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This Japanese Kanji means pear.

This refers specifically to the Pyrus pyrifolia and more specifically the culta variety. 梨 is also known as the Japanese pear, Asian pear, sand pear, or apple pear.

梨 is also a female given name or surname in Japan that beyond Nashi, can be romanized as Rin, Rika, Ri, Nashisaki, or Shina.

In Chinese, this is pronounced like lee or li and just means pear.

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Title CharactersRomaji (Romanized Japanese)Various forms of Romanized Chinese
Nashinashilí / li2 / li

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Simple Dictionary Definition

see styles
/ li2
 nashi(p);nashi / なし(P);ナシ
Nashi Scroll
pear; CL:個|个[ge4]
(kana only) nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta); Japanese pear; Asian pear; sand pear; apple pear; (female given name) Rin
The pear.


see styles
 nashi / なし (female given name) Nashi


see styles
 nashi / ナシ (kana only) nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta); Japanese pear; Asian pear; sand pear; apple pear


see styles
shān lí / shan1 li2
shan li
 yamanashi / やまなし
rowan or mountain-ash (genus Sorbus)
wild nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia var. pyrifolia); wild Japanese pear; (place-name, surname) Yamanashi


see styles
 kousui / kosui / こうすい kosui (cultivar of nashi, Pyrus pyrifolia)


see styles
 shinsui / しんすい shinsui (cultivar of nashi, Pyrus pyrifolia); (surname) Shinmizu


see styles
 nashii / nashi / なしい (surname) Nashii


see styles
 nashi / なし (n,n-suf) (1) (kana only) without; (2) (colloquialism) (kana only) (ant: 在り・あり・2) unacceptable; not alright; unsatisfactory



see styles
wú zhì / wu2 zhi4
wu chih
 chi nashi / むち
(noun or adjectival noun) ignorance; innocence; stupidity
not knowing



see styles
wú zhī / wu2 zhi1
wu chih
 chi nashi / むち
ignorant; ignorance
(noun or adjectival noun) ignorance; innocence; stupidity
Ignorant; ignorance; absence of perception. Also, ultimate wisdom considered as static, and independent of differentiation; not knowing


see styles
 housui / hosui / ほうすい (1) high water; abundance of water; (2) (See 梨・なし) hosui (cultivar of nashi, Pyrus pyrifolia); (place-name) Housui


see styles
 shinkansen;shinkansen / しんかんせん;シンカンセン shinkansen pear; hybrid nashi developed in Tottori prefecture


see styles
 kashoubyou / kashobyo / かしょうびょう fire blight (tree disease, esp. apple, nashi, etc.); fireblight



see styles
wú fó xìng / wu2 fo2 xing4
wu fo hsing
 busshō nashi
no buddha-nature



see styles
xīn wài wú fó / xin1 wai4 wu2 fo2
hsin wai wu fo
 shinge ni hotoke nashi
outside of the mind there is noo Buddha


see styles
 shinkansen / シンカンセン shinkansen pear; hybrid nashi developed in Tottori prefecture



see styles
fā xīn bì jìng èr wú bié / fa1 xin1 bi4 jing4 er4 wu2 bie2
fa hsin pi ching erh wu pieh
 hosshin hikkyōto futatsu nagara betsu nashi
the arousal of the aspiration for enlightenment and its final attainment are not two

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