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Shade in Chinese / Japanese...

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Shade of a Tree

shù yìn
juin / kokage
Shade of a Tree Scroll

樹蔭 means "shade of a tree" in Chinese and Japanese.

It's kind of a poetic term, so it's appropriate if such shade has personal meaning to you.

The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Shade of a Tree樹蔭juin / kokageshù yìn / shu4 yin4 / shu yin / shuyin

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Simple Dictionary Definition



see styles
shù yìn / shu4 yin4
shu yin
 juin / じゅいん    kokage / こかげ
Shade of a Tree Scroll
shade of a tree
shade of tree; bower

see styles
sǎn / san3
 kasa / かさ
umbrella; parasol; CL:把[ba3]
(1) umbrella; parasol; (2) (See 笠・かさ・2) something shaped like an umbrella or a conical hat; shade (of a lamp); mushroom cap; pileus; (surname) San

see styles
xiū / xiu1
protection; shade

see styles
yìn / yin4
variant of 蔭|荫[yin4], shade

see styles
yuè / yue4
shade of trees

see styles
/ li4
 kasa / かさ
bamboo rain hat
(1) conical hat (East-Asian style); coolie hat; (2) (See 傘・かさ・2) something shaped like a conical hat or an umbrella; shade (of a lamp); mushroom cap; pileus; (personal name) Riyuu

see styles
zhào / zhao4
cover; fish trap (basket); shade

see styles
/ yi4
 ei / さしば
feather screen; to screen; to shade; cataract
(kana only) dimness (of sight); (1) shade; shadow; (2) other side; back; background; large fan-shaped object held by an attendant and used to conceal the face of a noble, etc.
A film; screen; fan; hide, invisible; translit. e, a; partially blind

see styles
/ bu4
 shitomi / しとみ
cycle of 76 years; shade
{archit} latticed shutters (in traditional Japanese and Chinese architecture); (surname) Tobe

see styles
yìn / yin4
 kage / かげ
(1) shade; shadow; (2) other side; back; background; (surname) Kage

see styles
/ bi4
 hida;hida / ひだ;ヒダ
creases; folds or pleats in a garment
(1) (kana only) fold; pleat; gathers; tuck; (2) (kana only) folds (e.g. of a mountain); crease; (3) (kana only) (hidden) detail; nuance; shade; wrinkle (e.g. in logic); (4) (kana only) lamella; gill (of a mushroom)

see styles
yīn / yin1
 hoto / ほと
overcast (weather); cloudy; shady; Yin (the negative principle of Yin and Yang); negative (electric.); feminine; moon; implicit; hidden; genitalia
(archaism) female private parts; female genitals; (surname) Kage
Shade, dark, the shades, the negative as opposed to the positive principle, female, the moon, back, secret. In Buddhism it is the phenomenal, as obscuring the true nature of things; also the aggregation of phenomenal things resulting in births and deaths, hence it is used as a translation like 蘊 q.v. for skandha, the 五陰 being the five skandhas or aggregates.

see styles
wēi / wei1
 kumazaki / くまざき
bay; cove
(1) corner; nook; recess; (2) a shadow; a shade; (surname) Kumazaki



see styles
chéng liáng / cheng2 liang2
ch`eng liang / cheng liang
to cool off in the shade


see styles
guāng yǐng / guang1 ying3
kuang ying
light and shadow; sunlight and shade


see styles
 meian / mean / めいあん gloom; shade


see styles
mín gàn / min2 gan4
min kan
 myōan / めいあん
gloom; shade


see styles
shí zú / shi2 zu2
shih tsu
 tootari / とおたり
ample; complete; hundred percent; a pure shade (of some color)
(place-name) Tootari



see styles
shān yīn / shan1 yin1
shan yin
 yamakage(p);sanin / やまかげ(P);さんいん
Shanyin county in Shuozhou 朔州[Shuo4 zhou1], Shanxi
(1) place in the shade of a mountain; shelter of the mountains; (2) (やまかげ only) mountain recess; (place-name) Yamage


see styles
 iwakage / いわかげ shade of a rock


see styles
 iwakage / いわかげ shade of a rock



see styles
bì yìn / bi4 yin4
pi yin
to give shade (of a tree etc); to shield


see styles
 eiri / eri / えいり shade; (place-name) Kageura


see styles
 hikage / ひかげ (1) shade; shadow; (2) sunshine; (place-name, surname) Hikage


see styles
 hikage / ひかげ shade; shadow; (place-name, surname) Hikage


see styles
 hiooi / ひおおい    hioi / ひおい (irregular okurigana usage) sunshade; sunscreen; window shade; blinds


see styles
 hikage / ひかげ shade; shadow; (surname) Hikage


see styles
mín gàn / min2 gan4
min kan
 meian / mean / めいあん
light and darkness; light and shade; (surname) Meian
light and darkness


see styles
 bokasu / ぼかす (transitive verb) (1) (kana only) to blur; to shade off; to gradate; (2) (kana only) to obscure; to make ambiguous


see styles
 kokage / こかげ shade of tree; bower; (surname) Kokage

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