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  1. The Four Seasons

  2. Spring Season

  3. Summer Season

  4. Winter Season

  5. Autumn / Fall Season

The Four Seasons

Short version

 sì jì
 shi ki
The Four Seasons Scroll

四季 is the 2-character way to say “Four Seasons.”

四季 literally means “4” and “seasons.”

The Four Seasons

 chūn xià qiū dōng
The Four Seasons Scroll

春夏秋冬 is one way to express “The Four Seasons “ or “All Year Round “.

The characters here represent Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), and Winter.

Spring Season

Spring Season Scroll

春 is the word/character used to describe the Spring season in Chinese and Japanese.

Summer Season

Summer Season Scroll

夏 is the word/character used to describe the Summer season in Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

If your name is Summer, I like this character better than transliterating a few characters together to make something that sounds like “summer.”

Winter Season

Winter Season Scroll

冬 is the word/character used to describe the Winter season in Chinese and Japanese.

It also means winter in Korean Hanja, though a second character is usually added in Korean.

Autumn / Fall Season

Autumn / Fall Season Scroll

秋 is the word/character used to describe the Autumn or Fall season in Chinese and Japanese.

See Also:  Winter | Spring | Summer

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If shown, 2nd row is Simp. Chinese

Simple Dictionary Definition


see styles
sì jì
    si4 ji4
ssu chi

More info & calligraphy:

The Four Seasons
four seasons, namely: spring 春[chun1], summer 夏[xia4], autumn 秋[qiu1] and winter 冬[dong1]
the four seasons; (female given name) Yomogi


see styles
chūn xià qiū dōng
    chun1 xia4 qiu1 dong1
ch`un hsia ch`iu tung
    chun hsia chiu tung

More info & calligraphy:

The Four Seasons
the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter
(n,adv) (yoji) spring, summer, autumn (fall) and winter; the four seasons; (personal name) Hitotose

see styles

a period of time; phase; stage; classifier for issues of a periodical, courses of study; time; term; period; to hope; Taiwan pr. [qi2]
(1) time; moment; limit; (2) time of death; last moment; (3) (archaism) midnight in red-light districts during the Edo period; (surname) Ki
A set time; a limit of time; times, seasons; to expect.

see styles

Japanese variant of 雜|杂
miscellany (classification of Japanese poetry unrelated to the seasons or to love); (surname) Saisaki


see styles
sān jì
    san1 ji4
san chi
(female given name) Miki
The "three seasons" of an Indian year— spring, summer, and winter; a year.


see styles
(1) two seasons; (2) (See 盆暮れ) Bon and year-end festivals; (female given name) Nikki


see styles
bā xiào
    ba1 xiao4
pa hsiao
are the opening days of the four seasons and the two solstices and two equinoxes during which similar investigations are made. See also 三覆八校.



see styles
sì shí
    si4 shi2
ssu shih
 shiji; shiiji / shiji; shiji
    しじ; しいじ
the four seasons, namely: spring 春[chun1], summer 夏[xia4], autumn 秋[qiu1] and winter 冬[dong1]
(See 四季) the four seasons
four seasons


see styles
weather of the four seasons (warmth of spring, heat of summer, cool of autumn, and cold of winter)


see styles
(See 青竜・1,白虎・1,朱雀・1,玄武・1) four Taoist gods said to reign over the four directions; four gods said to reign over the four seasons



see styles
sì mén
    si4 men2
ssu men
(surname) Yotsukado
The four doors, schools of thought, or theories: 有 is the phenomenal world real, or 空 unreal, or both, or neither ? According to the Tiantai school each of the four schools 四教 in discussing these four questions emphasizes one of them, i. e. 三藏教 that it is real 通教 unreal, 別通 both, 圓通 neither; v. 有 and 空, and each of the four schools. In esoteric symbolism the 四門 are four stages of initiation, development, enlightenment, and nirvana, and are associated with E., S., W., and N.; with the four seasons; with warmth, heat, coolness and cold, etc.


see styles
chí shuǐ
    chi2 shui3
ch`ih shui
    chih shui
Jātiṃdhara, a physician who adjusted prescriptions and diet to the seasons; reborn as Śuddhodana.


