, or adamantine (a mythological indestructible material).

壊 Note: If you order this from the Japanese master calligrapher, the last Kanji will look like the one shown to the right.

Ice / Frost

Ice / Frost Vertical Wall Scroll

冰 is the Chinese character used to express "ice" or "frost."

The main part of the character on the right holds the meaning of "water" and on the left, is a radical (the two dots) that also means water. Together, they create the character that means "ice" (solid water).

This is similar to the character for frost in Japanese. However, Japanese drop the radical from the left side.

Perseverance / Fortitude

jiǎn rěn
ken nin
Perseverance / Fortitude Vertical Wall Scroll

The first character means "strong," "solid," "firm," "unyielding" or "resolute."
The second character means "to beat," "to endure," or "to tolerate."
Together they speak of the strength from within yourself. Some may also translate this as "long-suffering" in a more Biblical sense.

堅忍 is a common term in Chinese and Korean Hanja but a little less commonly used in modern Japanese Kanji. For that reason, this selection is best if your audience is Chinese or Korean.

忍忍 Note that when writing this as Kanji, Japanese will tend to write the second Kanji a little differently. If you select our Japanese master calligrapher, please expect the form where the little horizontal stroke crosses the vertical stroke. See differences in the images to the right. Technically, they are both the same character, and will be read the same in either language.

Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta

sì dà
shi dai
Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Wall Scroll

In Buddhism, this is mahābhūta, the four elements of which all things are made: earth, water, fire, and wind.

This can also represent the four freedoms: speaking out freely, airing views fully, holding great debates, and writing big-character posters.

In some context, this can be a university or college offering four-year programs.

To others, this can represent the Tao, Heaven, Earth and King.

Going back to the Buddhist context, these four elements "earth, water, fire, and wind" represent 堅, 濕, 煖, 動, which is: solid, liquid, heat, and motion.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Strength: Strong and Solid強固
kyouko / kyokoqiáng gù / qiang2 gu4 / qiang gu / qiangguch`iang ku / chiangku / chiang ku
Sincerity and Faithfulness篤實
dǔ shí / du3 shi2 / du shi / dushitu shih / tushih
shí / shi2 / shishih
Keep Your Feet on the Ground腳踏實地
jiǎo tà shí dì
jiao3 ta4 shi2 di4
jiao ta shi di
chiao t`a shih ti
chiao ta shih ti
Kana伽那kanajiā nà / jia1 na4 / jia na / jianachia na / chiana
Good Health健康kenkou / kenkojiàn kāng
jian4 kang1
jian kang
chien k`ang
chien kang
Stay Strong
金剛不壞 / 金剛不壊
kon gou fu e
kon go fu e
jīn gāng bù huài
jin1 gang1 bu4 huai4
jin gang bu huai
chin kang pu huai
bīng / bing1 / bingping
ken nin / kenninjiǎn rěn / jian3 ren3 / jian ren / jianrenchien jen / chienjen
四大shi dai / shidaisì dà / si4 da4 / si da / sidassu ta / ssuta
In some entries above you will see that characters have different versions above and below a line.
In these cases, the characters above the line are Traditional Chinese, while the ones below are Simplified Chinese.

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Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Wall Scroll
Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Wall Scroll
Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Wall Scroll
Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Wall Scroll

And formats...

Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Portrait
Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Horizontal Wall Scroll
Shidai / Sida / Mahabhuta Vertical Portrait

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