see styles
chūn qiū
    chun1 qiu1
ch`un ch`iu
    chun chiu
spring and autumn; four seasons; year; a person's age; annals (used in book titles)
(1) spring and autumn; spring and fall; (2) years; age; (3) (しゅんじゅう only) (See 五経) The Spring and Autumn Annals; The Chronicles of Lu; Chunqiu; Ch'un Ch'iu; (surname) Haruaki
spring and autumn



see styles
suì xù
    sui4 xu4
sui hsü
succession of seasons


see styles
bǎi bā
    bai3 ba1
pai pa
(numeric) (1) 108; one hundred and eight; (2) {Buddh} (See 煩悩・2) the number of kleshas, worldly thoughts and passions; (3) (See 七十二候,節気) the sum of 12 months, 24 seasons of the solar year, and 72 'climates' of one year; (given name) Hyakuhachi


see styles
24 divisions of the solar year; 24 terms used to denote the changing of the seasons



see styles
lún huí
    lun2 hui2
lun hui
to reincarnate; reincarnation (Buddhism); (of the seasons etc) to follow each other cyclically; cycle; CL:個|个[ge4]
cyclic existence


see styles
standard days signifying the changing of the seasons (i.e. setsubun, higan, etc.)


see styles
shùn shí
    shun4 shi2
shun shih
according to the seasons



see styles
sān jì shí
    san1 ji4 shi2
san chi shih
 san zaiji
The three Indian seasons, spring, summer, and winter, also styled熱, 雨, 寒時, the hot, rainy, and cold seasons.


see styles
bā wáng rì
    ba1 wang2 ri4
pa wang jih
 hachi ō nichi
The eight royal days, i.e. the solstices, the equinoxes, and the first day of each of the four seasons.



see styles
jié bō shù
    jie2 bo1 shu4
chieh po shu
kalpataru A tree in Indra's garden bearing fruit according to the seasons.


see styles
yè mó tiān
    ye4 mo2 tian1
yeh mo t`ien
    yeh mo tien
{Buddh} (See 六欲天) heaven without fighting; one of the six heavens of the desire realm
Yamadeva; the third devaloka, which is also called 須夜摩 or 蘇夜摩, intp. as 時分 or 善時分 the place where the times, or seasons, are always good.


see styles
sense of the seasons; feeling of seasonality


see styles
Matsuo Basho remembrance day (12th day of the 10th lunar month, associated with the change of the seasons)


see styles
(poetic term) (from a poem by Bai Juyi) (See 雪月花) moon, snow and flowers; beauty of the four seasons



see styles
wú rè chí
    wu2 re4 chi2
wu je ch`ih
    wu je chih
 munetsu chi
The lake without heat, or cold lake, called Mānasarovara, or Mānasa-saro-vara, 'excellent mānasa lake,' or modern Manasarovar, 31° N., 81° 3 E., 'which overflows at certain seasons and forms one lake with' Rakas-tal, which is the source of the Sutlej. It is under the protection of the nāga-king Anavatapta and is also known by his name. It is said to lie south of the Gandha-mādana mountains, and is erroneously reputed as the source of the four rivers Ganges, Indus, Śītā (Tārīm River), and Oxus.


see styles
(poetic term) (from a poem by Bai Juyi) (See 月雪花) snow, moon, and flowers; beauty of the four seasons; (female given name) Yuzuha


see styles
yī rì sān qiū
    yi1 ri4 san1 qiu1
i jih san ch`iu
    i jih san chiu
 ichijitsusanshuu; ichinichisanshuu / ichijitsusanshu; ichinichisanshu
    いちじつさんしゅう; いちにちさんしゅう
a single day apart seems like three seasons (idiom)
(yoji) (waiting) impatiently; (spending) many a weary day; each moment seeming like an eternity


see styles
 shichijuunikou / shichijuniko
(See 節気,候・こう) the 72 microseasons of the year based on the 24 solar seasons further divided into 3

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The following table may be helpful for those studying Chinese or Japanese...

Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
The Four Seasons四季shi ki / shikisì jì / si4 ji4 / si ji / sijissu chi / ssuchi
The Four Seasons春夏秋冬shunkashuutou
chūn xià qiū dōng
chun1 xia4 qiu1 dong1
chun xia qiu dong
ch`un hsia ch`iu tung
chun hsia chiu tung
Spring Seasonharuchūn / chun1 / chunch`un / chun
Summer Seasonnatsuxià / xia4 / xiahsia
Winter Seasonfuyudōng / dong1 / dongtung
Fall Season
akiqiū / qiu1 / qiuch`iu / chiu

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